Kamala Harris vs Donald Trump

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Kamala Harris in 2019 ph: Gage Skidmore, ccbysa2.0

Kamala Harris vs Donald Trump

Kamala Harris vs Donald Trump. Political Astrology: the birth charts for the female candidate for the Vice Presidency & Donald Trump compared.

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A holistic astrological perspective on Saturn in Political Astrology

Before I start my analysis let me say one thing about a holistic astrological treatment of Saturn the representative of the human capacity to perceive and handle problems of public social life and politics, factual reality, stability, results and long-term effects of human activities, karma and fate, spiritual values, precision, quality management, history, rules and laws, conclusions from failure, betrayal and incompetence and the stability of social, tribal and government institutions and the of nations.

From an astrological point of view it is not the subjective mental program (Jupiter) by which the personal aims of individuals behind their stated or conscious intentions can be evaluated. This is because astrology seeks to analyze the gravity and mechanics of the outcome of fate and of events.

In astrology it is therefore primarily the results of decisions and activities that have to be investigated as the true intentions behind any result. While there are situations in life in which an individual can not be made responsible for an effect of its activities due to certain circumstances this is not so in politics. In political astrology it is only the results of activities that can be accepted as explanations of the intention behind political decision and activities.

This means that political actors are themselves responsible for contacting qualified experts and for seeking and finding the information that can deliver an understanding of the problematic effects or prospects of any decision.

Understanding That is absolutely important esp. in the judgement of Donald Trump`s handling of the Covid 19 pandemic and the consequences of the prolongation of effects and the deepening of the economical crisis that a President alone must be made responsible for. This has nothing to do with Trump´s strife for delivering a personality image of a man of absolute power over his party and the central government. It should be merely a practical question concerning the efficiency of his handling of affairs.

And this does not only relate to the developments in New York between March and May 2020 but also in Florida and Texas during the month of July 2020 the hottest and least probable season for pneumonia.

Kamala Harris vs Donald Trump

This article attempts a comparative study of the Natal Chart Synastry and the Davison Relationship Chart between Kamala Harris and Donald Trump assuming that these methods can provide important insights into the political issues of the confrontation between these two opponents in the Presidential elections of November, 3 2020.

Former attorney general and senator Kamala Harris has been nominated for the Presidential elections on November, 3 2020 as the third ever female vice-presidential candidate of the two party system parties in the history of the USA. This marks a great progress and an extremely important step in the political, cultural and psychological history and development of the USA.

There seemed to be a widespread global opinion that it might be particularly hard for a woman to withstand the tortures, manipulations, clashing of lies, morbidity, hate propaganda, full negativity and cannibalism of the US Presidential race, which is generally seen as the most torturous in Western democracies.

But I personally think and am convinced that scientific research will prove so that the assumed quantitatively larger female sensitivity could in one of the other (or most?) female individuals turn out to have forced them to develop a stronger emotional stability, self-centering, identity and perseverance than in certain symptomatic patterns of role conduct of male politicians.

Kamala Harris was nominated on August, 19 2020 (with the Sun as the sign ruler conjunct the 27° Leo resonance coordinate of Washington) as the back-up for the Democratic candidate Joe Biden. In this context, her birth chart reflects some important backgrounds of the current situation of the United States of America.

Candidate of the Neglected

Kamala Harris is one of the first female candidates for the Vice Presidency in U.S. history. That alone makes her a representative of an important and neglected minority. It is subject to speculation why no woman has ever been nominated as Vice-President candidate in the American Two – Party system. What can be concluded is that American society must have considered men to be stronger and better candidates than women. This must also include the fear or expectation that a woman in the highest office would harm or weaken the Nation.

Nevertheless what can definitely be expected from a woman in the highest office is an effect of stabilization of group identification of society and individuals with the national morphic field aka the nation that binds the inhabitants together. The presence of Women can also have an effect of allowing men which to a particularly large percentage are subject to particularly aggressive patterns of male role conduct to focus on practical issues and away from certain destructive patterns of male competition.

The historical examples of the British Queens Elizabeth and Queen Victoria as well as of German Chancellor Angela Merkel reflect the potentials of such a stabilizing psychological impact of a woman in in charge as a head of state.

Because of her Indian-Jamaican family background Kamala Harris also represents the population of Non – European origin and other groups that feel neglected by American society. It can also be assumed that a solidarity between all kinds of such groups is an option for them.

Through her experience as attorney general and senator for California Kamala Harris also stands for strengthening and stabilizing the efficiency of important government institutions like the Departments of Health and Environmental Protection, the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, the unity of the nation, stability of the federation of States and all other aspects of Saturn.

Teil I: Synastry – Comparison of the Natal Charts

Kamala Harris vs. Donald in astrology and birth chart reading Trump birth chart synastry and comin
Kamala Harris in 2019
ph: Gage Skidmore, ccbysa2.0

Above all her nomination signals the advancement of the Pluto-Uranus generation (1962-69) to the top of American politics.

From an astrological point of view, the abundance of parallels and direct resonance between the horoscopes of Kamala Harris and Donald Trump is absolutely surprising. The presence of a harmonious aspect between the Moon (female role models) of Harris and the Mars of Trump (male role models) is downright spectacular.

Kamala Harris Vice president of the USA
Birth Chart for Kamala Harris born on 20 October 1964 at 21:28 in Oakland, California,

But of course that should not mislead astrological interpretations from the overall holistic image in the Synastry and Davison Relationship Chart and the fact that the relationship between Harris and Trump occurs as enemies in the coming elections.

A — The Ideal of Saturn vs the Corruption of Saturn

Saturn in Aquarius the sign of idealism and of the re-connection with the fuller potentials of humans on the last degrees of house 9 and near mid-heaven (MC) is the most important aspect in Kamala Harris’ horoscope due to its position near one of the 4 central axes. The position of Saturn near mid-heaven stands for the aims of self- responsibility in working life, career and the motivation to work.

It reflects her aims to be a hard working person aiming at efficient handling of affairs, stabilization of results, extensive research, fighting against lies, manipulation, corruption, racism and for emancipation and progress. It is therefore to be examined as the central astrological significator of her activities as attorney general, senator of California and in the election campaign for the vice-presidency.

This Saturn position is located on the 28th degree and in the 12th sub-division of spiritual air sign Aquarius a zodiac degree that relates to the Crown or Corona Chakra that serves to re-connects the material with the spiritual and the personal with the cosmic plane.

Kamala Harris Saturn position directly resonates with the position of the Moon (27°Aquarius) in the Sibley Birth Chart of the USA for the proclamation of Independence on July, 4 1776. And also with the astrogeographical position of Paris (27°Aquarius) the most important ally of the American revolution and Independence of 1776.

Astrology and Astrogeography of Philadelphia and the Declaration of Independence
Independence Hall in Philadelphia is where the Declaration of Independence and the constitution of the USA were signed in the early days of July 1776. The astrogeographical resonance coordinates of the building located in Leo (centralism) and Aquarius (equal human rights) are symptomatic of the historical role of the polarity of these two signs in American history

Harris Saturn position is in exact opposition to the astrogeographical resonance coordinate of Washington at 27° in centralist, absolutist royal fire sign Leo that reflects the role of Washington as the American version of super-centralist capitals of absolutism and/or super-large empires that dominate world politics: Moscow (2°Taurus), Beijing (3°Leo), New Delhi (26°Leo & 3°Taurus), Riyadh (7°Leo & 21°Leo), Pyongyang (21°Leo), Ankara (2°Leo).

The astrogeographical example of the position of Independence hall in Aquarius with Leo shows that the duality between Aquarius and Leo can be observed as a symptomatic aspect of the confrontation of the spirit of the American Constitution with the practical need to built a capital that could host a central government for the Union states.

USA birth chart and Kamala Harris, USA
Sibley Birth chart for the proclamation of the USA calculated for July, 4 1776 at 17:10 in Philadelphia with transits from the birth moment of Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris is therefore to be seen as a natural representative of politicians that aim at criticizing the corruption and manipulation of the constitution through the ruling castes and the elites in Washington.

In that Harris is the diametral opposite to Donald Trump who with Mars at 26° Leo and Ascendant at 29° Leo conjunct the centralist resonance coordinate of Washington on the so called royal degrees at 27°Leo aims at taking over absolute personal power over the central capital and government in order to expand the centralist control over the nation.

Sending federal forces into cities without the request and even against the will of local authorities is a new dimension of interference of the central government in State politics. Instead of sending the National Guard Trump send custom and border patrol agents in a of electional campaigning by a US

Trumps activities of sending customs and border protection agents into cities without the request or consent and even against the will of local authorities is a new dimension of interference of the central government in State politics.

As was foreseeable Trumps interference heated up the conflicts and demonstrations instead of calming them down. Trumps announcements to send more troops to states ruled by the Democrats had a similar effect as these announcements had to be felt as open provocations and strategical misuse of the Presidential office for Trumps election campaigning.

As I have stated above any serious astrological judgement of these and other activities carried out by Trump that heated up the demonstrations have to be judged as being aimed at what they achieved. This is because astrology has to examine the outcome of activities not the subjective version of the mental intention that is given out as the aim.

All this explains the totalitarian, absolutist and centralist motives behind Trumps Mars and Ascendant position conjunct the 27°Leo resonance coordinate of Washington.

Astrology of the USA, Presidential elections , Kamala Harris and Donald Trump
Donald Trump birth chart calculated for 14 Jun 1946 at 10:52 in New York with planetary transits during the birth of Kamala Harris

Her Saturn position qualifies Kamala Harris as a straight opponent to the personality cult and absolutism of the Trump Pascha religion.

The Kamala Harris substantially set the dead-line for the absolutism of the rule of the Trumpist hiring and firing of servants mentality, the suppression of the judiciary, his profile neurosis, the never ending election campaigning and the demagoguery of his personality cult that have become the central issues and aims of US interior, foreign, economical and geo-strategical policies.

Kamala Harris is therefore to be seen as a natural representative of politicians that aim at criticizing the corruption and manipulation of the constitution through the ruling castes and the elites in Washington. In that she is the diametral opposite to the Trump who with Mars at 26° Leo and Ascendant at 29°Leo conjunct the centralist resonance coordinate of Washington (27°Leo) aims at taking over control over the scene of lobbyists, infiltrators and influencers in Washington for his own purposes.

Trumps corrupted Saturn

Donald Trump was born with a conjunction of Venus the planet of money conjunct Saturn the planet of effective responsibility in a constellation of slavery, prostitution, dependence, starving and bankruptcy between house 11 (Escaping) and house 12 (Hiding).

In its function as the planet of responsibility, reliability and upright effective character Saturn is under strongest pressure through the planet of financial profits here. Both planets are under the rulership of Mercury in house 11 – in a situation in which the conditions of financial survival lie in juggling with different identities and escaping into tax havens.

Other dimensions and functions of Saturn like its role as the planet of stability of character, truthfulness, spirituality, considering long-term effects, verification by factual reality, resolving karmic issues and taking over of responsibility for the effects of one´s behavior are therefore neglected and destroyed.

This also explains Trumps programmatic strategy of destabilization of ministries, government institutions, the cohesion of the nation, its geo-strategical sphere of interest and the stability of the status quo as such.

For a deeper investigation into the question: In how far does Trumps Saturn-Venus conjunction in house 11 indicate the bankruptcy of the nation ? please go down to Chapter I section F:Harris` Sun and Moon square to Trump’s Venus-Saturn conjunction

B — Pluto – Uranus

Kamala Harris is a representative of the political, social and cultural background of the generation born under the full impact of the Uranus – Pluto conjunction between 1962 and 1969. In her birth chart this conjunction is located in House 4 (House of Emotional Identity) and together with Venus the representative of the patterns of female role conduct against whose constraints her substantial rebellion as a woman in a male domain is directed.

Kamala Harris represents the diametral opposite of the moral and social concept of a patriarchal family system that is so aggressively propagated by Trump.

An inheritance whose face when compared to the standards of modernity represents patterns from medieval harem cultures in which an extremely corrupt, ruthless demagogue, billionaire and fraudster-king energetically, psychologically and economically feeds his ego by demonstratively dominating his surroundings as servants.

The aesthetic, cultural and political concept behind the standards of the belief system openly propagated by Trump shows himself as a successful buyer and dominator of a self-selling botox model-jewel, which he keeps and presents like a harem puppet to decorate the extremely high standards of his character and make her appear to be ready to unconditionally keep her mouth shut at any time, even in cases when forced by Trump to comment on his greatness in public.

Trumps pray pattern in regard to women is buying models from East European countries esp. Czechoslovakia: His first wife Ivana Trump at a lobby event with Saudi King Fahd the Lord of the crude oil business with Saudi Arabia at the White House in 1985.

C — The conjunction of Harris AC with Trump’s Sun Position

The presence of a large number of direct resonance aspects between the horoscopes of Kamala Harris and Donald Trump is surprising and the question has to be asked whether an astrologer has advised the Democrats on the choice of this candidate.

Harris as well as Trump were born at Full Moon and with an opposition of the major luminaries Sun and Moon indicating the expectation of having to face maximal opposition in their personal lives.

Kamala Harris’ Ascendant at 25°Gemini is in conjunction with the Sun position of Trump at 23° Gemini. This aspect shows intense and straight competition in which Trumps planet of personality (sun as AC ruler) is confronted directly.

A major expression of Trumps Sun position in Gemini is his daily Twitter propaganda, the spreading of lies, manipulation of information (Gemini), contradictory statements and the creation of an alternative twin reality (Gemini). Trumps makes use of a method that is symptomatic of the obsession of Gemini with apparent technical neutrality. It is worked by the public neutralization that any any assumed reality has the equal right to exist as any factual reality has due to the claim of neutrality.

Donald Trump birth chart with transits for the Russian propaganda counselor Aleksandr Dugin the mastermind behind Trumps successful “fake news” technique born on January 7 1962. Dugin was born with Jupiter the planet of preaching, rethorical technologies and caricature in exact opposition to the

With Kamala Harris Gemini ascendant present in the election campaign Trumps monologues of invented reality can no longer function the way it did.. The presence of another Gemini personality could seem to effectively pull the stopper out from the closed up ideological mind space taken from the Goebbels school of political propaganda and updated by Alexandr Dugin the mastermind of the propaganda machinery behind the Trumpist scientology.

Significantly, one of Trump’s first reactions to the appointment of Kamala Harris as candidate for the Vice Presidency was: “She lied. She said things that weren’t true’ possibly meaning that she was the one that started the lying in the election campaign. In terms of the methodology of this aspect between Trump at 23° and Harris at 25°Gemini Trump’s attacks on Harris must naturally reach Harris from her 12th House meaning from her back.

However – Trump’s attempt to accuse someone of his own methods is also symptomatic of the fact that the closeness of these positions which are no more than 2° apart seems to leave Trump less space to unfold his wording uncontradicted.

D — Both have Mars in the Leo

Like Trump Kamala Harris was born with Mars in Leo. The aggressive, hostile to life and all-consuming dynamics of Mars the planet of warfare, speed, aggression, unicellular beings and of the strife for dominance in Leo the sign of profile neurosis therefore no longer appears to be reserved for Trump alone. 

Her Mars position at 21 degrees Leo and in house 12 of Trumps birth chart is in such a position where it is her job to push Trump from behind.

And Harris` Mars must probably be particularly heavy for Trump – since Mars in Leo represents the indicator of models of male role behavior that demand absolute dominance over competitors but this time against an opponent for which Mars is not active as a representative of her gender-specific role. 

The close proximity of Mars to Trumps Ascendant (Ego) seems to make his being subject to the fulfillment of a super-aggressive, dominant role model appear like a severe handicap to dealing with anything else but his personal sphere of interest.

In the following video Trump appears to feel the urge to openly dominate the Prime Minister of Montenegro and an entire group of representatives of smaller European nations`at a NATO summit in May 2017.

The other politicians seem to ignore the malice of Trumps behavior while the dignity of the represented nations is openly offended. Several double-bind messages are send out to the world here: the destruction of friendly relationships with the insulted nations, the rude and arrogant disregard and abuse of other nations through the representative of the American people, Trumps aim to make his business through openly suppressing the dignity of other nations and their people in the name of the USA.

Trump at the NATO meeting in May 2017: Because of the aggressiveness of his mental health problems,

The scene is symptomatic of Mars in House 12 in close proximity to the Ascendant in Trump’s horoscope: dealing with humans is reduced to marking them as objects and servants for the purposes of the dominance of what is presented to the world as the Ego of the United States of America. Through trump every contact becomes a territorial confrontation. What is really surprising is that Trump uses his office as representative of the American people in a way that really harms the face of US american society and culture as if to want to openly send out a long – term impression of the decadence of US society.

The scene ended in Trumps pose of presenting his face to the public pretending that the violation of the territory and the friendly relations with other nations should be considered a great progress in American history.

E — Jupiter on Trump’s MC and Saturn on his DC

The position of Jupiter (Guru) of Kamala Harris stands on mid-heaven (MC) in Trump’s birth chart giving her the natural status of factual superiority in regard to evaluation of matters, intellectual thinking, critical review of information and the long-term effects and efficiency of the outcome of decisions.

The interplay of Kamala Harris` Saturn position on Trumps DC and her Jupiter on his MC – makes her appear as a kind of spiritual superior an boss. It also reflects the different standards in the level of education. This is because MC and DC are to be evaluated as the significators of the dealing with external relationships.

F — Harris` Sun and Moon square to Trump’s Venus-Saturn conjunction

The Role of Women in Venus – Saturn conjunctions

The Sun in Kamala Harris birth chart at 27° Libra and the Moon at 28°Aries are both in a square to the Venus-Saturn conjunction (topics of slavery, prostitution, exploitation, empoverishment, starvation) at 23°-26°Cancer in Trumps birth chart which explains his patterns in love relationships, his vision of women and the outcome of his ways of making fast money at the costs of others. Saturn overshadows Venus binding the female role to a situation of slavery, financial need, duty, obligations, being bought and sold in habitual prostitution.

The overall image delivered by this confrontation of planetary positions explains Kamala Harris unwillingness to compromise in regard to the belief systems propagated by the bankrupt billionaire caste represented by the Trump archetype. One question here is: will Trumps advisors be able to stop him from spreading sexual insults against Kamala Harris and how far will he go?

In how far does Trumps Saturn-Venus conjunction in house 11 indicate the bankruptcy of the nation

This astrological question has to be discussed in depth. Yes George Washington was born with a Venus – Saturn conjunction between houses 11 and 12.

But in George Washingtons chart Saturn was the ruler of house 10 relating to his job and public responsibility. And Saturn was under the rulership of Mars in house 7 indicating that the Venus-Saturn situation of suffering and empoverishment (Venus – Saturn conjunction) that George Washington had to deal with was caused by the military attack of an enemy.

astrology and astrogeography of Washington
Birth chart for George Washington born on 22 February 1732 at 10:00 at Pope`s Creek, Virginia

This momentum is completely different in the case of the corrupted Saturn in Trumps birth chart:

In Trumps natal chart Saturn represents the ruler of house 5 the house of one´s own kingdom and self-centering – the important playground so to say for the self-expression of the personality of Trump´s ascendant in Leo the sign of self-centeredness. In his case Saturn as indicator of his motives as a political leader (Saturn) and of a situation of heavy loads and financial depression appears to be created through the expenses for the purposes of the personality of the President aka his 4 years of election campaigning at the cost of the efficient preparation of the government for the hard times to come.

The ruler of Trumps Saturn is Mercury the planetary indicator of meking use of occasions for one´s own interests and in house 11 the house of self-finding and fleeing in a constellation known for its reflexes of experimenting with permanent changes of direction in order to pretend formal flexibility.

The most expensive of Trumps investments of the financial resources of the American People into his own election campaign surely was his policy aimed at heating up the Covid 19 pandemic instead of attempting to control it. This was achieved through constant change of direction in his policies, giving out of contradictory messages and not sticking to the measures ordered as a president.

Trump and the Presidential Elections
Donald Trump birth chart with transits during the closing of the polling stations in Alaska after the November 3 2020 Presidential Elections. The Pandemic Pluto-Saturn conjunction of January 12 2020 occurred in opposition to the Venus – Saturn conjunction in Trumps birth chart. This opposition will be joined by Jupiter the planet of victory during the elections.

The “Pandemic Pluto-Saturn conjunction” of January 12 2020 occurred in opposition to the Venus – Saturn conjunction in Trumps birth chart. This opposition will be joined by Jupiter the planet of growth during the elections indicating that the elections are held to relief the nation from the destructive and costly burden of Trumps corrupted Saturn.

An astrological analysis has to consider how, where and when the presence of the square between Kamala Harris Sun and Moon positions and the Saturn-Venus conjunction in the election campaign works to bring question of the effects of Trumps Venus-Saturn conjunction on the table.

G — The Moon – Mars Trine

The harmonious trine aspect between Kamala Harris Moon position in Aries the sign of warfare and Mars the planet of warfare in Trumps chart was quite unexpected. Especially because the significator of the female emotional role in her chart is in a positive aspect with his Mars (male role pattern) position.

In regard to the election campaign this aspect may be stimulative for both though it has to be doubted that Trump`s handicaps could stop him from reducing the handling of his Mars position to its most primitive aspects.

Since Harris Saturn is simultaneously in exact opposition to Trump’s Mars, one can assume that Trump’s attempts to demonstrate his claim to power by peeing markers of territorial claims in disputes with Kamala Harris will cost him considerably more votes than it can bring him.

This brings up a picture in which Harris takes the authority of the Motherly Spirit (Moon) who has set out into a male domain (on the penultimate degree of Aries) to fight the oppression of female identity and potentials through patterns of role-specific-behavior between men and women as paschas and servants

Trump’s strategy to suppress the rather modest Democratic nominee Joe Biden with his castration rhetoric (Little Joe) in the run-up to the election is thus contradicted by the mere presence of Kamala Harris in the election campaign.

For a deeper observation of Trumps method of dealing with male competition consider also the charisma of Trump’s castrated vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence.

H — Kamala Harris as Vice-President: Moon at 28°Aries at the inauguration of the next US President

Since the Sun of the inauguration chart represents the new President the moon reflects the Vice President.

Astrologie, Astrogeographie und Horoskope USA, US Präsidenten
Inauguration of the US President on January 20, 2021 at 12:00 in Washington with transits in the birth chart of Kamala Harris

During the inauguration of the new president on Jan 20, 2021 the Moon will be at 28°Aries exactly conjunct the Moon position in Harris birth chart.

This, too, can be seen as a clear expression of the fact that the vice-presidential candidate can play an important role in supporting to overcome the schism of the American nation and the civil war-like conditions created by the Trumpist propaganda machinery.

Part 2 – The Davison Relationship Chart between Harris and Trump

The chart of the Coup D´Etat attempted by the Trump Pascha religion and of the cruelty of its belief system

The planetary positions in the Davison Relationship Chart between Kamala Harris and Donald Trump are far more than just a horoscope of an individual relationship or a merely personal confrontation of candidates in the election campaign. I suggest that it should be read as a symptomatic image of the overall political situation of the USA on the climax of the first return of Pluto (after 248 years) to his position from the foundation of the USA.

The unbelievably strong and clear planetary constellations in this chart show the extremely important role of the the democratic candidate for the Vice Presidency Kamala Harris in this election. She is not the decisive candidate for her share in the rhetorical game play or the strategies planned to defeat the Trump Pascha Religion in tricky arguments.

On the contrary: astrologically speaking it is her share to represent Saturn and Neptune as the authentic information of the long-term factual reality that has been suppressed by the behavior of the sociopaths playing government in front of the whole world without ever sincerely speaking out from with heartfelt compassion on a single occasion.


The planetary positions deliver an archetypal symbolic image of the clashes between:

  • different generations: the Uranus in Gemini generation and the Pluto-Uranus in Virgo generation
  • the Pascha archetype and independent successful women
  • billionaires and the poor
  • money jugglers and low-wage workers
  • the appeal for European Racial Supremacy and the Multiethnic reality of a nation of refugees
  • a central government that attacks the sovereign rights of the Federal States
  • a state cult reduced to the worship of the ego of a President and one that takes the constitution and civil rights as its highest treasure
  • the Russian and Chinese geo-strategical spheres of interest against the geo-strategical gains made through the terror alliance with Saudi Arabia under the George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton agendas between 2001 and 2015
  • and more……

The Chart

I happened to start working on the English version of this article on 18 August 2020 – 65 years after the date of the half-time between the births of Donald Trump and of Kamala Harris on 18 August 1955, the date for which the Davison Relationship Chart is calculated.

USA präsidentschaftswahlkamp
Davison Relationship Horoscope for the half-term between Kamala Harris and Donald Trump calculated for August 18, 1955 with a half-sum ascendant at 27° Cancer

The planets in the Davison Chart between Kamala Harris and Donald Trump are focused on four core areas:

  • Uranus the planet of revolution exactly conjunct the ascendant stands for a situation that clearly points at a Coup D`Etat attempted by the President and at the same time the attempt of the opposition to get rid of the current president.
  • It is often argued by astrologers that houses 1 and 2 – occupied here by 8 planets stand for the older (Trump) of two individuals in compatibility charts. To some extent that could make sense here, though I do not follow that opinion. I mention this here to document that many astrologers might tend to argue that the Coup D`Etat is clearly to be expected by Donald Trump.
  • 7 personality planets including Pluto are located between houses 1 and 2 the house of occupation, possession and exploitation of territory which indicates an escalation of a territorial conflict for possession of the the capital and the presidency.
  • The non-subjective, long-term effective planets Neptune and Saturn in House 4 (the constellation of pneumonia) the house of motherhood, inheritance, family life and the American People. The positions of Neptune and Saturn in house 4 show the subjugation, suffering, depressive situation, paralysis, insecurity, dependence, intoxication of the population and the spreading of crisis disease in the national morphic field after 4 years of Trump rule and 8 months of the Presidents efficient work of spreading the Covid 19 pandemic. Neptune and Saturn therefore stand for the long-term effects of the crisis caused by the Trump presidency making them subject to major topics for the democratic party.
  • Chiron at 2°Aquarius (the sign of Uranus) stands at the descendant in exact square to the 2°Taurus Resonance Coordinate of  Moscow as well as in opposition to the 3°Leo resonance coordinate of Beijing explaining this aspect as an important influence from the side of the democratic party.

Jupiter Square Saturn

The position of the ruthlessly expansive, profit orientated Jupiter position in House 1 in Leo the sign of self-centeredness is in a nearly exact square aspect to Saturn in Scorpio in House 4 in the constellation of pneumonia and Covid 19.

What we see here is again a severe corruption of Saturn the indicator of government institutions through an active attack from a Jupiter that nears house 2 the house of territorial control. This constellation directly points at attempts of the government to manipulate the elections by any means possible.

This planetary conflict explains how much Trump’s activity is aimed at aggressive destabilization of the national situation and to fight against effective attempts to control the pandemic through constant changes of direction aimed at corrupting the measures taken by the Federal State authorities.

This reflects the full situation in which the Pascha President in full territorial control of the situation acts at the expense of the population and the national morphic field regardless of their situation.

The extreme ruthlessness of the massive accumulation of planets in house 2, the place of striving for dominance over territory and financial resources, is a well-known phenomenon in astrology. Saturn and Neptune in house 4, the house of the population (people) stands for the depression triggered by the president’s constant coup attempt aimed at destabilizing and destroying the political institutions.

Neptune as an indicator of the receptiveness to infection processes (see my series of articles on Covid 19) and Saturn as the indicator of factual reality in House 4 are the clear indicators of the Covid19 pneumonia, impoverishment, the financial depression and the resulting lack of food.

The astrological polarity between Jupiter the planet of preaching, targeting, mental religion and rhetorical propaganda in house 1 and in Leo the sign of absolutism and profile neurosis and Saturn in Scorpio the sign of death in house 4 explains Trumps permanent activity of targeting the public through a daily presentation of attacks on all kinds of Saturn principles: factual reality, the death toll, infection rate, measures taken to control the pandemic, federal governments who manage to achieve some control over the pandemic, the opposition, independent thinking, critical media and the quality press.

It is an interesting linguistic parallel that brings me to Trumps method of “scape-goating” Saturn through the daily whining about the fact that effective, long-term, factual reality appears to always be in a square position and in the way to his the imaginary Jupiter of the Trump Pascha religion.

Any serious astrological judgement from the point of view of Saturn and Neptune (rulers of effects, fate and karma) can only come to the conclusion that Trump clearly aims at further spreading and heating up the pandemic instead of attempting to contain it. Effectively making sure that the regular fuller autumn/winter outbreaks in the Northern hemisphere cannot be contained in a country which unlike other rich nations couldn`t even contain the pandemic in summer.

An expression of Jupiter in Leo in house 1 square to Saturn in Scorpio in house 4: Trump keeps imagining that he controls the virus and without taking over responsibility for resolutely fighting back the virus.

Neptune and Saturn in House 4

Since Neptune at 26°Libra in house 4 (house of the people & nation) is exactly conjunct the sun position from Kamala Harris birth chart at 27°Libra it can be concluded that it is her role in the election campaign to represent the point of view of the population, the suffering

ative the indicator of spirituality, sustainability, long-term effects and factor aimed at the awareness of self-healing of the national morphic field and the American nation. of the morphic field (minorities) in House 4, it is also easy to get to a situation where Trump fires a lynch mob at her personally or the brutal gangs he has set up on their supporters.

This corresponds to the treatment of minorities (Neptune) since Neptune is built in fascist groups as a common enemy in order to give the leader and the group hierarchy the justification.

A —- The Davison Chart “Trump vs. Harris” is a holistic description of the backgrounds of the 2020 presidential election

The contact between Harris and Trump is a competitive situation between the two individuals in the Presidential elections or rather the “Battle for the White House” in 2020.

The exclusive concentration of personal planets on House 2 shows that everything in the Trumpist agenda is about territorial conflicts and the aim of making personal profits.

This includes the division of American society that has been enforced enforced by the US president over 5 or more years and its escalation triggered by Trump’s handling of the situation after the killing of George Floyd on May 25 just in time for the presidential campaign. Here, like in nearly all other fields the deepening of the division of society was the main outcome of Trumps demagoguery and therfore it has to be evaluated as its actual intention.

In regard to the perpetual discussion of whether the splitting of society was intended by Trump, one can say – that from an astrological point of view the result (Saturn) must always be regarded as the intention of the person acting. This is of course especially true in situations where an individual officially acts on behalf of a group or nation. As president, Trump is politically responsible for the escalation of street violence and the ever-increasing demonstrations after the killing of George Floyd.

B —- A conjunction of 7 planets related to house 1 and 2 as a territorial conflict

The central aspect of the Davison Chart between Harris and Trump is a conjunction of 7 planets with an extremely aggressive and violent conjunction of Sun-Mars and Pluto between 24° and 26°Leo at its very center. The symptomatic topics to be examined in relation to this aspect are the strife for absolute power and dominance, murder, paranoia, terror, suicide and fighting with any possible means of destruction and in a the poisoned atmosphere that resembles a palace conspiracy in a Middle-Eastern Sultanate but not a democratic election.

Kamala Harris vs. Donald Trum in Presidential Elections 2020
The Davison Relationship Chart between Kamala Harris and Donald Trump has 8 planets between houses 1 and 2 including the planetary rulers of the ascendant (Moon), midnight sky (Venus) and mid-heaven (Mars) showing that the relationship is about a territorial conflict

The fact that this combination of planets falls nearly exactly on the 27°Leo Resonance Coordinate of Washington explains the situation as a battle for the territorial control over the capital, the White House and the Presidency.

The conjunction of these planets with the position of Washington is also conjunct Trumps Mars at 26°Leo and Ascendant at 29°Leo explaining a war fought over Trumps personal identification with the appeal for the superiority and absolute power over Washington.

Together with the position of Uranus the planet of revolution on the ascendant this constellation is a clear indication of a Coup D`Etat attempted by the current President and the followers of the Trump Pascha Religion.

C — Two candidates with Mars in Leo

As the ruler of the mid-heaven Mars represents the decisive factor in the relationship between the 2 candidates. Mars position in house 2 explains the territorial conflict as its main issue.

The Mars position from Harris birth chart at 21°Leo resonates with the position of Venus at 21°Leo right in the center of a conjunction of 7 planets in the Davison Chart. As the ruler over Neptune and Saturn in house 4 the house of the nation and the people this Venus position indicates that Kamala Harris part in the conflict, is to defend and fight for the rights (Venus) of the actual owners of the White House which is the suffering population (Neptune and Pluto in House 4) against the super-conjunction of terror (Mars-Sun-Pluto) around Trump’s birth-Mars at 26°Leo.

Technically it can be assumed that the earlier planet (Harris Mars at 21°Leo vs. Trumps Mars at 26°Leo). This means that Harris Mars act from Trumps 12th house and will be triggered and activated earlier in all chronological processes. This explains Harris role to reveal and handle Trumps methods an aims.

D — Confrontation of Generations

In political astrology relationship charts between individual candidates deliver the opportunity to investigate the conflicts between different generations through the transit positions of the more distant planets Pluto, Neptun, Uranus, Saturn, Chiron that deliver information about the long-term, extra-subjective level of processes of the development of the “Zeitgeist”.

What we are dealing with here is the confrontation between the Pluto in Leo (Emperors of Terror – 1938-56) with Neptune in Libra (Paralysis through peaceful relationships – 1942-56) generation of Donald Trump and the Pluto – Uranus conjunction (self-liberation, cultural revolution) in Virgo (from economical dependence & slavery – 1962-69) with Neptune in Scorpio (holistic transformation – 1956 -70) generation of Kamala Harris.

Pluto in Leo and the period of the megalomania of the Emperors of Terror between 1938 and 1956

The founder of the Trump Pascha religion was born in 1946 with Pluto the indicator of the strife for dominance and absolute power at 10° in self-centered, emotional fire sign Leo the sign of the sun, centralism, absolutism, lack of authentic self-esteem and the sign of profile neurosis. Pluto in imperial sign Leo stands for era of the Emperors of Terror (Hirohito, Hitler, Stalin) and their competition for the most powerful and impressive personality ever in regard to the impact on history left by an individual. The apparent winners of that race must have been the emperors (Leo) of terror and slaughterhouses (Pluto) aka Hitler and Stalin.

Astrology and Astrogeography of Czech republic and Slovakia
On the European stage the Pluto ingress into Leo was followed by the Munich Agreement signed by Hitler, Chamberlain, Daladier and Mussolini on September, 30 1938 at 1:30 in Munich, Bavaria the place of the foundation of the Hitler party NSDAP. It officially allowed the unhindered armament of Nazi Germany and the German occupation of Czechoslovakia paving the way for Hitlers next aims: the attacks on Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, France and the whole of continental Europe one year later.

On the European stage the Pluto ingress into Leo was followed by the Munich Agreement signed by Hitler, Chamberlain, Daladier and Mussolini on September, 30 1938 at 1:30 in Munich.This Treaty finished with the Treaty of Versailles, officially allowing the unhindered armament of Nazi Germany and the German occupation of Czechoslovakia to pave the way for Hitlers next aims: the attacks on Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, France and the whole of continental Europe one year later. The 2nd half of the Pluto transit in Leo form 1946 to 1956 in which Trump was born saw the unhindered expansion of another emperor (Leo) of terror (Pluto): Josef Stalin.

Pluto – Uranus conjunction Virgo

The decade of the Pluto-Uranus conjunction brought a global cultural revolution (Uranus) that dealt with long-term issues of impediments of individual, social and political development through the effects of patterns of role behavior in the relationship between women and men (Pluto).

In contrast to the unhindered unfolding of Plutos strife for dominance during the era of his transit in Leo Pluto`s impacts were seriously questioned due to his conjunction with Uranus the planet of individualism, anti-centralism and centrifugal forces, anti-royalism, self–liberation, self-finding, rebellion and revolution.

The position of this constellation in Virgo the sign of slavery, financial dependence, reason, health, ecology and the protection of life explains the shift of ideologies and the Zeitgeist from the tehe

D — Uranus conjunct the Ascendant in house 1

The ascendant of a Davison Chart is determined through calculation of the half-sum between the two ascendants. It defines the basis and starting point of the personal relationship.

In this case the 24° Gemini (= 84°) Ascendant of Kamala Harris meets with the 29°Leo (= 149°) AC of Donald Trump making a half-sum Ascendant of 27°Cancer (= 117°) in the Davison Chart Ascendant. The zodiac degree of 27° Cancer is known as a degree with the impact of rejection, abortion, separation, leaving an infertility.

Uranus in conjunction with the Ascendant clearly points at the aim of a Coup D Etat. Several astrological schools use a technique that sees the older of the 2 Representatives in a Davison Chart as the AC ruler. This means that they would clearly see Trump as the activist that attempts a Coup D` Etat. I suggest a more differentiated method of judgement here. But have to added here that as the current President Trump is the factual ruler over house 2 or the White House in Washington he and his personality cult have to be taken as the origin of the extremely self-destructive, violent, brutal aspects of the war that has to be expected in Washington.

From the point of view of Kamala Harris this Uranus position means:  attempting to get rid of a tyrant who is expected to try to take over the Presidency with Mars (26°Leo) and Ascendant (29°Leo) in conjunction with Washington (27°Leo) as an absolutist ruler by all possible means even through martial law.

From Trump’s point of view, the coup means:  Uranus on the ascendant indicates Trumpsattempt of a Coup D`Etat aimed at the prolongation of his presidency in the style of a Putin or Erdogan and through abandoning the constitution. His Mars and Ascendant position on the Sun-Mars-Pluto conjunction from the Davison Chart and over Washington explain his method as an attempt to replace the political system of the United States through an autocracy of his personality cult.

E — There are different approaches to an interpretation routine of Davison Charts

It is important to understand that single technical approaches to interpretations of charts are short-cuts to different the levels of meaning that are part of the holistic picture presented by the chart. But they can not and should not replace the abstract consideration of the holistic image of the process depicted by a chart.

This also applies to methods that divide the horoscope into older and younger, male and female, dominant and inferior partners by assignment to the right and left or the upper and lower halves (or vice versa) of a chart..

The methodological error lies in putting individual aspects against or above the actual systemical parameters of the chart.