Catherine the Great at the Winterpalace in Saint Petersburg

Catherine the Great at the Winterpalace in Saint Petersburg

author: A.Savin license: ccbysa3.0
author: A.Savin license: ccbysa3.0    Winterpalace in Libra

Catherine the Great at the Winterpalace in Saint Petersburg

Catherine II also called “the Great” was the longest-ruling female Empress of Russia. Like in the cases of other female leaders like the Queens Elisabeth I and Victoria of England and Maria Theresia of Habsburg her reign marked an important turning point in the history of her country and turned out to be one of the most successful eras for her nation.

The Winterpalace in Saint Petersburg is located at a site where both the astrogeographical coordinates fall in the air sign Libra. This is valid for the astrogeographical radius level 3 which describes how a place is embedded in the surrounding area.

Among the twelve astrological principles Libra is to be seen as the sign that represents the ideals of aristrocracy: balance, social justice, openness, service to the people and aesthetic appeal. In this sense the constellation of the site is quite ideal for a palace although not for a fortress, as Libra the sign of opening up would not support defense, protection and stability like for example Capricorn, Scorpio or Aries would.

Birth Chart for Catherine II, the Great of Russia
2 May 1729, 02:30, Stettin, Germany

Both coordinates in Libra support the seventh house in Catherine´s birt chart indicating that her position here was one of standing and living on a stage like in the case of an actor. This could imply that she saw any of her moves as a performance meant to impress the audience and the public. The seventh house stands for the capacity and impulse for relationship. After having led an uprising aginst her husband Peter III, which ended in the killing of the Tsar the way was free for her to live her love life freely and openly just like a a male king. The constellation does not describe her situation as being rooted in the traditions of the place and the royal family or for feeling at home like in one´s own territory. The seventh house aspect relates to service professions indicating that a place in this constellation may require permanent attention for other people from a person living here. This is why it is not to be seen as suitable for a retreat.

The seventh house aspect is quite typical for royals at their residences and further investigation could reveal that it may be a reason or even condition for the success and fame of kings and queens. Compare: Louis XIV at Versailles Palace, Queen Elisabeth II at Buckingham Palace