Uranus Transits and the Eras of Fascism 1917-45 and Neo-Fascism 2001-29

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Comparison of Uranus Transits during the Climax Periods of Fascism between 1917-1945 + Neo-Fascism 2001-2029 Parallels in the timelines of events during the 84-years transit cycles of Uranus

Uranus Transits and the Eras of Fascism 1917-45 and Neo-Fascism 2001-29

Uranus Uranus Transits and the Eras of Fascism 1917-45 and Neo-Fascism 2001-29. An astrological research project on data about the parallels between developments during the Uranus cycles/years 1843-1917, 1917-2010 and 2010-94

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Uranus Transits and the Eras of Fascism 1917-45 and Neo-Fascism 2001-29

Table of Uranus Cycles
This table gives an overview of the 25 Uranus years or cycles since the year 1 A.D.. I`m fascinated by the idea that the beginning of the Christian Era coincided with the start of a new 84 solar years cycle of that particular planet who was given the name of Uranus the Greek god of the sky.

A Uranus year is 84 solar years long. That allows us to study the parallels between the current era and its preceding equivalent periods. History and the structures and issues of timings may so be identified to repeat themselves under the new circumstances.

Astrological investigation of evolution assumes that the rhythmical function of the eternal waves of recurring information from these planetary transit cycles is to bring up the unsolved issues from previous for further development, digestion, understanding, clearing and learning.

The Last and the Current Uranus Cycle

Since the Fascistoid Russian Invasion of Ukraine of 24 February 2022 we have to be sadly aware that some nations or societies seem to be confronted with circumstances that seem to impede certain aspects of collective learning and cultural development.

And that it is not necessarily the poverty of a nation`s land and resources but the contrary: it is the overwhelming size and richness of territories, fossile and mining resources, farming and other potentials that seems to block and destroy the sense for morality, uprightness, human kindness and compassion and the development of social or political self-clearance and pacification with ones own people, lands, status, past and future.

The following table investigates the repetition of issues of fascism brought up by the Bolshevist Revolution under the pseudo-socialist alibis and its Western European equivalent the hyper-capitalist bourgeois lust for hate and dominance of the Mussolini era and what was even worse the robber and murderer mentality of the German Nazis and its Asian partner the former Japanese Kingdom.

Since around the year 2000 the simultaneous rise of the George W. Bush and the Wladimir Putin presidencies willingly sought to promote the coming of a new era of lust for hate, murder, invading nations for plundering and destruction, destabilizing the global community of goodwill and wiping out human progress and the togetherness of nations on our planet.

in 2022 – 20 years later the globalized super dictatorship of China seems to prepare for a new World War in order to make as many territorial gains as it can from the degenerative state of the Russian nation and political culture I think we have to realize how dangerous the situation is that humanity is in.

This following comparison of the parallels of timelines shows that we are far from seeing the end of the age of destruction.

On the contrary: considering which stage of the Uranus cycle we are in by April 2022 we have to be aware that the parallel to the beginning of WW2 is due in the next months and with another 7 most dangerous years ahead until we will see the return of Uranus to the return of the capitulation of the Germanies and Japans of the current Digital Age.

Uranus Transits Eras of Fascism
Uranus Transits and the climax periods of the Ages of Fascism in 1917-45 and of Neo-Fascism in 2001-29. This table gives you a comparative overview of the most important stations of historical developments of the past and their return in the coming years
  • Did anyone notice that the rise of the Bolshevist terror regime of October 1917 was paralleled by the simultaneous rise the neo-fascist agenda of the Bushist destruction of the US Republican Party under the Texan/Gulf State Oil and Terror Alliance providing enough shelter for Putinist hyper-fascism to creep and hide behind it as its alibi with Uranus transiting 20°Aquarius in the years 1999-2001?
  • And wow – what a super-smooth idea of the US to invite the Sunnite Gulf State terrorist financers into a the “War for Terror” against renewable energies in creating a globalized battlefield for spreading destabilization across Iraq, Syria, Africa, Europe for the good of mankind? Yes they they really taught Putin a lesson of how to handle his own politics and deal with NATO for the future.
  • And who as a consequence was it that invented and installed Trumpism from 2014 on but Putin in person? And could one be surprised about the parallels of the Uranus stations between the inaugurations of Hitler and Trump?
  • And what about the development of Putin´s Russia since the Ukrainian emancipation of 2014 ???? once the burden of the alibi of pseudo-socialism had fallen from the shoulders of the Russian colonial super empire it seems to have left not much more that could bind the Russian nation together than the largest common multiple of the collective thrill of the habitual lust for fighting paranoia through murder and fear and terror through a degenerate male patriarchalism.
  • Now for Russia its the end race of the remaining 144 millions of the Russian Herrenrasse left alone as owners of a 17 Million square kilometers super-territory in fear of the South Asian world that is sure to invade their land in the years of the climate catastrophe to come.
  • And what will be when Uranus passes the 27°-30°Taurus probe in 2025/26? Will there be the next go this time by the Russian-Chinese axis powers fascistoid mentalities and machineries aimed at reducing human individuals to robotic servants for capturing the wealth of the North and South Polar regions?
  • These questions have to be asked when we explore our future.

The Uranus Return to 8°46` Gemini in 2027/28 to his position from the USA Foundation in 1776 and the Normandy Landings in 1944

Uranus Return USA Natal Chartr
Uranus Return to 8°46`16 – his position during the foundation of the USA calculated for 8 May 2028 at 23:54 in Washington. The Powell Chart for the US foundation is for 1 July 1776 – see my astrological verification in: Rythmical activations in the Powell Chart for the foundation of the USA.
  • The return of Uranus to his position during the US Declaration of Independence of July 1776 and the Normany landings of June 1944 is a moment when adaptations of the structural problems of the constitution of the USA may be achieved.
  • Uranus at 8°46 Gemini will be in a breathtakingly exact trine to Pluto at 8°46` in Aquarius which is Uranuses own sign of rulership explaining the importance of the potantials of the events and processes triggered.
  • Saturn at 3°Taurus conjunct Chiron at 5°Taurus will be in a highly positive conjunction to the 2°Taurus resonance coordinate of Moscow (and New Delhi) pointing at a stabilization process of the Russian government in Moscow and of the possibility of the Russian nation to learn to handle to pacify itself with its factual territorial independence.