Sky Bella Hotel in Kopenhagen

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Sky Bella Hotel in Astrology: the copposition between Leo and Aquarius. image license: cjreddaway - ccbysa2.0

Sky Bella Hotel in Kopenhagen

Sky Bella Hotel in Kopenhagen. Astrology, Architecture, Design & Places: the visualization of the topics of opposition between Aquarius and Leo as reflected in the design of distortion at the the Sky Bella Hotel in Copenhagen

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Sky Bella Hotel in Kopenhagen

photo: DanNav license: ccbysa3.0
Sky Bella Hotel is located in the combination of Aquarius with Leo   photo: DanNav, ccbysa3.0

The ultra modern Sky Bella Hotel is Scandinavia’s largest hotel and is a truly magnificent architectural landmark adding a very distinctive and visually impressive new profile to the Kopenhagen skyline.

The two towers of the Sky Bella Hotel designed by 3XN are distorted in such a way that they seem to be about to fly away in opposite directions. They 76.5 tall with an inclination of 15° in opposite directions. The height was determined by restrictions due to the proximity of Kopenhagen Airport and the tilting design chosen to optimize views.

Bella Sky Hotel located in Leo with Aquarius ph: Bjarne64, ccbysa3.0

Astrogeographical position of Sky Bella for morphogenetic radius/field level 3 (surrounding area) which describes the atmosphere and energetical topics of the whole larger project area and how the building is embedded in the landscape:  one coordinate is in creative, innovative, holistic, spiritual and anti-gravitational air sign Aquarius the sign of the sky, heaven, paradise, self finding and in moments of confrontation of suppressed energies an indicator for eccentric design and distortion. Aquarius also appears at the site of the Leaning Tower of Pisa where it is confronted with another one of the fixed astrological signs: Taurus. The decision for a design that displays distortion can be understood in several ways:

  • as an expression of rebellion against habitual patterns of perception, values, role behavior
  • an attempt for discontinuity and for exploring new dimensions
  • as a comment and message dedicated at opening up perspectives for a more holistic concept of the fuller potentials of architectural design and of human potentials too.
  • and more…

The second coordinate is in highly, energetic, magnetic, royal fire sign Leo the sign of the sun, light, heart, self-centeredness, luxury, sexuality and intensity of emotional self-expression.  In art Leo stands for the value and allowance of individual subjective perspectives and expression and in design for the right of the individual to express herself/himself the way it feels to. 

The issue of confrontational forces at work as displayed in the architectural design  is reflected in the fact that Leo and Aquarius are opposite zodiac signs.