Gemini the sign of Bridges and Road Crossings

Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange
Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange

Astrology and Places: Gemini the sign of Bridges and Road Crossings
The “Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange” near the Athens and Watts communities of Los Angeles, California is one of the most complicated interchanges in America. It was opened in 1993.
Astrogeographic position of the midpoint: on the cardinal degree and divide in between the practical air sign Gemini the most important indicator for bridges, pathways and road crossings and the emotional water sign Cancer the most important indicator for authenticity in modern architecture. The 2nd coordinate is in Cancer too. In contrast to Gemini Cancer stands for a slowed down traffic flow here.

What could be done to make places like this less stressful? 

There sure is a lot of potential in the idea of understanding energetic aspects of such places. In the case of the JHP Interchange I have the impression that the site itself is good for its purpose.  I mean it is better than other possible nearby options apart from the fact that the location is astrologically really plausible for an interchange. But of course if we talked about trying to do less harm to the surroundings and stimulating the flow of natural energies that feed our nervous systems there are many options here to improve the situation.

The east half of the Interchange has both coordinates in Cancer, that means it`s like a basin of personal emotionality, where people get into contact with their inner processes more easily than in other places. Plants grow better in Cancer and animals seem to like the stimulation this sign provides more than the ones from other signs. This is why getting stuck in the traffic here may still be better than in other places. And if this potential of the place could be supported (or stabilized) let`s say by: more plants, pink colour and punctuation of the landscape through art, for example a sculpture of a “madonna of coming home” the atmosphere of such places could be improved.

The constellation is valid for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes how the interchange is embedded in the town of L.A..