The Cathedral of Chartres in Astrology

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Chartres Cathedral is located in Taurus with Aquarius photo: Olvr, ccbysa3.0

The Cathedral of Chartres in Astrology

The Cathedral of Chartres in Astrology. The architecture of connecting earth and sky in the combination of Taurus with Aquarius

Chartres Cathedral and Sacred Geometry From Heaven to Earth – The Architecture of consciousness – By Clive Hicks Videos: Chartres and Sacred Geometry  —  Engineering the Impossible: Chartres Cathedral

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The Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres in Astrology

Chartres Cathedral is located in Taurus with Aquarius photo: Olvr, ccbysa3.0

Chartres Cathedral was built between 1194-1260. It is considered as the archetype of the high Gothic cathedrals and therefore the astrological combination of it`s position is to be regarded as a basic indication for the topics of the Gothic period and for Gothic architecture in general.

The importance of Chartres as a pilgrimage place was established in 876 when Charles the Bald gave to Chartres the “Sancta Camisa” a tunic that Virgin Mary supposedly wore during the annunciation of the birth of Jesus by archangel Gabriel.  The Sancta Camisa is considered one of the most important catholic relics. The current Cathedral building was erected between 1194 and 1250.

Astrogeographic position for field level 3 which describes how the whole cathedral is embedded in the town of Chartres: The construction site is situated in the combination of air sign Aquarius with earth sign Taurus.

The two fixed signs Taurus the sign of the earth and Aquarius the sign of the sky form a square with each other and are an important polarity and in natural relationship of tension with each another. This is also reflected in the contrast between the two towers of Chartres Cathedral: a smaller one for Taurus and a taller one for Aquarius. For the relationship of Aquarius with Taurus compare also: Lying or Flying – The Controversy between Taurus and Aquarius in Pisa

Aquarius – Reaching for the Sky

The coordinate of the construction site in highly innovative, creative, spiritual air Aquarius the sign of the sky, heaven and outer space is an obvious and plausible astrological indicator for the aim in Gothic architecture to point out the relation of buildings to the sky and to the higher dimensions.  Through the association with Aquarius the ideal of the Gothic churches could be defined as aiming at the re-connection with the full and true amount of potentials.  In this sense Aquarius is a perfect explanation for the concept of a building extending towards the sky (reaching for the sky) in order to give way to more light.  And Aquarius also explains the mutation of the ideals of architecture during the Gothic period as a clear contradiction to or even rebellion against the traditional concepts here.

While Aquarius as the sign of the heavens indicates reaching for the sky its combination with Taurus the sign of growing roots indicates the topic of connecting the earth with the sky. Thus in the polarity between Gothic and Romanic architecture Aquarius represents the Gothic and Taurus the Romanic concept.

Hallgrim`s Church in Reykyavik located in Aquarius with Aries Martin Putz ccbysa3.0
Hallgrim`s Church in Reykyavik located in Aquarius with Aries photo: Martin Putz ccbysa3.0

Taurus the sign of the Earth Mother, Grounding and growing Roots

The female earth sign Taurus on the other hand is the most typical sign for the domes in Romanic churches.  It is to be evaluated as the indicator for a worship of Mother Mary often related to the form of a local female town goddess as a kind of earth mother or local female goddess. Apart from that Taurus stands for the durability of the building and in it`s role as the sign of market places also for the financial gains that the masses of pilgrims brought to Chartres. The Cathedral of Chartres was and still is today tone of the most important centers of the worship of Virgin Mary in Europe.

The role for Taurus in regard to temple sites  is directly related to Taurus`role as the sign of agriculture and as such for annual fertility and thanksgiving rites, worship and sacrifice. Taurus does not stand for the re-connection with the spiritual plane here but provides a stable, solid base for socially accepted and financially profitable types of worship.

Other major astrogeographical indicators for domes in architecture are Cancer as the sign of the womb and Sagittarius as the sign of round forms.

For the role of Taurus in the history of architecture compare:  Astrogeographic picture book in pinterest: TaurusTaj Mahal in Taurus with Scorpio, Hagia Sophia in Taurus with Cancer,

Hagia Sophia located in Taurus with CancerArild Vågen
Hagia Sophia located in Taurus with Cancer photo: Arild Vågen, ccbysa3.0

The Labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral

Astrogeographic position for field level 4 which describes the atmosphere of the cathedral and the difference between – the north and south parts of Chartres Cathedral: for field level 4 two thirds of Chartres Cathedral are located in the combination of Sagittarius with Capricorn. Only the south part of the building with the 2 towers lies in Sagittarius with Aquarius. The towers as the tallest parts of the building naturally reflect the topics of Aquarius.

The famous labyrinth just like the whole of Chartres Cathedral has the coordinate for the astrogeographical longitude in dynamic fire sign Sagittarius the sign of druid culture, wisdom, initiation, aiming, thinking, philosophy and finding the way. The coordinate for the astrogeographical latitude at the center of the labyrinth falls right on the divide between solid, conservative, hierarchical earth sign Capricorn and creative, innovative, spiritual air sign Aquarius. This means that the south-east half of the labyrinth lies in Aquarius the sign of self finding while the north-west half is in Capricorn the sign of conserving existing traditions and values.

In astrogeographical field study the combination of Capricorn with Sagittarius proves to be a constellation of extreme success, longevity, exclusiveness and even of a virtual reality. Important sites located in this astrogeographic constellation are: Vatican City in Rome, The “Forbidden City” in Beijing , Temple of the Olympian Zeus in OlympiaFormer Facebook Headquarters in Palo Alto.

The famous Labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral is located in Sagittarius the sign of druid culture, wisdom, initiation and finding the way photo: Daderot license: GNU/FDL
For field level 4 the famous Labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral is located in Sagittarius the sign of druid culture, wisdom, initiation and finding the way. The second coordinate falls right on the divide between Capricorn and Aquarius   photo: Daderot license: GNU/FDL

For field level 4 which is valid for the largest part of Chartres Cathedral the famous labyrinth is located in dynamic, mental fire sign Sagittarius the sign of druid culture, wisdom, initiation, thinking, philosophy, understanding, aiming, travelling, searching and finding the way. Sagittarius is so to say the astrological master-indicator for labyrinths for a number of reasons. As the sign of the bow it is also the main indicator for circles and round forms in astrogeography. A major problem of  Sagittarius the sign of the archer naturally is having to calculate the flight of arrows not merely in straight lines but much more so in semi-circles. This aspect relates it to all topics having to do with moving in circles, understanding cyclic processes and time measurement. For this function of Sagittarius compare my blog about Stonehenge.  Therefore Sagittarius is a harmonious indicator not only for the presence of a labyrinth but also for studying labyrinths or playing with them. The exorbitant ornamentation at Chartres Cathedral with all kinds of esoterical and magical allusions, obvious or secrete, as well as the sophisticated proportions and other aspects of the design of the church building are to be seen  in the light of Sagittarius as the sign of ornamentation, style and design here too.  As the sign of the druid and priest castes it is an important indicator for the education of priests and for preserving and transferring knowledge as well as initiation rites.

In the  north-east half of the labyrinth the combination of highly conservative, defensive, strict, hierarchical earth sign Capricorn the sign of competence, efficiency and  control adds the aspect of a check-post of subjective thinking, planning, calculation and perception to the subjective mental euphoria of Sagittarius. This is why the combination of these two signs (or their rulers Jupiter and  Saturn) is astrologically considered as the constellation of highest efficiency in mental perception and thinking and has traditionally been interpreted as the constellation of the golden section in the sense of an ideal approach to the search for a perspective on efficient solutions. It has been defined as a trait in the birth charts of prophets and found in the birth charts of Jesus and Mohammed in the forms of a supposed Jupiter-Saturn conjunction or else Grand-Trine-aspects in fire signs.

For field level 4 two thirds of Chartres Cathedral fall in the combination of Sagittarius with Capricorn. Only the south part of the building with the 2 towers is located in Sagittarius with Aquarius  This is a hint that the topic of the golden section (golden ratio) might be found as a central topic in the style,  design and ornamentation here. About the Golden Section in relation to temples read more here: wiki list of works, The Golden Section in Art and Architecture. The south-east half of the labyrinth in the combination of Sagittarius with spiritual air sign Aquarius the sign of heaven, paradise, self-finding, abstraction and solutions could directly be interpreted as in resonance with the topics of the spheres of heaven, paradise and redemption.

Chartres Cathedral and the conflict  between a Geometry of the Sacred and a Sacred Geometry in relation to the Golden Section from an astrological point of view

In the term Sacred Geometry geometry itself is sanctified. The deepest knowledge and understanding of architecture is the holy grail of that term.  In the term Geometry of the Sacred it is the Sacred which the geometry serves that is sanctified.  The terms describe the controversy between free masonry (and other secrete societies) and the catholic church, between magic (technology) and religion or even form and essence.  I want to try and take a deeper look into this dispute in relation to the constellation of the Golden Seal from an astrological and astro-geographical point of view.  This could help get more conscious about the definitions of the zodiac signs in relation to religion, magic and the spiritual plane.

So which questions are we talking about that arise here? First of all:  what do we define as the sacred and what is a perfect geometry meant to be? How do we define the sacred in comparison to the divine?  Do we define sacred geometry itself as the divine when it is sacred or is the divine something beyond?  Do we define the divine aspect of geometry as the resonance with the highest potentials of the morphogenetic field achieved through perfection of human knowledge and skills in architecture?  What is the difference between a sacred temple and a temple of the sacred?

The architecture and all kinds of features of Chartres Cathedral have been subject to studies in geomancy.  First of all I want to make clear that the term “Sacred Geometry” should astrologically be understood as a description of the astrological constellation of the golden section in such a way that geometry as the mathematical science of the relationships and meaning of lines, forms, angles would have to be seen as corresponding to Capricorn (or Saturn).

The attribution (adjective) “Sacred” as an evaluation of the knowledge about perfect harmony  would stand for the technical utilization of the harmonies achieved through the application of the knowledge about the golden section in a sacred way. This means that the term “Sacred Geometry” refers to the sacred as an aspect of the mental sphere and not of the spiritual sphere. Therefore Gemini the sign of technology and practical magic, Scorpio the sign of the form itself and Sagittarius the sign of mental understanding, conclusions, wisdom and intiation should be the natural astrological indicators for an ideal architecture in Sacred Geometry.

If the Golden Seal was considered not as a Sacred Seal but as the Seal of the Sacred the practical utilization of geometry for technological purposes  would not be the main focus of the term but rather the re-connection with the Sacred as the superior, essential, divine,  subtle, spiritual, heavenly, godlike or fullest potential of the mophogenetic field as the function of geometry. This points to the relation of the term (noun) “Sacred” to the three spiritual signs Pisces the sign of the spiritual plane itself, Aquarius the sign of the nervous system of the landscape and as such of the re-connection with the spiritual plane  and Capricorn the sign of the physical manifestation and hardware of the spiritual plane and indicator for the exchange between the spiritual plane with human fate and perception.