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The Western Wall is located in Cancer with Libra ph: Golasso, GFDL

Cancer and Libra: The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

Cancer and Libra: The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Astrology and astrogeography of the Wailing Wall on the Temple Mount

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A deeper astrogeographical investigation may come to the conclusion that the Wailing Wall is in some ways a more authentic temple than the area inside of the temple walls.

Wailing Wall in Jerusalem
The Wailing Wall is located in Cancer with Libra

The Wailing Wall or Western Wall separates the 8th century Al-Aksa Mosque on the site of the Temple of Solomon the first ever temple of the Jews, from the old city of Jerusalem. The wall is considered to represent the only remains of the original wall around Jewish Main Temple.

Astrology and astrogeography of Israel and Jerusalem
The Western Wall is located in Cancer with Libra
ph: Golasso, GFDL

Astrogeographical position of the Western Wall for morphogenetic field level 4 (exact adress) which describes the energetical topics of the building itself: one coordinate of the site is located in self-protective, emotional water sign Cancer the sign of the moon, motherhood, fertility, pregnancy, conception, the uterus, ancestors, emotional identity, individuality, authenticity and of feeling at home. Cancer represents the main resonator here for the role of the building as symbol for the lost temple, home, territorial rule over the Temple Mount and for the emotional trauma, pain, sadness and melancholy from Jewish history and everyday life too. In this sense the Wailing Wall represents a home for the Jewish people that connects them with the first Temple as a house and home for the past and presence of their religion. The self-protective associations in water sign Cancer may be reflected in the fact that the Western Wall forms a protected courtyard giving the place a self-centering energetical stability. Compare the relation of Cancer with shells and bunkers (London Tower, Submarine Base, Sea Shells, Flak Tower). The second coordinate of the wall is in service-orientated, courtly air sign Libra the sign of the openness, gates, angels, relationship, justice, peace and also of stage performances.

The combination of Libra with Cancer makes the site a place that functions as gate (Libra) to the home and ancestor line (Cancer) and a stopgap (Libra) for emotions felt or unfelt (Cancer). As the two signs are squares their coincidence naturally includes aspects in tension with each other.

The conflict between spirituality (Pisces) and financial profits (Taurus): at the Temple Mount

Even the legend of the allegedly violent cleansing of the Temple by Jesus Christ Just like any other projection contains the mistake of any attempt to dominate the Temple Mount.

As the sites within the Temple Walls have been occupied by Islamic Temples the Wailing Wall is also a symbol of a nation that is expelled from the access to its own temple. But that interpretation though it is of course very realistic does not mean that the loss of the site of the Mount of Rock is actually a deep loss for the spirituality of the Jewish religion. An deeper astrogeographical analysis has to take into account that the choice of the site of the Temple of Salomon had fallen onto an area for which the ambiguity and polarity between business (Taurus) and spiritual experience (Pisces) is actually symptomatic. This means that an unreflected dominance of a religion over the Temple Mount is in itself a fallacy and mistake. This is as valid for the aggressive territorial dominance of Islam over the temple site here as it is for the christian and Jewish religions: the loss of territorial control seems keep the gates to spirituality open here whereas the possession of territorial rights and rights of income overwrite and impede the access to the aspect of oneness of monotheism itself which had originally declared that all men are brothers and one.

The Dome of the Rock in Scorpio with Gemini

The Cave Under the Great Rock on Mount Moriah known as the Well of Souls is located in Scorpio with Gemini (Illustration from Stanley Lane-Poole‘s Picturesque Palestine, Sinai and Egypt, 1883.)

The Dome of the Rock was built in 691–92 CE at the order of Umayyad CaliphAbd al-Malik on the site of the Second Jewish Temple, destroyed during the Roman Siege of Jerusalem in 70 CE. The Foundation Stone the temple was built over bears great significance in the Abrahamic religions as the place where God  created the world and the first human, Adam. It is also believed to be the site where Abraham attempted to sacrifice his son, and as the place where God’s divine presence is manifested more than in any other place, towards which Jews turn during prayer. The site’s great significance for Muslims derives from traditions connecting it to the creation of the world and the belief that the Prophet Muhammad‘s Night Journey to heaven started from the rock at the center of the structure.

The Dome of the Rock is located in Scorpio with Gemini ph: Andrew Shivam ccbysa4.0 

Astrogeographical position of the Dome of the Rock for morphogenetic field level 4 (exact address) which describes the energetical topics of the building itself: one coordinate of the Dome of the Rock is located in solid, fixed water sign Scorpio sign of mental perception, defense, trauma, pain, death, graveyards, caves, the underworld, fortresses, hierarchy, dogma, ideology, creation of images, sculpting, copies and of foreign control. The 2nd coordinate lies in practical air sign Gemini the sign of sign-posts, intelligence, technology, information, road crossings, bridges, language, signs, lies, tricks, thieves and of bringing opposites together.

The combination of Scorpio with Gemini is an indication of the tendency to make up and project images, legends and symbols of dominance onto places. Important examples for such coincidences of historical events with places located in this sign combination are: the Tower of Babel and the site of the ambush where the castration of Uranus and Birth of Aphrodite was celebrated.