The Swastika Building between Sagittarius and Capricorn

The Swastika Building between Sagittarius and Capricorn

The Swastika Building between Sagittarius and Capricorn. The Swastika Building in San Diego as a swirling cross between Sagittarius sign of circles and Capricorn sign of the cross

The multicultural tradition of the swastika

Hinduism is apparently not the origin of the Swastika or swirling sun cross. The earliest findings of the Swastika from Tell es-Sultan area near Jericho are dated back to 7000 BC.

 Samarra (Iraq) period fine ware, c. 6200-5700 BC, ph: Einsamer Schütze, GFDL

The Hindu Swastika is generally understood as a sun symbol. In fact all types of crosses can be traced back to the idea of sun symbols as the sun is the central giver of life on our planet and the strongest and most important central opposite being we could possibly face as humans.

The Hindu Swastika is a sun symbol

The form of the cross known as swastika depicts the moving of energies around a center. In Hindu tradition it is commonly seen as a symbol of luck. When painted on houses it has more than a merely decorative, ornamental or simple superstitious function. It can also be assumed to stimulate the flow of energies at sites or within buildings. Therefore it`s use in indian geomancy serves also a practical function. The wiki article on the roots of swastikas has a number of images showing its archetypal dimension of form.

The use of the Swastika as a German national symbol by German fascism was a dirty trick

The German Nazis used an early mesopotamian, pre-hinduistic sun symbol – the swastika – as an alibi to overwrite the 1000 year old federalist tradition of the Holy Roman Empire along with the Prussian, Bavarian, Franconian, Saxon and other traditions in German history. The import of a foreign symbol for a symbole of the German nation served to replace the local traditions through an ideology of globalization. That simple trick was definitely the most dumb assignment of the then only 60 year old German national state and national morphic field to a symbol one could think of. This misuse of the symbol by the german fascist movement had little to nothing to do with the actual meaning and energetical impact of the swastika itself.

Goebbels speech under the swastika  Bundesarchiv, CC-BY-SA 3.0

Therefore the question whether the swastika should be used or not is not a question of the symbol itself being negative in any way. It is a mere topic of confronting the destruction of symbolism by misuse and abuse. I`m proposing that apart from the historical dimension of the shape of the Swastika Building on Coronado Island it should also be considered as an experiment in the energetical impact of such a shape for buildings in general.

The Swastika Building between Sagittarius and Capricorn

The Swastika building at San Diego has both coordinates on the cardineal divide between fire sign Sagittarius and earth sign Capricorn

The Swastika Building at the Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado Island, San Diego, California was built between 1967 and 1969. Until Google Earth made it visible the impression the building from the sky or flying airplanes was ignored or kept as a secret.

In this astrogeographical constellation the Swastika building resonates as a mixture of a circle (Sagittarius) and a cross (Capricorn). Article on the building in

Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level 4 which describes the atmosphere, energetical situation, atmosphere and design of the buidling: both coordinates of the midpoint of the swastika cross lie in the last degrees of dynamic, mental fire sign Sagittarius sign of magma, style, design, fashion, circles, cycles, time measurement round shapes, turning around, swirling, shamanism, knowledge, thinking, aiming and shooting

Both the astrogeograohical longitude and latitude of the building stretch from Sagittarius into solid, conservative, traditionalistic, hierarchical earth sign Capricorn sign of the cross, bones, hard rock, control, govt. institutions, history, walls, laws and quality management in the east and south wings. Sagittarius stands for the swirling movement depicted by a swastika whereas static and stable Capricorn in it `s aspect as the sign of the cross stands for the hardware that appears to either freeze the motion or else stabilize the swirling sun symbol. Officially the shape is claimed to be unintentional – but for a site in Sagittarius the sign of design naturally dedicated to the consciousness about style and Capricorn the sign of history, tradition and quality control this is more than improbable. Anyway architects had to sketch the design  before construction. The swastika building has got to be interpreted as a symptom of the strategy of the US military to copy or assimilate aspects of Nazi military technology and culture and not only through Wernher v. Braun.

Capricorn as the sign of the cross

Astrology and astrogeography of the Swastika
The Hill of crosses near Šiauliai in Lithuania is located in Capricorn with Aries

The Hill of Crosses is a site of pilgrimage related to the long history of suffering of the Lithuanian people about 12 km north of the city of Šiauliai, in northern Lithuania. The practice of leaving crosses has been practiced here since the 1831 Uprising.

Sagittarius as the sign of the Circle

The Stonehenge sun temple and calendar building is located in Sagittarius with Gemini image: Ökologix, ccbysa4.0

The Stonehenge calendar building and sun temple is just one of many astrogeographical examples for the circle of a structure built in Sagittarius. Read my full article on Stonehenge here.

The beginning of the construction work on the monolithic stone circle at Stonehenge was started from around 3100 BC  in the astrogeographic constellation of the air sign Gemini with the fire sign Sagittarius. These coordinates are valid for astrogeographical radius level 3, which shows how the site is embedded in the surrounding area. The alignment of the stones is such that on the morning of the summer solstice (21.6.) the Sun rises directly over the so called „Heel Stone“ with its rays beaming in a direct line from there to the very center of the stone circle. Despite all other functions of the Stonehenge circle this is a clear evidence for it being built as calendar in order to determine eclipse, solstice, equinox and other celestial events that were very important for calculatiing the best days for sowing in early agricultural societies. Numerous similar buildings made from wood dating back as far as 5000 BC have been found in particularly fertile regions of Europe. But none of them was built for eternity and with such effort like Stonehenge.

The fact that Gemini and Sagitarius are to be seen as the signs of learning, education (Gem) and understanding (Sag) could mean that Stonehenge was built to conserve and pass on knowledge in the first place. Gemini and Sagitarius define opposite positions in the Sun`s yearly path marking the periods before the summer solstice (21.6. = 30° Gemini) and the winter solstice (21.12. = 30° Sagittarius). This can be evaluated as a possible indication that the astrogeographical constellation of the site reflects the particular importance of Stonehenge as a calendar building and sun temple constructed to measure the solstice days.

While Gemini the sign of schools stands for passing information and knowledge Sagittarius as the sign of the priest castes indicates the function as an initiation site in megalithic shamanic (druid) cultures. Sagittarius being present here, is a hint to the  importance of this astrological archetype for the awareness of the chronological order of time and for time measurement in general. This is beacuase Sagittarius (the holder of the bow) through its relation to arcs and circles in general also brings up the mental awareness about cycles. In my systematic astrogeomantic field studies I have observed really many round-shaped buildings (and circles) being situated in Sagittarius. Round forms are a clear indication for a place having at least one of two coordinates in this sign.

Apart from these considerations it is obvious that Stonehenge has been used as a temple site during its long history even though the astrogeographical coordinates do not particularly point out that this has been the central motif for its construction. I want to suggest, that especially because of the presence of the sign of Sagittarius, Stonehenge should be seen as a construction for time measurement, with of course all the mystical as well as magical (practical) impact of what time itself and it´s measurement can mean to humans. As for the forms of worship, the fire sign of Sagittarius may hint at the possibility of fire sacrifices here.