The Waterloo Lion as a Guardian

Astrology, Feng Shui and Places: The Waterloo Lion as a Guardian

Waterloo Lion in the position of a guardian at 0° Capricon   photo: Foroa ccbysa2.5
Waterloo Lion in the position of a guardian at 0° Capricon and in Aquarius photo: Foroa ccbysa2.5

The Lion’s Mound is a large conical artificial hill located on the battlefield of Waterloo, Belgium to commemorate the location where William II. of the Netherlands was knocked from his horse by a musket ball to the shoulder during the Battle of Waterloo on 18 June 1815. The sculptured lion is a copy of the Medici Lions.

Astrogeographic position: the position of the lion sculpture on top of the artificial mound falls exactly on the cardinal winter divide of 0° Capricorn in the position of a guardian or checkpost between hell or earth to the west in fire sign Sagittarius and heaven or sky to the east in earth sign Capricorn. The sculpture so has the important function of reminding the spirits of the fallen soldiers that their path and battle has ended. The astrogeographic position is so exact that geomantic consultation and spiritual advice or guidance  during the process of election of the site is highly probable. Or else architect Charles Vander Straeten must have worked really precisely and with an intense use of knowledge and insight during the realization of the project.

The second coordinate falls on the first degree of creative, innovative, spiritual air sign Aquarius sign of the sky and heaven and indicator for the reconnection with the spiritual plane. The elevated position of the lion statue can so be associated with both signs – with Capricorn as the sign of mountains and indicator for elevated positions and with Aquarius as the sign of reaching for the sky.