The Swan Bell Tower in Perth located in Sagittarius & Virgo

The Swan Bell Tower in Perth located in Sagittarius & Virgo

Astrology, Places, Art and Architecture: The Swan Bell Tower in Sagittarius & Virgo – Video

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Swan Bells Tower photo: SeanMack, GNU/FDL
The Swan Bells Tower in Perth is located Virgo with Sagittarius         photo: SeanMack, GNU/FDL

The Swan Bell Tower in Perth, Australia is a 82,5 m tall tower that was built to house a set of 18 bells. The “Swan Bells” take their names from the Swan River which the tower overlooks. 12 of the set are historic bells from the St. Martin in the Fields Church (Astrogeo pos.: Sagittarius-Gemini) in London and six are new ones made by the famous Whitechapel Bell Foundry.

Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level 4 which describes the atmosphere and energetical topics of the tower itself.: The Swan Bell Tower has one coordinate located in self protective earth sign Virgo sign of health, reason, skins, preservation,  ecology, plants, gardening, parks and protection of nature. Virgo resonates with the park in which it is located as an area reserved for recreation  and reconnection  with the spiritual energies of plants and nature. In relation to art and architecture Virgo is an indicator of a technical approach rather than an emotional one.  The sails that protect the inside of the glass tower from sunlight resonate with Virgo´s topics as the sign of the skin, veils and the hymen.

The Second coordinate is in highly dynamic fire sign Sagittarius the sign of style, design, fashion, decoration and ornamentation and an indicator here for the pointed shaft-like top and the semi-circled (bowlike) shape of the tower and of the “sails”.