The Charleston Shooting

Astrology, People, Places and Events: The Charleston Shooting and Aquarius as the sign of the victims

Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church  photo: Cal Sr, ccbysa2.0
Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church           photo: Cal Sr, ccbysa2.0

On the evening of June 17, 2015 at 21:05 nine people were murdered in a gun attack at the 199 year old Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church  in Charleston, South Carolina. According to the wiki article the church is the oldest African Methodist Episcopal Chrurch in the Southern US states and one of the United States’ oldest black churches and has long been a site for community organizing around civil rights. Because of the long tradition of the church as a place of the antifascist and antiracist movement the murder has the dimension of a politically motivated crime regardless of personal psychological motifs. The massacre is to be evaluated as an attack on the american constitution.


Astrological Chart for the Charleston Shooting on 17 june 2015, 21:05,
Astrological Chart for the Charleston Shooting on 17 june 2015, 21:05,Charleston, South Carolina

The astrological chart for the massacre shows an ascendant in the first degrees of  Capricorn which describes the act as an attempt to stop, terminate and put an end to the victims lives and prevent them from doing what they wanted to do. Saturn`s position in house 11 has the quality of a political rebellion while Pluto the ruler of house 11 due to his position in house 1 indicates personal motifs of extreme alertness and self-defense projected onto political issues.

Venus the ruler of midheaven was conjunct Jupiter in a constellation of envy, desire and reaching out for the unattainable in house 8 the house of foreign property while the Moon in Cancer in house 7 was in a constellation of intense yearning for compassion. This may explain why supposed murderer Dylann Roof spent more than an hour attending the bible class with the other 13 people before carrying out the massacre.

The conjunction of Mars with the Sun is to be judged as an extreme and explosive aspect of stimulation for a long-time accumulated hate and aggression here but because located in house six must be also seen as an indication for long-time planned and organized action,

As a house of prayer and communion with god was chosen for the attack the  event also has the quality of a religious war. In this sense the incident makes the possession of society by the capitalist lobbyists of the arm-production industries visble and is a clear indication that the “War on Terrorism” is part of the morphogenetical field in which the reasons for the incident have to be examined.

Comment: I agree that there is little to be achieved by blaming the use of flags or symbols. In fact any measure taken as a result of this incident looks like a mere alibi reaction in the first place making it part of that same corruption which the whole acceptance of permanent massacres in the country is based on. I hadn`t mentioned the 6°Gemini aspect yet – the “ultimate degree of black magic position” of Mercury in the house of fun (house 5): it points at the poker game mentality that the us political ethics are based on and is to be seen as an ultimate astrological indicator for white racists organisations, mentality and weapon production industry lobbyists. On a personal level it points ar the shooting and having fun mentality that dominates american society. This is why the political dimensions should be considered here: such murders are plain parts of promotion campaigns for the arms selling industries and are legally planned and organized by lobbyists

Astrogeographic position for field level 4 which describes the character of the church building itself: Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church has both coordinates in the centre of the highly rebellious, creative, innovative, spiritual air sign Aquarius the sign of the sky and heaven, self-finding, liberation, revolution and fight against slavery. As in many other cases Aquarius is to be seen as the definite natural indicator for victims and slaves of society here.

USA Birth Chart - Astrological Chart for the foundation of the USA on 4 July 1776, 17:10, Pittsburgh, PA
USA Birth Chart – Astrological Chart for the foundation of the USA on 4 July 1776, 17:10, Pittsburgh, PA

As can be seen the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church with both coordinates in Aquarius represents the Moon in Aquarius of the day of the Declaration of Independence from the British Empire. As the ruler of Cancer and because of the position of the gathering of the personal planets in Cancer the sign of english culture and inheritance the Moon in Aquarius is the central astrological significator and key to the understanding of the USA. The day of the Charleston massacre displays the most intense resonance between these to events:  On 17 June 2015 the Sun and Mars in Gemini were conjunct the “natal” position of Mars from the Declaration of Independence. This alone shows the high importance of the Charleston incident for the unsolved issues of the  process of self-finding of the USA. But then the Moon of the moment of the Charleston Incident being conjunct the position of the Sun position in the birth chart of the USA shows that it may be time for a rebirth of the ideals of the declaration of Independence which are being threatened by corruption and the defective condition of the country`s political institutions, voting system and legislation.

Astrogeographic position for field level 1 which describes the national importance for the whole of the USA:

for field level 1 the town of Charleston is located right on the first degree of practical air sign Gemini the sign of learning, communication, technology and bringing opposites together. Gemini is the most important astrological indicator for US american culture describing the positive potentials of the USA as personal liberty, emancipation from social hierachies, free communication, bringing all different and even opposite aspects together, practical solutions, education, learning and the urge for technological development. The problematic aspects of Gemini are superficial cultural judgement and perception, relying on manipulation and black magic, superficial standards of education and the deep rooted belief in the judgement based on mental perception. The astrogeographic coordinate at the start of Gemini stands for the first step in the development of the Gemini principle. Therefore the Charleston Massacre can be interpreted as bringing back the issues related to the basis of the roots of american culture and the question why is US society unable find political solutions for the daily events of mass murder in the country. And why is the political system so corrupt and the american people so uneducated that they have destroyed the potentials that arise from personal liberty, freedom and guaranteed human rights.

Saturn the ruler of the ascendant and major indicator of the deed transiting 29°51`in Scorpio was in exact opposition to the astrogeographic position of Charleston at 1° Gemini indicating that the massacre was an attack on the town and region itself.

The second coordinate of Charleston is located at around 23° of conservative, strict, hierarchical earth sign Capricorn the sign of political responsibility, government issues, administration and laws.

The Suspect

Sunrise Birth Chart for Dylann Roof born 3 April 1994 calculated for sunrise
Sunrise Birth Chart for Dylann Roof born 3 April 1994 calculated for sunrise

The suspected murderer was identified as Dylann Roof born on April, 3 1994 in Columbia, South Carolina.

Astrogeographical evaluation: for field level 1 which relates to the region of Charleston the coordinate of the town at 23°Capricorn is located right on the position of Neptune in his birth chart indicating insecurity about his own identiy and rights in relation to the region.

On the day of the murders retrograde Saturn at 29° Scorpio was moving towards the position of Pluto at 27° Scorpio in his birth chart indicating dealing with a decision he had taken in December 2014 based on personal problems. Chiron as the ruler of Virgo at 21° Pisces in transit of the natal conjunction of Mars with Mercury at 21° Pisces in Roof`s birth chart clearly indicates planned action.

The Charleston massacre was followed by a series of arson attacks on predominatly black churches in several southern states: 

6 Black Church arsons in 6 days:

Knoxville, TN June/21 Fruitland Presbyterian

Macon, GA June/23 God’s Power Church of Christ                                       Astrogeo pos.: Capricorn – Pisces  (FL4)

Charlotte, NC June/24 Briar Creek Baptist                                          Astrogeo pos.:  Virgo – Leo (FL4)

Warrenville, SC June/26 Glover Grove Baptist                              Astrogeo pos.:  Capricorn – Aries (FL4)

Tallahassee, FL June/26 College Hill Seventh-day Adventist     Astrogeo pos.:  Aquarius – Libra (FL4)

Elyria, OH June/26 College Heights Baptist                                       Astrogeo pos.:  Cancer – Gemini (FL4)