Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak 2019-20 in astrology

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Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak 2019-20 in astrology

Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak 2019-20 in astrology and astrogeography. Data and analyses for the new SARS related virus outbreak on the climax of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of Jan 12 2020.

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Some thoughts on the timeline of developments of the Corona Virus epidemic for the USA through rhythmical activation of the 1 year/per house rhythm

I had several requests from clients asking when the Coronavirus pandemic will come to an end in Germany. I replied that in the current situation it is unrealistic to discuss an end of the epidemic as long as humanity has not gone through the collective and individual, political, social, cultural, informational, ecological, psychological, spiritual and technological learning processes that have apparently caused the rise of a new global pandemic at a moment in time when humanity has proven that it is unable to handle its destructive influence on global warming and the rise of fascism, hate and militarism on our planet.

Nevertheless I wrote a short outlook in regard to the rhythmical activations of planets and other important steps in the chart for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 12 of this year for Central Europe.

Astrogegeographical position of Wuhan

The City of Wuhan is located at 15°Pisces and 21°Scorpio. ph: 射手座2017, ccbysa2.0

Astrogeographical position of the City of Wuhan for morphogenetic field level 1 which gives important hints at the supra-regional and international resonance of the corona virus outbreak: the City of Wuhan has one resonance coordinate located at 15°Pisces exactly the position occupied by Neptune during the outbreak of the pandemic between late November and early December 2020. The 2nd coordinate is at 21°Scorpio.

Neptune transit conjunct Wuhan and square to Beijing and Rome

Looking at the whole global learning process from an astrogeographica point of view – I have already shown that the transit of Neptune over the exact square position to the 17°Sagittarius (topic of unhindered expansion) of the Chinese capital Beijing, Neptune`s simultaneous conjunction with the 15°Pisces coordinate of Wuhan (where the epidemic broke out) and his square transit to the 14°Gemini coordinate of Rome (2nd most hit nation during the early stage) and also to Madrid (3rd most hit) explain the holistic reconnective healing process of the destructiveness of mankind`s slavery to hypercapitalism as the global issue of the Corona crisis.

An astrological analysis has to consider all planetary transits as regulative stimulation. And processes related to Neptune transits as helping us to look back at our mistakes – our bad karma in terms of destructive behavior so to say. Viruses bring back the information of mother nature and mother earth in order to help us organize against self-destruction of mankind.
They help us distinguish spirituality from pseudo-religion in the form of fasctistoid islamism, christianism and judaism.

Rhythmical activation in the chart for the Saturn – Pluto conjunction in relation to the capital of the USA

Saturn – Pluto conjunctions are known to be related to endemic processes as in the case of the European plaque epidemic related to the Saturn – Pluto conjunction of April, 21 1350.

Astrological chart for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January, 12 2020 calculated for Washington as the capital of the USA and center of the national morphic field

For the center of the national morphic field of the USA the Corona Virus outbreak began under the atmosphere of an activated Uranus at 2° Taurus (Moscow: 2°Taurus) the astrological sign of mother earth itself on the ascendant. Uranus stands for the effective neglection of environmental issues, the fracking industries, the ruthless exploitation of the last small resources of oil and an atmosphere of hate, racism, neo-fascism and self-destruction in the name of money and the markets (Taurus).

Direct or primary activations of signs and planets

The first year of the Coronavirus for the USA: from the Ascendant to the cusp of house 12

Stage 1 – Jan 12 – Jan 20 2020: from Taurus into Aries – a sudden plunge into house 12 shortly after the full activation of the Saturn – Pluto conjunction.

The pandemic crisis found the nation and government completely unprepared as the extinction of Neptune (holistic sustainable reality) from valid reality has been the state religion in the form of the “alternative reality” manipulation. Neptune as the final sweeper of the material world had been expelled to house 12 where true religion had been banned from perception through the neo-fascist Trump presidency and pseudo-christianism which had been so symptomatic of the US state cult since the start of the era of neo-fascism through the George W. Bush presidency in 2001.

Stage 2: Jan 20 – Sep 1 2020: from 30° to 0°Aries in house 12 – undecided action

The phase of the direct activation of the topics of Aries under the main rulership of Taurus and its sign ruler Venus will end in September 2020. The whole period can be understood as a phase in which the government can be expected to tend to concentrate on a battle of neglection and of trying to mislead public consciousness about the holistic aspects of events in regard to spirituality aka lastingness.

The plunge from Taurus into Aries activated Mars in house 8 the house of the domination of the perceived and ruling version of reality and on a degree (6°Sagittarius) of calculated manipulation. Through its house 8 position the extreme of this aggression of Mars can be understood to concentrate on the manipulation of the coming presidential election and control over public opinion in order to allow no recapitulation of the problems of the destructiveness of US society and political institutions in regard to the topics of lastingness and sustainability (Neptune) and the common learning of society in regard to the responsibility of the political institutions and government, the ruling party, lobbyists and of the state cult for the pandemic.

The direct activation of Chiron as the sign ruler of Virgo the sign of medical treatment, health, doctors. protected places and quarantine on the 2nd degree of Aries by mid – August of 2020 stands for a climax of organisation of measures to fight the pandemic, its medical, social and economical effects and possibly also for steps in the development of an efficient treatment and vaccination.

Stage 3: Sep, 1 2020 – Jun, 15 2021 : from 30° to 0°Pisces

During this phase the fuller impact and long-lasting effects of the pandemic can be expected to become effective, visible and openly public. Pisces is the sign of depression in many ways but from the point of view of astrology for a particular purpose: to help us confront suppressed truth and holistic reality after periods of lies, disguise and destructiveness. Pisces therefore stands for self-cleaning and deeper processes of self-healing.

The first planet to be directly activated in this process will be Lilith the indicator for the suppressed unconscious by the end of September 2020. Lilith stands for the activation of the awareness about the suppression, its victims, actors and profiteers.

The actual climax of this phase will be reached at the moment of the direct activation of Neptune between Christmas of 2020 and New Year`s day of 2021 and as the sign ruler of the 12th systemical astrological sign and factor Pisces, in his own sign and in the 12th house 12 the sphere of suppressed identity, spirituality, self-awareness, true identity and of the awareness about the contamination of the material plane through the lies and negativity of society, economy and capitalism (economy) as such.
This planetary position of Neptune can serve as a stunning image of the completeness of the extinction of spirituality, good mind, true belief, conscience, readiness to speak true, accept ones own limitations and any attempt for self-healing through the current US government.

This Neptune activation cannot be expected as the deepest point in the crisis but rather as an attempt to further eliminate the perception of its reality.

And even in case some solutions may be found and improvements achieved before that deepest point of the crisis for the USA has to be expected at the end of May and beginning of June 2021 when the first degrees of Pisces will be triggered as the moment of bankruptcy of the old patterns

Stage 4 – Jun 15 2021 – Jul. 10 2022: from 30°Aquarius to 0°Aquarius

Through his position on the ascendant Uranus represents the main planet and issue of the Pluto-Saturn conjunction of 2020 for the USA during the whole period of its effectiveness between January 2020 and the next conjunction event in June 2053. The activation of Uranuses own sign Aquarius should therefore pave the way for steps in the restructuring of the political system and society. Such changes are t be seen as the main topic of the whole period between Jun 15 2021 and July 2022.

Shortly after the beginning of this period Venus as the ascendant ruler and sign and house ruler over Uranus over the whole period will be directly activated in Aquarius by late July 2022 pointing at when political conclusions from the Coronavirus crisis have to be put into practice.

The Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak 2019-20 in astrology and astrogeography

The 2019–2020 novel coronavirus outbreak, also known as the Wuhan coronavirus, the China pneumonia outbreak or the Wuhan pneumonia began in mid-December 2019 in the city of Wuhan in central China, as an emerging cluster of people with pneumonia of unknown cause, linked primarily to stallholders who worked at the Huanan Seafood Market (華南海鮮市場), which also sold live animals. Chinese scientists subsequently isolated a new coronavirus, the 2019-nCoV, which has been found to be at least 70% similar in genetic sequence to SARS-CoV. As of 20 January 2020, there has been increased testing with more than 200 confirmed cases, four deaths and evidence of human to human spread. It has not however shown the same severity as SARS.

Replication of a coronavirus
image: Crenim at en-wiki), ccbysa3.0

Neptune`s return to the astrogeographical position of Wuhan

During the SARS outbreak of 2002 which started in Foshan Neptune at 8°Aquarius was exactly square the 7°Scorpio resonance coordinate of the City of Foshan. That explained the role of Neptune in that type of epidemics in China in these times we`re in.

Astrogeographical resonance coordinates of the City of Wuhan for morphogenetic field level 1 which describe the supra-regional. global topics of Wuhan and also the outbreak of the new SARS derivative virus: one coordinate of Wuhan is located at 15°Pisces currently transited be Neptune the indicator of the re-connection of systems with their holistic origin, essential purpose of existence, potentials and of clearing up processes that question and/or dissolve the formal outward stability of negative and destructive structures, patterns, believe systems that pollute, manipulate and destroy the self-cleaning and self.healing reflexes of such the systems. The 2nd resonance coordinate of Wuhan is at 22° in solid, fixed, defensive water sign Scorpio.

On the role of Neptune and Pisces in systemical astrology

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Spiritual water sign Pisces is the sign of the sea and of fish and a direct resonator with the sea-food topic. As the 12th and final sign, aspect and stage of the zodiac Pisces resonates with the subtle, invisible, unconscious, neglected, suppressed and holistic aspects and elements of systems and those treated as invalid by the mental control. Pisces and its planetary ruler Neptune (named after the roman god of the ocean) therefore stand for the re-connection of systems with those aspects of their potentials that its control organs and management system have prevented from integration. It is the sign of the floods, epidemic diseases, natural disasters and the destabilization of structures.

Wuhan Sea Food Market in Pisces with Libra

Wuhan Seafood Market is located in Pisces with Libra

Astrogeographical position of the Wuhan Seafood Market for morphogenetic field level 4 (exact position) which describes the energetical topics of the market itself: according to my calculation system the area of the Wuhan Seafood Market is located in service orientated air sign Libra the sign of openness, stage-presentation, relationship and meeting places. The 2nd coordinate is in spiritual water sign Pisces, the sign of the sea and of fish and a direct resonator with the sea-food topic. As the 12th and final sign, aspect and stage of the zodiac Pisces resonates with the subtle, invisible, unconscious, neglected, suppressed and holistic aspects and elements of systems and those treated as invalid. Pisces and its planetary ruler Neptune (named after the roman god of the ocean) therefore stands for the reconnection of systems with those aspects of their potentials that its control organs and management system have prevented from integration.

The Astrological Chart of the Covid 19 pneumonia outbreak

Astrological chart for the 2019–20 outbreak of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) calculated for Dec, 8 2019 when the pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan was first recorded. Source

The first wave of the outbreak seems to have been notices during the exact transit of the Sun indicator of light and heat over 15°Sagittarius the sign of observation, mental understanding and science in exact square to the transit position of Neptune exactly conjunct the 15°Pisces resonance coordinate of Wuhan. The Sun seems to have cast its light over Neptune and over Wuhan and from an aspect of challenge and tension.

The stimulating trine aspect of the position of Jupiter the planet of growth and expansion as sign ruler of Sagittarius along with the Sun position to Uranus as the astrological factor related to mutations and in Taurus the sign of physical manifestation can be read as a the more complex astrological simile for the expansion of a mutated virus. The fact that Uranus was joined by the Moon as the planetary indicator für lung related diseases such as pneumonia and tuberculosis is to be examined as part of the chain of events.

The Coronavirus outbreaks of 2002/03 (SARS) and 2019/20 as symptoms of processes in the National Morphic Field of China

Reported Infections with the 2019 Coronavirus in the Chinas by Jan 22 2019
ph: 董辰兴 , ccbysa4.0

Given that all events inside a country are of nationwide significance and part of an exchange of information between all places and beings in the national morphic field, events are manifestations of a common process of development and of a collective learning and are punctuations of the landscapes (and mindscapes) of the land itself as well as of the collective psyche (conscious and unconscious) of living beings (humans, animals and plants).

My astrogeographical perspective attempts to recapitulate which type of information is transferred in the morphic field through a comparison of the morphogenetic surface field structure with planetary transits. As a method dedicated to the structural analysis of the qualities of time the astrological analogies allow systemical conclusion of the qualities of the topics that are carried out by the national field at a specific place during a specific moment in time.

National capitals are central places in the organisational, psychological, cultural, political self-identification and the processes of development that nations and the individuals that connect them as members, visitors or neighbors undergo. Their astrogeographical resonance coordinates can often be retraced as central astrological topics of the energetical centers around which nations develop as distinguishable fields within the global morphic field of our mother earth for periods of time long before the foundation of the nations and their capital cities.

Parallels of the 2002/03 Fushan SARS and the 2019/20 Wuhan Coronavirus outbreaks:

  • Foshan (17°Virgo – 7°Scorpio) and Wuhan (15°Pisces – 22°Scorpio) both have one astrogeographical resonance coordinate square to the 17°Sagittarius coordinate of Beijing. Both epidemics are therefore to be evaluated as events that challenge problematic issues (blocks of development and of the flow of energies) having to do with the intense expansion (Sagittarius) of the National Morphic Field of China under the negativity of structures related to the centralism of the Chinese government and political system in Beijing.
  • An exact astrogeographical transit of Neptune – from square to conjunct: the Foshan outbreak of 2002 had Neptune at 8° Aquarius in exact square to the 8°Scorpio coordinate of Foshan – whereas the Wuhan 2019 outbreak had Neptune at 15° Pisces exactly conjunct the 15°Pisces coordinate of Wuhan.
  • The direct astrogeographical resonance between the cities of Foshan located at 17°Virgo and Wuhan in exact opposition at 15°Pisces. The Wuhan outbreak appears as a consequence and new step in the reconnective healing, transformation, new developments in the national morphic field of China.
  • The 17°Virgo and 15°Pisces astrogeographical resonance coordinates of Foshan and Wuhan are in aspects of intense tension to the 17°Sagittarius resonance coordinate of the capital Beijing. The Coronavirus epidemics are therefore to be considered as parts of processes that deal with problems of the extreme expansion (Sagittarius) of China`s economy, social, cultural and political developments, inequalities between the Chinese provinces and problems of the concentration of priorities onto the super-centralist national government in Beijing.

The opposition of the two places and its relatedness over a time span of 17 years through the Neptune transit suggests an overall process of learning of the humanoid defense system in dealing with its capacity to stimulate the development of the human system, psychosomatic learning and handling discrepancies between the 4 bodies: material, emotional, mental and spiritual.