Libra and Gemini – The Ishtar Gate at Babylon

Libra and Gemini – The Ishtar Gate at Babylon

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Ishtar Gate in Babylon located in Libra with Gemini – Photo of the excavation site in Babylon from the 1930s

Ishtar Gate was the northern gate and part of the famous procession street in the ancient Mesopotomian city of Babylon. The final design after the long history of its construction, as it can be seen in Pergamon Museum in Berlin was completed during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar II . 605-562 BC.).

Model of the main procession street towards Ishtar Gate. The symmetrical design with the rectangular towers is symptomatic of the position in Libra.

Ishtar Gate and the Processional Way were the site of the important New Year’s procession, which was part of a religious festival celebrating the beginning of the agricultural year on the day of the spring equinox (20 or 21 March). The rituals surrounding this celebrations lasted for twelve days.

Ishtar was a sky goddess and the most important deity in the Mesopotamian pantheon. She was worshipped as the goddess of love, sexuality and prostitution and was conceived to embody the planet Venus. Besides she was also revered as a goddess of war and equated with the sumerian goddess Inanna. The lion images on Ishtar Gate are regarded as a symbol of the royal position of Ishtar among the Babylonian deities.

Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes the atmosphere and energetical topics of the area of Ishtar Gate along wwith the procession way and surrounding area:  one coordinate of the Ishtar Gate area was located lies in air signs Gemini sign of signposts, symbols, letters, information, learning, pathways, road crossings, bridges, techgnology and practical magic.  The second coordinate lay in female, aristocratic, service orientated air sign Libra sign of openness, doors, gates, harmony, balance, beauty, decoration, symmetry, angels, love, relationship, marriage and prostitution. The astrogeographical resonance of the site with Libra the sign of rulership of Venus` aspect as the sign of relationship directly relates the place to the goddess ishtar.

Both signs as air signs do not symbolize a fortress or stronghold character of this part of the city wall  but rather describe it as a meeting place and and an opening and passthrough of the city fortress that garanteed free and easy access into the city. Th

The symmetrical arrangement of the perspective on the procession street and the rectangular form of the towers are typical elements to be found in morphogenetic fields in Libra.  Compare my article: Libra as the sign of symmetry

The Orangery Palace in Sanssouci Park also located two air signs – Libra and Aquarius – is a fascinating example for the parallel between Libra  the symmetry orientation and the emphasis on rectangular design.

Orangery Palace in Sanssouci Park in Potsdam, Germany is located in two air signs as well. The combination here is Libra with Aquarius. The castle was built by Friedrich Wilhelm IV. King of Prussia born  1 October 1795 with Sun in Libra  and designed by F. A. Stüler born on 28 January 1800 wíth Sun in Aquarius  photo: Arild Vågen, ccybsa3.0

Orangery Palace in Sanssouci Park in Potsdam, Germany is located in two air signs as well. The combination here is Libra with Aquarius. Note the arrangement of the symmetry (Libra) of the stairs leading upwards (Aquarius), the recrangular shape of the towers (Libra) and overall association of the shape of the central building of the Orangery with the astrological symbol of Libra.  An even more explicite representation of the symbol for Libra is the Gloriette building in the park of Schönbrunn Castle in Vienna;

The Gloriette building in located in the park of Schönbrunn Castle in Vienna is located in the combination Libra with Pisces for 360 m zones. The building has the shape of the astrological symbol for aristocratic air sign Libra

A similar design was used for Brandenburg Gate in Berlin located in Libra with Taurus

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin located in Libra with Taurus photo: Thomas Wolf,, ccbysa3.0