Rythmical activations and timeline of the Covid 19 Crisis in the USA

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Map of the COVID-19 outbreak per capita as of 28 March 2020.

Rythmical activations and timeline of the Covid 19 Crisis in the USA

Rythmical activations and timeline of the Covid 19 Crisis in the USA. Astrological data and analyses of rhythmical activations in the chart for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 12 2020.

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I have written a similar study on rhythmical activations for Germany and Central Europe in my article: Corona Pandemie 2020 in Europa.

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Map of the COVID-19 outbreak per capita as of 28 March 2020.

An astrological concept of Anti – Predictionism

As long as we have not learned the lessons we are being taught any realistic prediction must seem immature, arrogant and dumb with the implication of a fixed pattern of fate instead of accepting the actual karmic learning process in which we are all responsible for doing what we can to help each other get along.

As long as we have not learned the lessons we are learning through history the implication of an already settled fate neglecting the human self-responsibility for his own interpretation and handling of time structures overwrites the actual karmic learning processes

.A serious treatment of astrology can help us considering the sequences of the unfolding of time cycles and time structure where we investigate and try to understand how developments are embedded in the larger global cycles and to contemplate on what can be done to seek solutions.

The Covid 19 Crisis and rhythmical activations in the chart for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 2020 for the USA

I think it is accepted by most astrologers that the current Corona or Covid 19 pandemic and financial crisis has to be examined through the chart for the Saturn – Pluto conjunction of January 12 2020.

Astrological chart for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 12 January 2020 calculated for Washington

What I am attempting to show in this article is the chart calculated for Washington with the projection of rhythmical activations in the 7 months/per house rhythm.

This chart of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 12 2020 calculated for Washington as the capital, seat of parliament and central government and central place of resonance of the national morphic field of the USA shows the rythmical activations of the topics of development as a nation in the 7 months/per house rhythm counting from the ascendant in both directions.

Events develop their effects in time. I am used to observing developments of time structures as shown in astrological charts considering two different directions of its unfolding:

A – the perspective of material development from the cusp of house 1 to house 2.

I will work on this later.

B – the perspective of spiritual development from the cusp of house 1 to the cusp of house 12 and to houses 11,10, 9, 8, 7 a.s.o.

Main Phase 1: 12 Jan 2020 – 12 Aug 2020

Main Phase 1: 12 Jan 2020 – 12 Aug 2020
Activated House: 12
House rulers: Venus in house 12
Mars in house 8

From the point of view of the exploration of the unconscious, karmic and spiritual aspects of development the first 7 months period of the unfolding of the issues of development of the national morphic field between 12 January 2020 and 12 August 2020 can be divided into two major stages:

Sub period 1: 12 January 2020 – 18 January 2020
Activated sign: Taurus – topic: territorial control and financial profits
Sign ruler: Venus in house 11 at 28°Aquarius the “Corona” or crown chakra position.
Activated planets: none

This very short phase in Taurus the sign of markets may not be considered important. But it stands for the rulership of Taurus and of Venus over the first 7 months period of the unfolding of the topics of the new Saturn-Pluto cycle. And Venus though active as the ruler of occupation and possession of territories and the markets in the highest position of the earthly realms on the highest degrees of Aquarius the sign of the stratosphere describes the blindness, arrogance, corruption, incompetence of the outlook of the central government on the issue of the Covid 19 endemic during the whole period of the rulership of Venus during the first 7-months phase of the epidemic outbreak between 12 January and 12 August 2020. The government is so busy with its own profits, needs and financial interests and the presidents personal profits out of every situation hat it has no heart for the people and openly disregards the protection of their needs. The rulership of Venus at 28°Aquarius (simile of the palace of the ice princess) shows a government that is so high-flown, unrealistic and far away from reality that it cannot handle the needs of the population but rather concentrates on abstract assumptions, nerdy propaganda concepts, cruel market ideologies, ice-cold calculations and the fake news propaganda manipulation on which the presidency is based.

Sub – period 2: 18 Jan – 20 May 2020
Activated sign : Aries – topics: action, mobilization, speed, warfare
Sign Ruler: Mars in house 8 at 6°Sagittarius
Activated planets: Chiron 8 May 2020

Between January 15 and May 20 dynamic male fire sign Aries along with its sign ruler Mars in house 8 and on the 6th degree of Sagittarius will be activated. Aries stands for the need for action, speed, warfare and the mobilization of resources and energies in order to activate the potentials to fight back the crisis.
Around 8 May 2020 the direct rhythmical activation of Chiron the simile for the doctor and healer of the gods and sign ruler of Virgo the sign of health, medical treatment, hospitals, protected places, quarantine, protective clothing, masks and experience of healing stands for the full mobilization of the national health system during a stage when the virus may have spread to larger parts of the national territory. Chiron also stands for the option of the development of an effective vaccination, medicine, method of treatment, discipline, social distancing and for a final declaration of an even larger finiancial effort to protect the economy. It makes sense that the activation of Chiron could bring not only a climax in the development of insights into the effective protection of society through the strategical and also technical knowledge needed to effectively organize the self-protection of the people and the national morphic field. That can of course that cannot stop the whole process overnight. And especially because the question remains whether the current government could turn around 3 years of policies aimed at the destabilization of the state institutions and eviction of competent personnel from the central government institutions. This assumption makes sense also because the date of the rhythmical activation of Chiron will be followed by a shift of atmosphere and topics from Aries to Pisces the sign of loosing or giving away control on May 20 2020. An effective policy under the influence of the insights from the Chiron activation should therefore lead to the central government hand over the control over the organization of the war (Aries) against the Virus to more experience, competent and qualified personnel and institutions.

Sub -period 3: 20 May – 12 August 2020
Activated sign : Pisces – topics: dissolution, self-cleaning processes, searching for our mistakes
Sign Ruler: Neptune in house 12 at 16°Pisces
Activated planets: Lilith on 29 May 2020
Neptune on 4 Aug 2020
The period of the activation of water sign Pisces may outwardly be expected as the most problematic period for the central government as Pisces always indicates losing control over situations. During this period both activated planets Lilith as well as Neptune stand for accepting the limitations of ones own knowledge, experience, supplies, character, behavior and capacities and in order to become aware of ones own mistakes, faults, errors, suppressed reality and blocked potentials. The experience of losing control is of central importance in Pisces related and Neptunic processes as it allows humans to open up to new experiences, solutions, knowledge, like the unexplored and unknown and activate their fuller holistic potentials. In regard to the need for developing “herd immunity” the stimulation through Pisces stands for the self-cleaning and self-healing through the suffering from the disease, the adaptation to the new information from the virus, the letting go of old contaminations, poisons, patterns of behavior, blocks, stored emotions, old encrusted layers and impediments of individual development. The date of the activation of Lilith on 29 May 2020 should bring the insights into hidden information about the mistakes made in the past in order help the government change its directions in the important issues. The direct activation of Neptune at the beginning of August stands for the fuller awareness of the relatedness of the pneumonia of mother earth with the negativity of human self-organisation and disrespect for evolution, nature, health and the fuller potentials of mankind.

Main Phase 2: 12 August 2020 – 12 March 2021

Main Phase 2: 12 August 2020 – 12 March 2021
Activated house: 11
House ruler: Neptune in house 12

The development during this main phase can be divided into 2 sub phases.

Sub – period 1: 12 August – 5 Nov 2020
Activated sign : Pisces
Sign Ruler: Neptune in house 12 at 16°Pisces
Activated planets: None

This sub period has the same topics as the phase between 20 May and 12 Aug but not under the rulership of house rulers Venus and Mars but under the rulership of Neptune instead. The difference is that an awareness of a fuller perspective on the effects of the economical and health crisis should also be openly considered and have to be accepted by the central government. Because the house and sign ruler Neptune is located in house 12 it has to be assumed that the current President will still try everything to hoax and undermine precise, critical analysis and awareness of voters of the circumstances that led to the drama of the chaos during the outbreak of the pandemic in the USA due to his personal responsibility. But nevertheless the costs of the destabilization of the National Health Department for ideological purposes and the destabilization and weakening of the national morphic field itself must necessarily become fully visible during this phase of the rhythmical activation of Pisces. Whatever may be the personal character and behavior of the president and the mechanisms of the formation of public opinion the central government should have to fully dedicate itself to the crisis management and lose control of its ideological prejudices, static belief systems and other impediments in order to deal with the transformation of society, and reality. That effect of Neptune can be expected as certain. Therefore the central government should give away the control over the public health sector and the handling of the crisis under such Neptune and Pisces activations. The last important momentum of the depression of the central government and the institution of the US Presidency itself can be expected during the activation of the first degrees of Pisces at the end of October and on the first days of November 2020. It is really fascinating that the day of the Presidential Elections of November 3 2020 falls right into the period of deepest depression of the Central government and right before the start of the activation of Aquarius from around 5 November.

Sub period 2: 5 Nov 2020 – 12 March 2021
Activated sign: Aquarius
Sign Ruler: Uranus in house 1 at 2°Aquarius
Activated planets: Venus at 28°Aquarius