A gold plated temple swallowed by floods

A gold plated temple swallowed by floods

A gold plated temple swallowed by floods – Astrology, History and Places: a buddhist temple on the banks of Ayeyarwaddy River in Pakokku, Myanmar swallowed by floods

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Shwedagon Pagoda represents the archetype of gold-plated stupa temples in Myanmar photo: R.A. Lettau

A Buddhist temple in central Myanmar has been swallowed by rising floodwaters after days of heaviest rainfall on 20 July 2017 on the banks of Ayeyarwaddy River in Pakokku, Myanmar.  100.000 inhabitants of the area lost their homes. The pagoda had been built in 2009 in the Magway region.

This type of pagoda stupas are  covered with gold plates by worshipers in order to receive blessings and the fulfillment of their wishes. Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon (Rangoon) is the most famous and one of the oldest places of such worship in Myanmar.  As far as the function of such devotion is concerned it can help worshipers to be part of the collective worship and  the monks` prayers and meditations at the temple. This form of worship may help them to open up to the deities and spirits of the place and through that to new developments in their lives. But it also enforces the belief in technological, functional solutions for spiritual problems and karmic issues in such a way that learning individual karmic lessons of self-responsibility, self-healing and dealing with the essence of Gautama Buddha`s approach to spirituality tends to be overwritten and neglected.

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Astrogeographical position of the City of Pakokku for morphogenetic field level 1 which describes the supra-regional  resonance and im pact of the incident: one coordinate lies on 28°in air sign Libra and the second at 2° in fire sign Aries.

During the big flood the astrogeographic position of the Pakokku at 28°Libra was under extremest pressure from the Sun on 27°42` conjunct Mars on 29°48` in Cancer the sign of river beds together with the exact opposition of Uranus from 28°26`Aries. The conjunction of these two highly stimulative planetary resonators taking place in an exact square to the astrogeographical position of the place is a fascinating image for the swelling of the river and for how the City was threatened by the flood. In addition to that Uranus` long-term opposition to the site indicates that the flood event is to be understood as part of a larger chain of events having to do with processes of development in the regional morphogenetic field structure

Pakokku Pagoda swallowed by floodwaters after days of heavy rain. Astrological chart calculated for 20 July 2017 at 12:00 noon (5:00 UT) at Pakokku, Myanmar

Moon-Venus conjunction square to Neptune: The incident occurred on the day of a Moon-Venus conjunction square to Neptune the first and most important astrological resonator of the archetypal meaning of the water element and of spirituality. As far as religious worship is concerned the Moon – Venus conjunction in Gemini the sign of cleverness, technology, tricks, thieves and liars stands for the belief in practical magic.  Neptune on the other hand stands for the water element itself and  for substantial spirituality, the abstract truth and the fuller holistic relevance of the divine and also of human fate. Neptune`s position in his own sign Pisces the sign o reconnection with the spiritual plane and sign of temples further strengthens his role as the significator for the topics of temples

Therefore destruction of the temple under a square of Neptune the significator for spirituality and in his own sign Pisces to the Moon-Venus conjunction in Gemini strongly indicates that the event occurred as a manifestation of Neptune`s rebellion against superficial technological treatment of religious topics and  the return of the topics of spirituality to the temple site: the gold-plated ornamented pagoda was washed away