Virgo and Gemini – The Greenpeace Headquarters in Amsterdam

Virgo and Gemini – The Greenpeace Headquarters in Amsterdam. Astrology,, Ecology and places: the astrogeographical positions of the Greenpeace International headquarters in Amsterdam in the two mercury signs as an example for their resonance with ecology and protection of nature.

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photo: Phry license: ccsa3.0 The Greenpeace Headquarters in Amsterdam
The Greenpeace Headquarters in Amsterdam is located in Gemini with Virgo – photo: Phry license: ccsa3.0

Virgo and Gemini – The Greenpeace Headquarters in Amsterdam

The address of the headquarters of Greenpeace International is: Ottho Heldringstraat 5 1066 AZ Amsterdam. One coordonate of the site s located in practical air sign Gemini the sign of technology, practical solutions, intelligence, curiosity, going new ways, communication, learning, interfaces, road crossings, symbolic meaning, advertisment, media and presenting information. The green colour that is symbolic of the Greenpeace and the Green Party movements is the direct resonator of Gemini the sign of pubercy and being green – meaning being fresh, unbiased and neutral.

The 2nd coordinate lies in self-protective earth sign Virgo.sign of reason, health, medicine, protection of nature, gardening, parks, plants, herbal medicine, science of agriculture and spiritual entities of the realms of mother nature. Virgo like no other astrological principle seems to support the protection of health and of nature. . These coordinates are valid for morphogenetic radius/field level 3, which shows how the place is embedded in the surrounding area.
The combination of Virgo with Gemini is particularly interesting in relationship with Greenpeace because it indicates the presence of natural entities such as elves, dwarves, trolls and hobbits. Some astrologers may have expected the sign Aquarius for the location of the Greenpeace office, because Aquarius is the indicator of protest movements, rebellion and revolution, But this is not the case here..