Libra and Gemini: The astrogeographical position of the White House

Astrology & Places: Libra and Gemini:  The astrogeographical position of the White House. Libra and Gemini – The Constellation of the White House. Astrology, architecture, politics, institutions and places: the astrogeography of the White House

On my astrological world map the US capital Washington is located in the astrogeographical combination of 27° Leo and 6° Cancer for morphogenetic field level 1 which shows how the central government area is embedded in the whole of the US. These coordinates provide a highly relevant   astrogeographical definition for the nationwide and also global topics, role and situation of the US government as reflected by the transits of the planets. For a deeper analysis of the astrogeographical position of the capital city of the USA and understanding past and future transits of planets in relation to the astrogeographical position of the US government read my article: Washington and the transits for the capital of the USA.

For morphogenetical field level 3 the coordinate for the astrogeographuical latitude position of the White House is located on the last two degrees of air sign Libra. The south facadee lies in Scorpio. The coordinate  for the astrogeographical longitude stretches  between 18° and 23° of air sign Gemini. This combination of signs describes the atmosphere and energetical topics of the building itself and explains how the construction site is embedded in the landscape and City of Washington.

The astrogeographical position of the White House and what to make out of it

Libra is a  frequent factor for the astrogeographical position of seats of government in a large number of countries for morphogenetic field level 3: Hofburg Palace and Chancellery Vienna: Libra with Gemini, Moscow Kremlin: Libra with Capricorn, Zhongnanhai, Beijing: Libra with Virgo, 7, Lok Kalyan Marg, New Delhi: Libra with Leo/Virgo, 10, Downing Street, London: Libra with Leo,  Kantei, Tokyo: Libra with Capricorn. Not in Libra but in Gemini:   Federal Chancellery, Berlin: Gemini with Capricorn,

White House located in Libra with Gemini
The White House is located in Libra/Scorpio and in  Gemini

The foundation stone for the construction of the White House was laid on 13 Oct 1792 with the Sun along with Mercury the ruler of Gemini located in Libra one of the two astrogeographical resonators of the building.

Astrological Sunrise Chart Laying of the foundation stone for the White house on 13 Oct. 1792 calculated for sunrise.
Astrological Sunrise Chart Laying of the foundation stone for the White House on 13 Oct. 1792 calculated for sunrise.

As air signs neither Libra nor Gemini  emphasize the character of the construction site of the White House as stronghold or bunker nor do they emphasize the dominant role or extensive security istallations that are needed here to protect the president. In its most positive appeal the constellation rather indicates a genuine political commitment to fairness and justice (Libra) together with the urge for individual freedom of opinion and expression (Gemini). This constellation may to some extent be considered as describing the ideal of individual freedom during the foundation phase of the United States, when the USA were the first European colony that managed to declare independence, civil rights and democracy.

Gemini the sign of intelligence, spying and gathering information  supports a centre of communication and an interface for incoming and outgoing information.  As much as Libra Gemini stands for attempts tp bring opposites together functioning like a link or bridge between cometitors, enemies or simply different groups. And Gemini represents a highly useful and plausible indicator for several major aspects of US american culture: it stands for practical solutions, the urge for personal liberty, a neutral and practical vision of social hierarchies and surely one which puts more weight on performance than on familiy inheritance. And Gemini is opposed to the rule of religion over society – an aspect which at least in the first 120 years of US history brought a lot of social, technical, political and cultural progress through the liberation from the misuse of religion. Gemini so reflects the belief in technology and technological progress but also the cancellation of humanitarian ideals through an unhindered, ruthless and self-destructive expansion of capitalism and the dogmatic rule of fast profits over sustainable development and social issues.

White House north facade located in Libra with Gemini photo: Cezary p, ccbasy4.0
White House north facade located in Gemini with Libra photo: Cezary p, ccbasy4.0

The symmetry of the architecture of the White House particularly as seen from the  north is archetypal for houses and palaces located in air sign Libra. Compare my article: Libra as the sign of symmetry in art & architecture.

Libra the sign of relationship and service orientation and of angels indicates a general willingness for being open to the opinions, perspectives and needs of others. In the case of a building it indicates an atmosphere of being open to meeting people at any time of the day. On a more practical level the choice of a site in Libra the sign of the ideal of aristocracy, royal courts and higher cultural ideals stands for the attempt to create a fine and representative image of the government area to secure the president`s credibility. Libra`s attempt to make things look nice certainly reflects that stage-management is a major issue in the White House.

The coordinate of astrogeographical latitude of the White House falls on the last degrees of Libra with the facade at 30° Libra in such a way that the semi-circle of the portico on the south side of the building lies on the first degree of solid, fixed water sign Scorpio, This provides a highly alert and defensive aspect for the park area on the south side of the White House.

White House south facade in Libra with the posrtico in Scorpio photo: Matt H. Wade, ccbysa3.0
White House south facade in Libra with the posrtico in Scorpio photo: Matt H. Wade, ccbysa3.0