On the astrogeography of Carnac

On the astrogeography of Carnac. Astrology & Magical Places: an introduction to the analysis of the astrogeographical positions of the Carnac allignments Compare: Menhir du Champ Dolent in Aquarius-Sagittarius,  The sanctuary … Read More

The Sedona Vortex System in astrology

The Sedona Vortex System in astrogeography

The nervous system of any landscape has different aspects of energetical layers, grids and energy centers, chakras and or vortexes of subtle energy. My systemical astrological measurement of the morphogenetic surface field grid structures attempts to explore and recapitulate how single places are embedded in the overal field system, how they relate to the larger planetary grid system and which particular archetypal energetical stimulation affects them on a genotypic structural level.

Bighorn Medicine Wheel in Capricorn and Aries

The Bighorn Medicine Wheel in Capricorn and Aries. Astrology, sacred places, native american history & shamanism: the astrogeographical position of Bighorn medicine wheel. Related articles: The Palm Jumeirah, The Little … Read More