Mount Rushmore National Memorial in Astrology

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Mount Rushmore Memorial in Astrology: the site is located in the combination of Leo with Capricorn

Mount Rushmore National Memorial in Astrology

Mount Rushmore National Memorial in Astrology. Capricorn & Leo: The astrogeographical position of the memorial in South Dakota

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Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota

photo: Dean Franklin license ccsa3.0 Capricorn and Leo - Mount Rushmore National Memorial
The Mount Rushmore National Memorial in Capricorn with Leo    photo: Dean Franklin license ccsa3.0

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial in the Black Hills of South Dakota consists of four sculptures of about 18 m height each carved into the granite rock formation. The sculptures show the heads of 4 US presidents : George Washington (22/Feb/1732, Sun in Pisces), Thomas Jefferson (13/Apr/1743, Sun in Aries), Abraham Lincoln (12/Feb/1809, Sun in Aquarius) and Theodore Roosevelt (27/Oct/1858, Sun in Scorpio). The works were carried out by the sculptor John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum along with 400 workers between October, 4 1927 and October 31, 1941.

Astrogeographical position of Mount Rushmore Memorial for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes the atmosphere and energetical topics of the sculpture itself: 


The place where the monument is located has one coordinate in solid, strict, conservative, traditionalist earth sign Capricorn sign of mountains, rocks, governments, history, state cult.  Capricorn is the indicator for granite as the hardest type of rock material capable of preserving the artwork for eternity.


The 2nd coordinate lies in highly energetic, magnetic, royal fire sign Leo sign of the sun, light, heart, power stations, kingdom, magnificence,, self-centeredness, self-expression, the display of issues of kingdom and superiority and an indicator for the purpose of depicting or creating a myth of glamour for the national state cult. The position in Leo in contrast to Capricorn stands for the subjectivism in the approach to art here.

The most beautiful type of a natural rock sanctuary was destroyed to create images of presidential glamour. The monument does not respect the natural beauty of the mountain sanctuary as a piece of art created here by nature. It is symptomatic of the self-focused, self-centered situation in Leo to make use of the rock material for personal liking and emotional purposes without respect of the holiness of the sacred mountain. The coordinate in fire sign Leo is also a straight resonance with the astrogeographical position of the US capital Washington at 27°Leo.

The combination of Capricorn with Leo

The combination of Capricorn with Leo stands for the stage-managing of the monument at a highly prominent position of the site on a mountain top. The combination of both signs could also examined at the appeal of a hierarchy among American presidents that was essential for the selection of the 4 representatives.

Birth Chart of Mount Rushmore Memorial

The sculpting work was begun on 4 October 1927 an finished on October 31, 1941

Mount Rushmore in astrology
Mount Rushmore National Memorial in Astrology: Birth or Foundation Chart for Mount Rushmore calculated as a midday chart for October, 4 1927 when the construction works began.
  • Mars in the center of aristocratic air sign Libra the sign of harmony, balance, decoration, naive painting, royal courts and stage presentation occupied mid-heaven on 12:00 noon indicating that the central topic of the day at the Mount Rushmore area was 1) starting sth. new 2) a work done that included making cuts, engravings, and chopping things 3) work done above the place with an abstract focus and/or focus at a place above.
  • Mars in Libra was moving towards an exact square to Pluto the ruling planet of Scorpio the sign of sculpting, imaging, visualization and photography indicating the challenge to creating a realistic image.
  • The Moon was in Capricorn the sign of hardest rock material and important resonator of granite resonating with one of the astrological resonating signs of the construction site.
  • Neptune at 28°Leo was conjunct the 27°Leo resonance coordinate of the capital Washington explain the period as a time of depression, insecurity, corruption and of the aspect of the Mount Rushmore sculpture as a memorial dedicated at dealing with the memory of the re-connection with the nomadic, tribal origin of the homeless settlers that formed the nations. In that sense the idea of implanting memory and state cult into rock was symbolic of the attempt to create an image of stability and a mark of possession into a land and territory recently occupied.
  • I`ve been wondering about the possible meaning of the opposition of Mercury as ruler of Gemini the sign of sign-posts in Scorpio the sign of sculpting with Chiron the planet of healing and ruler of Virgo the sign of protection of untouched, protected places, of nature and of the realms of the spiritual entities of nature such as dwarfs, elves, gnomes, trolls that through the position in Taurus must have considered the place their territorry.