The Statue of Liberty in Astrology

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Unveiling of the Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World (1886) by Edward Moran.

The Statue of Liberty in Astrology

The Statue of Liberty in Astrology Leo & Scorpio: The astrogeographical resonance coordinates of the statue of liberty in the harbor of New York.

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The Statue of Liberty in Astrology

The Statue of Liberty in Astrology: the site is located in Leo with Scorpio. The spikes of her crown relate her to the ideal of the Sol Invictus – the unconquered or invincible sun.

The Statue of Liberty (officially: Liberty enlightening the world) on a small island in the harbor of New York was set up to greet immigrants arriving here by boat. It represents the Roman Liberta (goddess of liberty). The statue was designed and made in Paris, France which brings up the association that it may be compared to “Marianne” the goddess of freedom, equality and fraternity from the French Revolution. It was designed and created by Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi born August 2 1834 with the Sun in Leo.

The parallel with Marianne resonates with the historical facts that the freedom struggle of the American people against the British rule had been supported by France and that the French Revolution in 1789 had been a direct result of the American Revolution (1776). An American version of an emblematic female archetype to be related to the female personification of the Statue of Liberty is the “Columbia”.

Columbia (representing the American people) reaches out to oppressed Cuba with blindfolded Uncle Sam in background
(Judge, February 6, 1897; cartoon by Grant E. Hamilton)

Emma Lazarus` poem  engraved at the base of the statue is entitled “The New Colossus”:

“…Give me you tired your poor – Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free – The wretched refuse of your teeming shore – Send these, the homeless -tempest-tost to me – I lift my lamp beside the golden door !”

The torch of the Statue of Liberty symbolizes the light of freedom which is supposed to radiate from here out into the world. It keeps the flame of freedom burning like a lighthouse that greets the incoming ships. The Statue is facing southeast, which means that it is not primarily directed towards Europe but towards Africa.

Astrogeographic position of the Statue of liberty for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes the atmosphere and energetical topics of the island and sculpture: the construction site has one coordinate in highly energetical. magnetic, self-centered, royal fire sign Leo the sign of the sun, light, self-expression, self-esteem, gold and main indicator for french culture. The position in Leo resonates with the 27°Leo resonance coordinate of the center of the national morphic field of the USA in Washington.

The 2nd coordinate lies in highly alert, defensive water sign Scorpio the sign of sculpting, imaging, visualization, steel-production, metalworking, the underworld, trauma, pain, death, strongholds, bunkers, giants and indicator for the large colossal shape of the statue. The term “collossus” is symptomatic of this feature of the colossal meaning rather unrefined, gigantic shape typical for Scorpio. The Statue of Liberty is one many examples for astrogeographic coincidences where colossal or monumental sculptures  appear in  Scorpio the sign of the sculptors, stone-masons and blacksmith trades.

Astrology and astrogeography of the Statue of Liberty
Head of the Statue of Liberty on display at the Paris World’s Fair, 1878 in a park in Paris. The flaming head of the statue of liberty is a symbol of the “Sol Invictus” – the unconquered sun. The fierceful, male expression on her face marks her strong resonance with Scorpio which is also reflected in the astrogeographical position of the Statue of Liberty in Scorpio with Leo. ph: ]. Fernique, Albert, 1883iberty

The royal  sign Leo among other aspects stands for kingdom and therefore also for monarchy. As one important correspondence of ancient Greek culture it may also be related to the right of individual humans to emancipate themselves from the gods as from spiritual and social hierarchies, It so reflects and supports the individual right  and authority to be ones own king. In astrological literature this relationship between Greek culture and the astrological principle of Leo has hardly been recognized. I have become aware of it only through the development of my astrological geomantic map of Europe.

The symbol of the flaming head of the “Sol Invictus” – the unconquered sun was transferred onto to Statue of Liberty. It also manifests the resonance of the site of the Statue of Liberty as well as of Washington and New York with Leo.
ph: Sir A.W. Franks, ccbysa2.5

The affinity of Leo with French culture has been very well noted in classical astrological literature. The polarity between the absolutism of the Sun King (Louis XIV) and the radical emancipation of individual citizens during the French Revolution are both expressions of Leo.

Astrological chart for the Inauguration Day of the Statue of Liberty calculated for 28 Oct 1886, New York at 12:00 noon

The day of the inauguration of the Statue of Liberty saw the two heavyweights the Sun ruler of the Leo resonance coordinate of the site along with the Moon and also Mercury in direct resonance with the site through their position in Leo. The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in air sign Libra the sign of justice, liberty, empathy, relationship, love, beauty and openness is to be seen as a tribute to the Goddess of Liberty. The fact that the Venus-Jupiter conjunction was square to Saturn in Cancer explains

The conjunction of the Moon (feeling at home) with Mercury (messages, signposts, intelligence, clever and practical use of advantages) resonates with the symbolism of the practical advantages of immigration into the USA and an offer of a motherly welcome. Especially because it is located in nearly exact opposition to Neptune the planet of insecurity in house 4 and in Taurus marking the dangers of the journey by boat (as the planet of the ocean) and the uprooted status of immigrants.

The Statue of Freedom on top of the Capitol in the same sign combination

Modelled in 1854-57 before not during the American Civil war the Statue of Freedom also known as Armed Freedom has crowned the dome of the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C. since 1863.

The statue of Freedom on top of the lantern on the dome of the Capitol building in Washington too is located in the combination of Leo with Scorpio ph: Andreas Praefcke, GFDL

For morphogenetic field level 3 the whole of the Capitol Building is located in the combination of Leo with Scorpio explaining the strong symbolic resonance between the the Statue of Liberty and the statue of Armed Freedom. The resonance of the site with Scorpio the sign of fortresses, strongholds, bunkers, tanks, trauma, pain, defense, steel production and arms is reflected in the armor that the “Statue of Freedom” is equipped with. Leo stands for the central crown on top of the building.

The parallel of the Christo Redentor Statue

astrology of the Christor redentor statue and Statue of Liberty
Christo Redentor statue in Scorpio with Leo
photo: Mariordo, GNU/FDL

The gigantic Christo Redentor Statue that resides on a hill above Rio de Janeiro is located in the same astrological constellation of Leo and Scorpio. The parallel includes the fact that the super-large head and hands of the Brazilian Christo Redentor were also created near Paris, France.