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Jakarta skyline at night -- Business District area at Jalan Rasuna Said ph: Robin Widjaja, ccbysa4.0

Jakarta and Indonesia in Political Astrology

Jakarta and Indonesia in Political Astrology. Birth & foundation charts of Indonesia and important transits in astrogeography

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The astrogeographical position of Jakarta

Jakarta skyline at night — Business District area at Jalan Rasuna Said
ph: Robin Widjaja, ccbysa4.0

Astrogeographical position of the City of Jakarta for morphogenetic field level 1 which describes the international, supraregional resonance of the topics of the Indonesian government, politics and the center of the national morphic field: Jakarta has both astrogeographical resonance coordinates in highly magnetic, centralist, royal fire sign Leo the sign of the sun, light, power stations, self-centeredness, glamour, excellence and the appeal for supremacy. One coordinate lies at 22°Leo – the 2nd coordinate at 28° Leo.

How to harmoniously shift a capital

While I`m first writing this on this article the government of Indonesia has recently announced its decision to remove the Indonesian capital from ist current location Jakarta on the island of Java appr. 850 km north to East Kalimantan on the island of Borneo. The chosen site is located between the cities of Balikpapan and Samarinda.

How to harmoniously shift a capital along with the center of the national morphic field from one place to another? The shifting of a capital doesn`t only mean that central resonance coordinates of the political institutions are shifted. It also includes a shift of the resonance coordinates of the center of the national morphic field. From an astrological point of view the solution announced by the Indonesian government is surprisingly harmonious. The resonance coordinates of the site dedicated to the construction of the new capital seem to directly support the development of the old institutions and even the old capital Jakarta itself. I assume that skilled astrologers, feng-shui councelors, priests, shamans and architects have been consulted before making that decision.

Astrogeographical position of the selected site for the new capital of Indonesia: the astrogeographical resonance coordinates of the selected area are located at around 22°Aries and 22°Sagittarius and therefore fall in exact trine to the 22°Leo resonance coordinate of the current location of the capital and seat of government of Indonesia forming a Grand Fire Trine in the three fire signs. This is how the choice makes the whole project appear comparatively harmonious in regard to the continuity of the political institutions and the stability of the Indonesian nation and territory.

The Natal Charts of Indonesia

Indonesian Independence was achieved during the transit of Pluto between 10° and 18°Leo and towards the 22°Leo astrogeographical resonance coordinate of the capital Jakarta.

 Sukarno, accompanied by Mohammad Hatta, declaring the independence of Indonesia at 10:00 am on Friday, 17 August 1945

The 1st declaration of Independence was made immediately after the end of World War 2 with the Sun at 23°Leo and Mercury at 0°Virgo both conjunct the astrogeographical resonance coordinates of Jakarta.

Natal Chart of Modern Indonesia I: 1st Proclamation of Independence by Sukarno and Mohammed Hatta on 17 Aug 1945 at 10:00 (1::00 UT) Source

The Mars – Uranus conjunction points at an act of revolution showing that the proclamation was the start of the Indonesian National Revolution. As the declaration was not accepted by the Dutch colonial power this first declaration did not bring full independence.

The proclamation was made 11 days after the dropping of the Hiroshima Bomb on August 5 and 2 weeks before the Japanese capitulation of 2 September 1945. Jupiter at 28° Virgo and exactly conjunct the astrogeographical resonance coordinate of Tokyo shows that the act was a consequence of the Japanese defeat and capitulation.

Natal Chart of Modern Indonesia II: 2nd Declaration of Independence signed by Juliana, Queen of Netherlands on 27 Dec 1949 at 10:22 (9:22 UT) in Amsterdam. The chart is calculated for Jakarta. source: Nick Campion

The official Declaration of the Independence of Indonesia was issued by the Queen of the Netherlands. This is reflected in the position of the Sun as indicator of kings at 5°Capricorn a degree of executive action of governments. Due to the fact that the Sun was under extreme pressure from an opposition of Uranus the planet of revolution and squares from Mars the planet of warfare and the also the Moon in Mars` home sign Aries. The Moon position in the first decade of the 1st zodiac sign Aries explains this act as a start of something new.