The Cathedral of Brasilia in Leo with Pisces

The Cathedral of Brasilia in Leo with Pisces. Astrology, architecture & design: the astrogeographical position of the Cathedral of Brasilia 

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author: אורי ר. aus he ccbysa3.0
Cathedral of Brasilia located in Leo with Pisces            author: אורי ר. aus he, ccbysa3.0

The Cathedral of Brasilia was designed and built by the legendary brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and inaugurated on 31 May 1970. The church was designed as a Sun or crown with 16 rays. The bell tower resembles a rake with five teeh (pentadent) on top. Sculptures of the apostles guard the entrance.

Astrogeographic position of the cathedral of Brasilia for morphogenetic field level 4 which describes the energetical topics, atmosphere  and architecture of the building itself: the cathedral is located in highly energetic, magnetic, emotional, royal, individualistic and 5th (pentadent – 5 teeth) zodiac sign Leo the sign of the Sun, light, heart, self-centeredness, self-expression, power stations, sexuality and birth. As the sign of monarchy Leo is the indicator for the crown and as the sign of the Sun and of light it stands for the aspect of a starshaped “Sun Temple” here. Leo relates to the centralistic function of the capital cathedral of Brasil.
The 2nd coordinate is in the 12th zodiac sign: the spiritual and mystic water sign Pisces the sign of the sea, reconnection with the spiritual plane, the invisible, unconscious, subtle, imagination, dreaming, mythology, fairy tales and most important indicator for temples, the apostles and the blue waves on the glass ceiling here. 

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photo: Leandro Neumann Ciuffo, ccbysa2.0
Blue waves on the ceiling            photo: Leandro Neumann Ciuffo, ccbysa2.0

The blue and green colours of the glass roof is a direct analogy to Pisces the sign of the ocean whereas the 16 rays of the roof relate to the symbolism of sunlight.