Bighorn Medicine Wheel in Capricorn and Aries

The Bighorn Medicine Wheel in Capricorn and Aries. Astrology, sacred places, native american history & shamanism: the astrogeographical position of Bighorn medecine wheel 

Bighorn Medicine Wheel, Lovell, Wyoming

The Medicine Wheel/Medicine Mountain National Historic Landmark according to the Sacred Destinations article thought to be up to 700 years old is located in Bighorn National Forrest near Lovell, Wyoming. The wheel is 23 m in diameter and has 28 spokes.

Astrogeographical position for morphogenetic field level 4 which describes the atmosophere and energetical topics of place itself: the midpoint of the medecine wheel is located exactly on the point of the winter solstice and cardinal degree of 0° in the solid, conservative earth sign Capricorn the sign of control, governements, rules and regulations, state cult, tradition and stability of the tribal hierarchy and rulership.  This position is so exact here that it can be compared to a number of examples where extensive work has been done by geomants to examine places in order to determine important spots of resonance. The degree of the winter solstice indicates that a resonance is created with the seasons of the year and particularly focused on the spirit of winter and the north.

Here are some examples:  The Palm Jumeirah, The Little Mermaid as a Guardian, The Guardian Fountains on Place de la Concorde, Golden Gate Bridge and the entrance into Capricorn on its south end, Fushima-Inari-Taisha and the gate at 0° Capricorn,

The second coordinate is located in the first decade of the dynamic fire sign Aries the sign of warfare which in case of temples and holy sites stands for reloading our physical, emotional and mental systems with the energies for strength, self – defense and decisive action.

In Marc Edmund Jones` Sabian Symbols the formula for 1° Capricorn is : “An indian chief demanding recognition”. This symbol describes the focus on personal and social responsibility that is so typical for this part of the zodiac. In the light of this aspect the site of the medicine wheel would be seen place for meditation, sacrifices and oracles for important decisions regarding the social group and particularly also for warfare. Temples in Aries were often used to bless soldiers and their weapons before going to war and also for important oracles before war campaigns. The Oracle of Delphi is an importan example for the function of places is Aries for such oracles.

The centre of the wheel is focused on the resonance with the important degree of 0° Capricorn so that the east half of the wheel lies in Capricorn. This means that the west half of the wheel falls in Sagittarius the sign and most important astrological indicator of shamanism and apart from that of time measurement. This is a definite astrological indication that apart from other functions the wheel has been created here as a site for initiations and possibly even for observation of the daily and yearly cycle of Sun, Moon and Stars (compare: Stonehenge).

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