British Kings & Queens in astrogeography

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London and Great Britain in Political Astrology: The individual relationships of English Kings and Queens with their royal palaces as indications of their situation, approach, performance and other aspects.

British Kings & Queens in astrogeography

British Kings & Queens in astrogeography. Astrological analysis of the individual aspects of British Royals at their palaces Whitehall, Westminster & Buckingham

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British Kings & Queens in astrogeography

Elisabeth II
Queen Elisabeth II. and the Prime Ministers of the Commonwealth at Buckingham Palace

Queen Elisabeth the second has been the ruler of the British Empire for over 60 years since February 6th 1952. Her name and performance as the head of state stands for stability and continuity. She was born with the Sun in Taurus and just like Elisabeth I with the Ascendant in Capricorn. These two main aspects in her birth chart represent earth signs indicating a desire for wealth and stability both for herself and her country.

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary of Windsor 21 April 1926, 02:40, London
Elizabeth Alexandra Mary of Windsor 21 April 1926, 02:40, London

The astrogeographical constellation of Buckingham Palace for radius level 3 brings together the two water signs Cancer and Scorpio. Cancer stands for the seventh house in Elizabeth´s birth chart – an intense aspect for relationship, openness and stage performances which could well be evaluated as an indication for the desire for public appearances, personal fame and success of kings at their residences. For the effect of the 7th house with kings at their royal court compare also: Louis XIV at Versailles PalaceCatherine the Great of Russia at Winter Palace.

The seventh house aspects at the seat of the Royal Court was also present in the relationship of Kings George V and Edward VII with Buckingham Palace. It can so be considered as almost a “traditional aspect” which occurs after the times of the climax of expansion of the British Empire under the reign of Queen Victoria. See the table of constellations of the Kings and Queens of England at their palaces below.

The coordinate in Scorpio falls in the first degrees of the sign. This aspect supports the ninth house in Elizabeth`s birth chart indicating a situation of being caught in a life of luxury with a strong desire for free spaces, traveling and for exploring new options and visions in life. This aspect does not necessarily indicate that Elizabeth II would feel personally satisfied with her royal position, luxury and riches at Buckingham Palace. But it could mean that she has felt well accustomed to life at the royal court from the time of her birth.

Elisabeth´s constellation at Windsor Castle the seat of her ancestors is very interesting because the astrogeographical constellation of Windsor in Taurus and Capricorn reflects the two main signs in her own birth chart supporting the third and the twelfth houses . The third house stands for education and learning and the twelfth house in case of celebrities stands for a retreat and hiding place that could support finding peace from public attention and paparazzis. The relationship to Windsor thus is to be evaluated as being more personal than the relationship to Buckingham.

Queen Victoria`s 6th house constellation at Buckingham Palace

Astrological Birth Chart for Queen Alexandrina Victoria Saxe-Coburg Hanover born on24 May 1819 04:15 London,
Astrological Birth Chart for Queen Alexandrina Victoria of Saxe-Coburg Hanover
born on 24 May 1819 04:15. London

The royal court  was moved from Westminster to Buckingham Palace  only 3 week after Queen Victoria had ascended the throne of the British Empire. The astrogeographic coordinates of Buckigham Palace (Scorpio – Cancer) fall in the 3rd and 6th houses of her birth chart indicating stimulation for learning, education, going new ways, intelligence and accepting the place as a site of work, adjusting to the demands of the job, reasonable decisions and spending and the readiness to overwork at any time when necessary.  For the 6th house aspect as a constellation of extreme success compare Bill Gate`s and Angela Merkel`s sixth house constellation at their offices. The 6th house indicates seeing oneself as an employee and not necessarily as the ruler of the place.

Queen Elizabeth I`s constellation at Whitehall

Queen Elisabeth I 7 Sept 1533 Jul.Cal. (17 Sept 1533 greg.),14:54, Greenwich, England
Astrological birth chart for Queen Elisabeth I born on 7 Sept 1533 Jul.Cal. (17 Sept 1533 greg.),14:54, Greenwich, England

Elizabeth`s father Henry VIII had moved the official seat of the Royal Court and the royal residence in London from Westminster to the nearby Whitehall Palace. This place is located at around 25° of the royal fire sign Leo and in the middle of the aristocratic air sign Libra. The position in Leo stands for the 8th house in Elizabeth´s birth chart indicating a situation of standing in foreign territory and of delivering oneself to the goodwill of others. House 8 indicates a rather problematic situation, the confrontation with enemies and an intensely defensive attitude. It could also be seen as an aspect of rebellion against and transformation of the rules of social role conduct. This may be because Elizabeth served as the first female ruler of England breaking with the traditions of the superiority of male kings. Apart from that also her refusal to marry could be understood as due to her 8th house constellation at Whitehall.

The astrogeographic aspect in Libra stands for the 9th house in Elizabeth I`s birth chart which can be seen as a positive aspect for short visits and travelling, stimulation for understanding and a situation of luxury. This aspect does also not really indicate living and feeling at home at a place, as there often be observed the tendency of feeling trapped at places with this aspect.

Compare also:  Elizabeth I at Windsor Castle.

The List of Kings of Britain in comparison to the sites of the royal courts

The list of the individual constellations of the Kings and Queens of England is of outstanding value for astrological and astrogeographical studies! This is because there are only very few possible occasiions for exact astrological data delivered over such a long period of time. I used birth time data from the Rodden Archives now available at for the calculations. The archives include information aboout the accuracy of the given birth times. Some older data may not be reliable.

For more data about the individual royals take a look at the wiki list of english and the one of british monarchs.

Tabelle British Royals Palaces

Richard Lionheart´s “archetypal king” constellation at Westminster

Birth Chart for Richard Lionheart, September, 15th 1157 (greg.), 3:00, Oxford
Birth Chart for Richard Lionheart, September, 15th 1157 (greg.), 3:00, Oxford, birth time with a Leo ascendant

Although the given birth time is rather uncertain King Richard I. the Lionheart`s constellation at the Royal Court in Westminster (Scorpio-Leo) is really remarkable because it contains both the two most personal aspects for indvidually representing the inheritance of a king: the first house aspect which makes one a personal representative of the throne and the fourth house which stands for actual individual, personal karmic rootedness in the royal inheritance.  Although he spent most of his time as a king far away from the royal headquarters his deep rootedness in the topics of the place is remarkable.

John I. Lackland, December 31 1167 (greg.), 17:20, Oxford, UK
John I. Lackland, December 31 1167 (greg.), 17:20, Oxford, UK

Richard`s brother John Lackland`s constellation at the site of Westminster Palace (Scorpio-Leo) is almost as archetypal but for a different aspect: it falls in the 2nd house – house of possessing land and throne and in house 5 – the house of kingdom. This constellation of his kingdom is in fact really dominat and auspiscious for his personality although not directed to his representing the kingdom as a person as in the case of his elder brother Richard. The 2nd house aspect would have made him the actual ruler over the territory while the 5th house aspect stands for a situation where one could really feel as the personal king (alpha animal) at the court. But the Moon in Taurus located in house 11 in his birth chart – which as the ruler of the ascendant is the most important planet in his chart is in aspects of extreme tension to the coordinates of Westminster.  The indication here is that his personality (Moon as ruler of Cancer AC) though focussed on material profit and possession of land (Taurus) has the karmic topic of a quest for self-finding before reaching his aims.