Rome and Italy in Astrology & Astrogeography

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Map of the Roman Empire during its largest extension under Emperor Hadrian in 117 CE. map: v, ccbysa3.0

Rome and Italy in Astrology & Astrogeography

Rome and Italy in Astrology & Astrogeography. Birth charts of Italy and important astrological transits in the history of Rome and the Italian Nation.

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Rome and Italy in Astrology & Astrogeography

The astrogeographical position of Rome

Aerial view of central Capitol – Forum Roman area of the City of Rome. ph: Oliver-Bonjoch, ccbysa 3.0

Astrogeographical position of the City of Rome which describes the international, supraregional resonance of the topics of the Italian government, politics and the center of the national morphic field: the coordinate for the astrogeographical latitude of the Italian capital Rome is located at 14°Gemini. The longitude coordinate is located right next to the cardinal divide of the summer solstice (0°Cancer) at 29° Gemini. The position near a cardinal divide points out the important role of Rome in the Grand Cross between the 4 founding members of the European Union: Paris (29°Sagittarius winter solstice), Amsterdam (29°Pisces spring equinox) and Berlin (29°Virgo autumn equinox) points.

Forum Romanum the ancient political center and heart of Rome along with Capitoline Hill and the birth place of Saturn in the ancient Saturn Temple is located in the combination of Pisces with Capricorn for astrogeographical field level 3 (surrounding area). ph: BeBo86, ccbysa3.0

The transits of Neptune square to Rome between April 2017 and February 2020 and again between May 2023 and January 2026

The pressure from the transit of Neptune the planet of spirituality and an indicator for destabilization, illusion, corruption, loosing control, paralysis, dreaming, spirituality, processes of reconnection with the holistic topics of development cover the 14°Pisces position and square to the 14°Gemini resonance degree of Rome between April 2017 and February 2020 resulted in a dramatical change of government after the general elections on 4 March 2018. The new government consists of a coalition of populism that brought a right-wing with a left wing party together: Lega Nord and the MoVimento 5 Stelle (M5S). Some aspects of this change may have turned out positive in the long run: particularly the more strict politics dedicated to stopping illegal migration into Italy and pressure on other European Nations to take over humanitarian responsibility. But altogether Neptune´s transit could mean that the proverbial short-lastedness of Italian governments is back.

But the most important and problematic chain of events during the Neptune Square occurred as late as December 2019 through the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic in Wuhan, China (15°Pisces – 21°Scorpio) with Neptune at 15°Pisces conjunct Wuhan and square Rome, Madrid (15°Sagittarius – 20°Cancer) and Beijing (17°Sagittarius – 3°Leo)

Uranus over Rome: The chart for the Italian Republic

The results of the popular vote of 2 June 1946 that decided the foundation of the Italian Republic after WW2 were announced during a Sun-Uranus-North Node conjunction between 17° and 21°Gemini in a harmonious trine aspect with a Chiron-Jupiter conjunction between 14° and 18°Libra.

Birth chart for the Italian Republic calculated for the official announcement of the results from the popular vote that abolished the monarchy. source: Nicholas Campion

The abolition of monarchy and the decision for the foundation of the Republic of Italy came as a result of Uranus` transit conjunct the 14°Gemini coordinate of the City of Rome between May 1945 (12°Gemini) and June 1946 (17°Gemini). Mercury the ruler of Gemini was at 1°Cancer conjunct Rome´s 29°Gemini astrogeographical coordinate.

The speculative foundation chart for the City of Rome

Nicholas Campion discussed the foundation chart for the traditional date of the foundation of Rome in his classic “Book of World Horoscopes”. Please note that the date is speculative and astrological verification should be playful and for exploration of options whereas dogmatic argument is ridiculous. The assumed date of 21 April in either 752 or 751 B.C. for the birth date of Romulus and Remus – the City`s mythical founders

Foundation chart calculated for the City of Rome for 21. April 751 (jul.)  (21-4-752 B.C. in my astro-program)at 12:00 noon.

Im showing the chart for the foundation of Rome calculated for 21 April 751 because at midday the Moon was exactly conjunct the astrogeographical resonance degree of Rome at 29°Gemini the sign that resonates with the legend of the twins Romulus and Remus.

The assassination of Gaius Julius Caesar with Pluto conjunct Rome and Uranus in a square

Death of Caesar by  Vincenzo Camuccini, 1805

Gaius Julius Caesar´s strife for power in Rome reached a climax during square transit of Uranus over 14°Virgo to the 14°Gemini position of Rome since the end of the year 48 B.C.. Caesar had first been appointed dictator in Rome in the year 49 B.C. and again in 48 B.C. but only for a short time. His appeal for power increased after the  victory over the Republican armies under Scipio and Cato the Younger in the Battle of Thapsus on 6 April 46 B.C. with Pluto at 26°Gemini approaching Rome´s 29°Gemini astrogeographical position: He was then appointed dictator of Rome for 10 years until on 1 January 44 B:C. he was made lifelong dictator. From that time on Pluto the planet of group hierarchy thus stood for the dictatorship over Rome.

Astrological midday chart for the day of the Battle of Thapsus on 6 April 46 B.C. with Uranus at 16°Virgo square to the 14° Gemini and Pluto at 27°Gemini conjunct the 29° Gemini astrogeographical position of Rome

It has to be understood that Uranus in Virgo next approached the square position to Rome`s 29°Gemini coordinate with Pluto on it. 

The assassination of Gaius Julius Cesar  was carried out by a group of murderers during a Uranus- Pluto square with Pluto exactly conjunct the 29°Gemini astrogeographical position of Rome and Uranus in a square vom 22°Virgo the sign of precaution and conjunct the Moon at 25°Virgo. Pluto has to be understood as the resonating planetary factor for the dictatorship of Gaius Julius Caesar since the year 46 B.C. and until the day of his death. The peculiar effect of the Pluto conjunction to the capital during the assassination is that the resonance topics of Pluto a in its role as the planet of defense, trauma, pain and of the strife for dominance and tyranny in social hierarchy onto the assassinators. 

Astrological chart for the assassination of Gaius Julius Caesar on 15 March 44 B.C. (calculation has to be made for 45 B.C.

During the assassination of Gaius Julius Caesar Uranus the ruler of rebellion was helped through an opposition of Jupiter as the planet of victory to the capital and government form 26°Sagittarius. The last degrees of Sagittarius indicate the support from the castes of priests, teachers and other profiteers .

Augustus made factual emperor with Jupiter on the half sum between the 2 astrogeographical coordinates of Rome and Neptune square 

The rulership of Augustus (or Octavian) over Rome was established through the “Principate of Augustus” on 13 January 27 B.C. Octavian did not become the official dictator but found ways to establish his rule over Rome by avoiding the official abolition of the Roman Republic.

Astrological chart for the Principate of Augustus established on 13 January 27 B.C. calculated as midday chart

The astrogeographical transits that reflect this strategy were from Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter at 21°Gemini the sign of parliaments, liberty and personal opinion was conjunct the half sum between the 14° and 29°Gemini astrogeographical coordinates of Rome in an aspect that seemingly supported the role of the parliament (Senate). Compare the return (conjunction) of Zeus (Jupiter) to Athen`s astrogeographical position during the liberation of Greece from the Ottoman and Fascist German occupations.

Neptune the planet of spirituality, legends, mystification, dreaming, illusion, anaesthetization and reconnection with the eternal souls of the people at 21° Virgo was in exact square to Jupiter and to the half sum between the resonating degrees of Rome as well. This sophisticated Neptune transit points at the hidden strategies used by Augustus to hide his dictatorship behind the appeal for a restoration of the Roman Republic after the long and exhausting civil war. Augustus became the official “saviour” of Rome.   

Augustus was granted lifelong tribunicia potestas (tribunician power) with Neptune in exact square and Uranus in exact opposition to Rome  

Augustus as pontifex maximus, with his head veiled for a sacrifice

The next step in Augustus` rise to absolute power was reached 4 years later with Uranus in exact opposition at 29°Sagittarius and Neptune in exact square from 27°Virgo to the 29°Gemini resonance degree of Rome:  Augustus was granted lifelong rights to decide over all Roman provinces, political institutions and of the Pontifex Maximus (Pope) of Rome.

Astrological chart for the summer solstice of 23 B.C.. Uranus spent the year passing over the exact opposition to Rome while Neptune approached the exact square. im showing the chart for the summer solstice as the exact date of the  tribunicia potestas seems unclear.

Uranus` opposition to Rome was used by Augustus to stabilize his power. This means that Uranus seems to have put pressure on the Republican institutions but not on the government. The Sabian symbols for 29°-30°Sagittarius  (The Pope Blessing the Faithful) and for 0°-1°Capricorn (An Indian Chief Claims Power from the Assembled Tribe) seem to have materialized through Uranus` transit here.  Neptune`s simultaneous square transit seems to have had a paralyzing effect on Augustus` opponents and the democratic institutions – when used to disguise the secret coup d`Etat.

The capital of the Roman Empire moved to Mediolanum with Pluto opposite Rome

Emperor Diocletian divided the Roman Empire in two and moved the capital of the West Roman Empire to Mediolanum (MIlan) in 286 A.D.  ph:  G.dallorto

In the year 286 A.D. emperor  (20 Nov 284 – 11 May 305) Diocletian divided the Roman Empire into two halves (west and east) moving the capital of the Roman Empire to the City of Mediolanum (Milan) during the heaviest transformational pressure from Pluto´s opposition. The astrogeographical positions of Milan are 19°Pisces and 21°Taurus.

Astrological chart for the summer solstice of 286 A.D. the year that the Roman Empire was divided into two halves and the capital of West Rome moved to Mediolanum (Milan) with Pluto in exact opposition to Rome

The years 284-288 saw the climax of Pluto`s transit over 29°Sagittarius in opposition to the 29°Gemini astrogeographical position of Rome. The maximal pressure onto the city of Roman by this transit is reflected in the loss of the status as the capital of the empire and also the division of the empire into two halves. 

The end of the Roman Empire under a new moon in Virgo square to Rome

Romulus Augustulus delivers the crown to Odoacer on 4 September 476 at Ravenna (25°Gemini & 15°Aries)

Officially the Roman Empire was terminated on September 4, 476 – a New Moon day when Odoacer forced the 16-year-old Romulus Augustulus to abdicate and  became the first King of Italy.

Astrological chart for the end of the Roman Empire calculated for 4 September 476 at new moon

The new Moon conjunction of the day occurred at 12°58 Virgo in exact square to the 14°Gemini astrogeographical coordinate of Rome pointing at a moment in time when a new era began. Uranus conjunct the South Node shows the erasion of traditions and through the position in Sagittarius the extinction of past glory, luxury, knowledge and success.

The foundation of the Holy Roman Empire under a Uranus-Neptune conjunction square to Rome

Crown of the Holy Roman Empire created in the 10th century today kept in Vienna

Having lost its Imperial status in the 5th century Rome was subject to being conquered and plundered and being dependent. But it remained the seat of the Pope and important center of the Roman Catholic Church. The foundation of the Holy Roman Empire on February 2 962 through the coronation of Otto I. as Emperor of Rome sealed a process begun through the coronation of Charlemagne in the year 800. The multicultural Empire combined large areas and a number of different nations in a relatively stable organisation from now on functioned as the protector of the City of Rome. Through that Rome functioned as the spiritual capital of catholic Europe and the catholic world ever since.

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Foundation of the Holy Roman Empire calculated for the coronation of Otto I as Emperor of Rome on February 2, 962 (jul)

The coronation took place with the midpoint (29° Virgo) between Uranus the planet of globalization at 25°Virgo and Neptune the planet of spirituality and healing at 3°Libra exactly square the 29°Gemini resonance coordinate of Rome explaining the transfer of spiritual and territorial sovereignty onto the Catholic Church which was made the guaranteeing power over Rome but only through the transfer of its own sovereignty onto the HRR. Although or because this construct seemed really complicated Rome and the Catholic Church gained long-term stability through this step and also the HRR did. It remained stable for 1850 (1000 altogether) years. The Uranus – Neptune conjunction was not only square to Rome but also square to Romes counterpart Paris (29°Sagittarius) and conjunct the center of the national morphic field of Germany in Berlin (29°Virgo)

Mussolini appointed Prime Minister with Uranus square to Rome

A classical example for a Uranus square to a capital and the pressure on the stability of political institutions and the government effecte by this transit: the March on Rome was an organized mass demonstration of an estimated 25.000 – 30.000 people on 28/29 October 1922 with the aim of forcing King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy to appoint Benito Mussolini‘s of the  National Fascist Party as Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Italy. Another 25000 black shirts were demonstrating in the capital Rome during the “March” and fascist troops gathering outside of the capital.

Mussolini and his quadrumvirs during the March on Rome in 1922

Mussolini was appointed Prime Minister of Italy on 31 October 1922 during Uranus` transit square to the 14°Gemini astrogeographical coordinate of Rome between April 1922 (12°Pisces) and February 1924 (16°Pisces). In the following years Mussolini gained more and more control over the political institutions to rise to absolute power under the transit of Uranus square to the 29°Gemini coordinate of Rome between April 1926 (27°Pisces) and January 1928 (1°Aries).

Astrological chart for the day of the appointment of Benito Mussolini as Prime Minister of Italy on 31 October 1922 calculated as 12:00 noon chart

The North Node was  indicator of the aims of Mussolini´s legal rise to power  was  at 29°Virgo  in exact square to the 29°Gemini astrogeographical position of Rome and conjunct Berlin where 10 years later Mussolini`s Austrian-German copy Adolf Hitler gained political control. 

Neptune square to Rome: Italy forced to enter World War II

Submission, self-destruction and catharsis through a Neptune square: Italy forced to enter WW 2 and Mussolini dismissed and arrested with Neptune square to Rome and conjunct Berlin

The effects of Neptune`s square transit to the 29°Gemini coordinate of Rome must have been at work since Neptune first reached 27°Virgo in November 1940. Italy had been degraded to the role of a puppet state of the German fascist regime with its lust for war, hate, mass murder and destruction through its entrance into World War 2 in June 1940. Paris and Amsterdam the other two European capitals with a strong resonance to this Neptune transit conjunct the 29°Virgo astrogeographical resonance coordinate (topic of self-destruction and paralysis of the people) of Berlin, too were completely overshadowed (Neptune square) under the fascist German occupation since May 1940.

The climax of this Neptune transit lasted form November 1940 (27°Virgo) until June 1944 (1°Libra)

Astrological chart for the day of Mussolini´s dismissal and arrest on 25 July 1943 calculated as 12:00 noon chart 

During the dismissal of Mussolini Saturn the planet of stabilization was on 21° Gemini occupying the half sum of the conjunctions between the 14° and 29°Gemini coordinates of Rome. In cases like Rome where both astrogeographcial coordinates are in one and the same sign and so close to each other this kind of Saturn transit seems to enforce the regaining of power over the autonomy of the country. Though Mussolini´s dismissal did  not drive the Germans out of Italy straight away Saturn`s final transit over the 29°Gemini coordinate in June 1944 and shortly after the Normandy landings seems to have terminated (exorcist effect of Saturn) the fascist German rule over Italy.