Testing a Covid 19 nosode in astrological homeopathy

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A homeopathic Covid 19 Nosode

Testing a Covid 19 nosode in astrological homeopathy

Testing a Covid 19 nosode in astrological homeopathy. Astrology, homeopathy & self-healing: preventive strategies of self-treatment

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Testing a Covid 19 nosode in astrological homeopathy

The 2nd Wave

My impression of the situation at the early stage of the 2nd wave in October 2021 is that what came true now is something that has been explained by the top expert where I live already in March. He thought that the 2nd wave acts not only through spreading the virus to new individuals but even more through the coming up of symptoms at all places at the same time as many people carrying the virus begin spreading it when their defense system gets under stress during the colder season.

The Climax of the Covid 19 pandemic between Nov 14, 2020 and May 2021

Astrologically we have to be aware that the climax phase of the 2nd wave will be effective when Mars as a major stimulating factor of inflammatory processes will turn direct on November 14 – in 3 weeks that is. As for the Northern hemisphere the astrological assumption from this Mars transit has to be that its climax phase can not be expected to end before the Mars ingress into cardinal sign Cancer on April 23, 2021.

The Mars in Taurus period from January 7 can be expected to bring the allowance of vaccinations and a certain progress from vaccination especially fro the hospital personnel which is bound to receive daily quantities and at some occasions possibly even larger quantities of the virus.

But of course – vaccinations cannot be expected to simply terminate the wave. Vaccinations can only be one measure in the holistic global reorientation process that we are in – which deals with the self-destruction of humanity and ist inability to organize the solidarity and cooperation of humanity in the terrestrial morphic field in order to stop the poisoning of our waters, atmosphere and earth and the destruction of nature.

My interpretation of whats currently going on with myself, family, clients is that many, many people have been carrying the virus already with developing mild or suppressed symptoms for months. But since colder weather takes over now and our defense systems get under stress people begin spreading the virus again and in larger quantities than during summer.

And while our defense systems seem to attempt cleaning processes of our organisms through developing the symptoms and suppressing them again and again. And as the virus keeps mutating it keeps us busy with self cleaning processes through milder forms of inflammations. As our systems simply do not get rid of the virus (which my impression is seems to stay in small quantities) what helps is to stimulate the liver and kidney functions to help them clean the blood in order to help the defense system fight the virus.

At the same time symptomizing the infection helps humans to reflect the discrepancies between their mental and the emotional bodies and do the “karmic work” to relativize their habitual patterns of perception and behavior. From the psychosomatic perspective and the point of view of Saturn as the astrological resonator of effective reality and in holistic astrology as such that is the eternal, nerver-ending natural process through which viruses and bacteria are an essential part of the “Zeitgeist” at any time.

Preventive Self treatment with astrological homeopathy

As a preventive basic self-treatment from the point of view of Astrological Homeopathy I`m recommending a small combination dedicated at helping our psychosomatic processes to release blocks related to the 4 systemical outer planets:

  • Aconitum 30X 3 x week (Neptune)
  • Coffea 30C 2 x week (Uranus)
  • Panna 30X 3 x week (Pluto)
  • Nux vomica 30X 3 x week (Saturn)
  • As a stimulator of discharge of old belief systems and psychological dependence: Medorrhinum 30C (Moon-Pluto)

Of course a consideration of the individual birth chart will allow a far more precise understanding of the individual constitution and selection of homeopathic remedies adjusted to the individual through sourcing out the individual constitutional remedies. But this already is a useful, balanced and easy to digest method to begin with.

Such self – treatment should help the system in dealing with all kinds of viruses without heating up inflammatory processes. And of course milk products and cereals should be reduced to support the blood cleaning.

The combination of Arsenicum album C 30 with Gelsemium C 30 is used by doctors worldwide for treatment of acute cases of Covid 19.

The combination of Arsenicum album C 30 with Gelsemium C 30 is used by doctors worldwide for treatment of acute cases of Covid 19.

It can be taken as a preventive measure too – in that case it is taken 4 x in one month. In milder acute cases of fever it can be given 1 x on 3 consecutive days.

The Covid 19 homeopathic Nosode as a helper in the “zeitgeist treatment” – my personal experience

After a month of basic self- treatment of the 4 outer planets as described above other remedies can be selected and added to the self-treatment. One helpful preventive remedy is the Covid 19 Nosode. It can even be considered for be used in the treatment of mild symptoms – especially in regard to the typical respiratory distress symptoms under the Covid 19 infection and also under stress from the effects of the disease that is reflected through the local and/or global morphic field or comon unconscious.

Inside the European Union it can be ordered from various producers. I personally have tested the product from the Metatron Pharmacy in Vienna (Austria) – of which my impression is very positive. It really helped me and a number of healing professionals I talked to in confronting and overcoming certain reflexes of fear of what we had felt as unknown, incalculable, unwieldy, occult or potentially dangerous aspects of the Covid 19 archetypal image, information, spirit or “demon”. I tested the product in the following way – which I am used to for testing remedies:

  • Covid 19 Nosode in 30C (1-3 x week) and
  • Covid 19 Nosode in 200C (every 2 weeks)
  • Covid 19 Nosode in 1000C (every 3-4 weeks)
Medical astrology and homeopathy: the covid 19 nosode
A homeopathic Covid 19 Nosode

My personal experience with testing the Covid 19 Nosode:

I had to walk 3-4 kilometres to fetch the letter that the remedies had come with.

The first thought I had when taking the Covid 19 nosode in C 30 was a strong feeling of disillusion. It made me feel that the remedy and also the virus were nothing special and that homeopathy itself is simply nothing special at all. Though homeopathy has been really important for me over 35 years now – the reality of taking this remedy made me sort of feel that it is not about magic but about simple everyday life.

So walked home thinking about stuff and went to buy a bottle of wine at a supermarket. after some time I noticed a euphoria – but one that was uncommon to me. I have to say that due to my suffering from a Sun-Jupiter cj. in Aquarius I have gone through quite some experience of loosing of energy through euphoria about inspiration and stuff. But still this euphoria came in a place where I wasn`t subject to loosing awareness in the first place. It was more like a burden had fallen off of me that I had carried for a longer time. Analyzing that I though that the burden that had fallen off wasn´t the fear of Covid 19 but the habitual perception, routine and attitude of the last months and even those related to the positive, spectacular and intense experience of the Covid 19 lock down earlier this year.

After an hour or two I felt a flashback that seemed to take me right back to the experience from another homeopathic remedy I had tested about 3 months ago: Oxytocin – a birth and breast-feeding hormone. My wife who often tests remedies together with me experienced the same flashback a week later. This also confirmed my assumption that the astrological simile of the Covid 19 effects on humans is strongly related to the aspects of the Moon with Saturn, Uranus and/or Pluto. With Moon-Saturn representing the most important planetary constellation in pneumonia and tuberculosis.

From the first day I went deeper into having to deal with two major physical issues that I notoriously have. To be more precise: I actually did not develop any new symptoms at all. But I found that I could not neglect these issues after having taken the Covid 19 Nosode. The symptoms were really heavy in the first days – which I found that really too much in the start. But that was of course my own resistances against the healthy changes. The symptoms were:

  • a healthy sensitivity for the regular symptoms and problems i have with overloading my stomach fro the first day which I identified as the typical habit of drinking too much coffee, using too much spice and simply eating too much.
  • Problems of backache from working (writing and consulations) too much in a sitting position. Had to stay in bed to release the tension for 3 days.

While I kept taking the C 30 remedy for three consecutive days with the typical effect that the relaxed euphoria I had developed in the beginning sort of turned into a habitual state of feeling awake and not coming down which I call the manic euphoria. I went though the typical mental game play of the thrill of having had that special experience of letting go of some old energies but without really being able to continue. So on the fourth day I went through the typical coming down depression that brought me back down an made me wonder if the C 30 is the best dilution to start with. C 30 seemed more physical and primitive so to say.

So I waited 3 days to take the C 200 and another 7 days for the C 1000. These were short periods – but I felt that with the climax of the 2nd Covid 19 wave being ahead so soon I wanted to keep on testing.

The C 200 did not trigger new euphoria – but it reconnected me with the stomach sensitivity experience reminding me that I need to give up the coffee drug.

I am not aware of having developed any really notable symptoms that are seen as symptomatic of Covid 19. I had no cough nor fever. I had sensations of heat that came and went. I had moments when i thought the virus might come up – but have had such feelings coming and going since February.


On the physical plane – the Covid 19 Nosode appears to be a helpful homeopathic vaccination, as it seems to help us take more care for our actual physical needs and give up habits that destroy our health. This homeopathic vaccination does not make us immune to the virus. It is not aimed at that. It prepares our unconscious and helps our system in dealing with the effects of already existing or future infections by stimulating the momentum that awakes our defense system. It so helps us in dealing with all kinds of infections.After all taking the remedy seems to have stimulated and set free my motivation for a reconnective healing process on different levels of my being. Especially it has stimulated the belief in listening to what my body tells me, and to what is needed. I feel that as a re-centering emotion which makes it feel good and positive.

Can the Covid 19 Nosode stop symptoms?

Yes and no. If symptoms are stopped after taking homeopathy It is not the the remedy that stops symptomizing – it is our own system that does. That has to be understood!!Homeopathic remedies do contain negative information. That means if a virus is diluted to an extent where it has long, long, long ceased to exist – and this is the homeopathic method of preparation of remedies – the information is created that the virus is gone. So though the virus is not gone – and it factually is still there in our system the information is given that it can be gone.That allows an information or inspiration to the creativity of the defense system to imagine that the virus can be fought and the infection be overcome.

Which symptoms may be stopped by the Covid 19 nosode?

My impression is that the Covid 19 Nosode can be tested and examined in regard to its potential of being particularly helpful in releasing traumatic issues:

  • fears and depression from the Covid 19 phase and the Zeitgeist
  • paralysis of the sense organs and the respiratory tract
  • esp. the traumatic effects from respiratory distress symptoms
  • disturbances of the sense of taste after the infection

On homeopathic self-treatment

Astrological consultation practice

Homeopathic self-treatment is aimed at: an overall self-treatment of karmic issues, stimulation of solutions and growth, leaving karmic issues behind, strengthening self-esteem, supporting self-centering and trusting in one´s own intuition, stimulating self-healing, supporting our performance in job and career, becoming more aware of the psychological reflexes and mechanisms through which  karmic blocks of development work, learning to endure success as well as “mistakes”, learning to handle and live more of our potentials.

Astrological consultation practice

I recommend in principle the homeopathic self treatment supervised by a doctor or healer. Many healers, doctors, psychologists and other people who have studied and practiced healing consult me to get this Astrological Homeopathy birth chart analysis in order to use it as a solid basis for treatment in combination with other types of therapies.

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