Hofburg Palace and Libra as the Sign of Austrian Culture

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Prunksall der Wiener Nationalbiliblithek neben der Wiener Hofburg. Das gebäuse liegt so wie das Kunst- und Naturhistorische Museum in der Kombination Waage mit Zwillinge photo: Richard Hopkins, ccbysa2.0

Hofburg Palace and Libra as the Sign of Austrian Culture

Hofburg Palace and Libra as the Sign of Austrian Culture. Mundane astrology and astrogeography: Vienna

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Hofburg Palace in Vienna is located in Libra with Gemini

The Hofburg Palace in Vienna served as the residence of the House of Habsburg from the 13th century until the abolition of monarchy in 1918. The House of Habsburg first gained the title of Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in  1273. That was the start of the long tradition of Austria`s prominent role in European history.  200 years later in 1438 that role had grown so strongly that the House of Habsburg held the title of the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire almost continuously. Though inofficial Vienna gained the factual role of a capital of the Holy Roman Empire with the Hofburg as its Imperial Palace.

Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level 3 which desribes the astmosphere and energetical topics of the whole of the Hofburg area todays seats of the Austrian Chancellors and Presidents and the Austrian Parliament: the site has one coordinate in aristocratic, courtly air sign Libra the sign of harmony, balance, beauty, relationship, justice, symmetry, decoration, relationship, marriage and the ideal of an aristocracy based on service orientation. Libra relates to the extensively large and aristocratic buildings, their symmetry rich decoration. Compare the examples from my article: Libra as the sign of symmetry. Libra as the ideal of nobility and social as well as asthetical culture may have been one factor to ensure that the Habsburg dynasty developed as one of the most important families of european aristrocacy while residing here.  An aspect of Libra`s role as the sign of marriage is also the importance the expansion of Austria and the House of Habsburg through marriage into the Spanish  French royal families and other important aristocratic families.

Hall in Austrian National Librray located rightin the same area and astrogeographical constellation as the Museum of Natural History. in the combination of Libra with Gemini  photo: Richard Hopkins, ccbysa2.0

The 2nd astrogeographical coordinate of the Habsburg for field level 3 falls in practical air sign Gemini the sign of language, letters, messengers, information, schools, technology, signposts, symbols, road crossings, bridges and intelligence. As the sign of interfaces and the gathering and passing on of information Gemini stands for the efficiency of the site for communication and for dealing with information about foreign places, cultures and technologies.

The Hofburg as the heart of Aristocratic Austria

The two huge completely identical buildings of Natural History Museum and Art History Museum face each other in perfect symmetry with the Memorial of Empress Maria Theresia righ in the center. The site is right next to Hofburg Castle and located in Libra with Gemini.  © Hubertl / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

Libra is considered by austrian astrologers to represent the astrological equivalent of Austrian culture. This is is particularly important for the site of the Hofburg itself because the astrogeographical position in Libra also valid for the subdivisional astrogeographical field levels 4 (Libra-Sagittarius for the building itself) as well the larger sized field level 2 (Virgo-Libra). Field Level 4 indicates the microcosm in which the Imperial Palace lies whereas astrogeographical level 2 describes the city or town in which the environment of the Hofburg is embedded. This overall constellation of the Hofburg with the resonance of Libra for morphogenetic field level 2, 3 and 4 makes it this place archetypal example for the sign of Libra.