The Merlion in Singapore as a guardian of good feng shui

The Merlion in Singapore as a guardian of the city

Astrology, sculptures & feng shui: The Merlion in Singapore as a guardian of the city and of good feng shui

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The Merlion located in position of a guardian in the first degrees of Capricorn and in Aries photo: fad3away, ccbysa2.0
The Merlion located in the position of a guardian in the first degrees of Capricorn and in Aries.  photo: fad3away, ccbysa2.0

The Merlion statue with the body of a fish and the head of a lion in the harbour of Singapore (“Lion City”) is a mascot and national personification of the Lion City.

Astrogeographic position: the statue is located on the third degree of the endurable, traditionalistic, conservative earth sign Capricorn and right next to the cardinal divide between Capricorn and Sagittarius indicating the position of a guaradian (compare “The Little Mermaid as a guardian in Capricorn”). The 2nd coordinate falls in highly alert, erect, male fire sign Aries the sign of warriors and warfare.  The combination of Capricorn with Aries is of high importance as the strongest constellation of warfare and indicates the readiness to fight back attacks. The astrogeographic constellation is valid here for morphogenetic field level 4.

The Lion motif is only partly depicted by the sculpture as it combines the aspect of Leo with aspects of Pisces the sign of fish and the ocean. Pisces as the eigth sign from Leo is no harmonious astrological motif for Leo at all. Pisces rather stands for dependance, transformation and being in foreign property and used to be evaluated in classical astrology as the house of death for Leo. Therefore the gesture of the Merlion as including it`s own most problematic aspect in itself is to some extend a gesture of reflecting the dependance of Singapur from the ocean. It suggests communication with the sea and could help soothe the anger of the sea in times of tsunamis or heavy storms. And it could also help incoming spirits, water gods and others spiritual entities dwelling in the ocean relate to the City of Singapur and get into communication with the people living here.

Therefore the Merlion is not a guardian that wants to frighten the spirits coming in from the sea in the first place. This is not it`s posture and expression. Even the contrary is the case here: the Merlion receives the waters and permanently exchanges water with the sea by pumping it up and spilling it back into the harbour. This gesture is so positive in the sense of being alert and aware of the powers of the ocean but without attempting any conflict.  I`m sure that this must be seen as good Feng Shui. The astrogeographic indication of the constellation of warfare here makes it clear that the Merlion is not only a puppet or just another nice sculpture but rather a definite part of the system for the self defense of the city harbour.

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