The Hundertwasser architecture in astrology

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Hotel and Thermal Bath in Bad Blumau ph: Intentionalart, ccbysa3.0

The Hundertwasser architecture in astrology

The Hundertwasser architecture in astrology. Astrology, architecture and art: some thoughts on the architectural design created by Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

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The Hundertwasser architecture in astrology

Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Friedensreich (peace-rich) Hundertwasser (100-waters) Regentag (rainy-Day) Dunkelbunt (dark-colorful) is the artistic name of Austrian artist Friedrich Stowasser. Hundertwasser is best known for his visionary approach to architectural design as explained in his “Mouldiness Manifesto against Rationalism in Architecture”. Heres a link list to “Hundertwasser – Houses”.

Hundertwasser in astrology
Friedensreich Hundertwasser in 1998 ph: Hannes Grobe, ccbysa2.5

Hundertwasser stood out as an opponent of “a straight line” and of the ruling habitual standardization of design during his life-times. That does of course not mean that his vision of building design has not developed its own standard. Whether or not or in how far the Hundertwasser design concepts can be understood as influenced by the Antoni Gaudi architecture or the Rudolf Steiner related ideals may be examined.

Firedensreich Hundertwasser Birth Chart
Birth Chart for Friedrich Stowasser born on 15 Dec 1928 in Vienna. I present the calculation for the planetary positions and Ascendant for 16:25 from the Taeger Archives and by Vienna astrologer Phillip Schiffmann – please note that this birth time is uncertain.
  • it is fascinating to find how an individual born with the Sun in Sagittarius the sign of round forms has decided to propagate a design that opposes straight lines. There are several consideration here: A — the archetypal image of Sagittarius is an archer aiming to shoot an arrow. Because arrows do not fly in straight lines but in curves Sagittarius and the archer depend on calculating the deviation of their flight path from the straight line. B — this aiming and success orientation of Sagittarius can be taken as symbolical of the routine in its attempts to find out how any aim can be achieved.
  • Hundertwasser was born during a nearly exact conjunction of Saturn and Mercury around 21°40 and conjunct the Sun at 23° in fire sign Sagittarius the sign of style, design, fashion, ornamentation, composition, observation, watchtowers, thinking, philosophy, initiation, preaching, priest castes, shamanism, arches, bows, circles, round shapes, arrows, hunting, magma chambers, darkness, devils, hunting, shooting, travelling, time measurement, observation of cycles, I think that most of these reflexes may be traced as important motifs of the art presented by Hundertwasser.
  • The Saturn-Mercury conjunction itself stands for karmic issues of being or having been subject to attempts of abortion, miscarriage,, rejection of ones rights to live, survive and experience emotional individuality. In addition to its quality as one of the strongest astrological placements for abortions this conjunction occurred on the zodiac degrees of abortion, castration and gender related problems of individuation located between 20° and 23° Sagittarius.
  • in Hundertwassers birth chart the Saturn-Mercury conjunction played a particularly prominent role through its conjunction with the Sun as the most important planetary indicator for the individual self image and center of emotional identity.
  • such Saturn – Mercury aspects are known for the reflex of avoiding and suppressing personal emotionality through various methods of compensation like intellectualism, isolation or even violent projection of pain.
  • the fact that Hundertwasser rejected certain but apparently not all types of framed patterns may be examined as a rejection of particular forms: strict, emotionally cold. hard lines, industrial functionalism, the black & white, grey of shady colors and those relate to the space between the realms of the living and those of the dead.
  • In Hundertwassers birth chart Mars the planet of fighting for individual survival was placed on the first degree (new process or try) of emotional water sign Cancer the sign of emotional individuality. This new beginning of mars Mars was square to Uranus the planet of self-liberation, rebellion, revolution and of escaping old patterns in a constellation aimed at leaving ones dependence from the social background of ones birth family and inheritance behind.
  • This aspect stands for the karmic issue of daring self-liberation from ones own bourgeois patterns of experience.
  • Jupiter the planet of success, victory and design orientation on the first degree in Taurus the sign of nest-building and architecture stood for seeking an approach to designing ones own habitat and other buildings as well.
  • I suggest that the placement of Neptune as the only one of the 12 systemical planets in Virgo the sign of protection of nature and of protected places should be given highest attention in Hundertwassers birth chart for the following reasons:
  • all the Hundertwasser houses I´ve seen seem to offer and establish a somewhat protected living space that seem to allow a certain amount of re-connection with nature, ideals of creativity, self-expression and with living in art in city-scapes. I consider that as an aim and reflex related to Virgo, the sign of gardening, spirits of plants and nature.
  • Neptune is the astrological resonator for the unconscious, unspoken and spiritual dimensions manifested in works of art.
  • the highly stimulative and supporting trine aspect between Neptune and Jupiter on the earliest degree of the sign of nest building (Taurus) may be found as an ideal planetary disposition for materialistic and commercial grounding of art produced by an individual.
  • in addition to that the conjunction of Jupiter with Chiron the planetary ruler of Virgo and sign ruler for Neptune presents an even more harmonious common interest in the cooperation of Jupiter with Neptune

The Hundertwasser House in Vienna

The famous and important Hundertwasser House in Vienna was built as the first of his design projects between 16 August 1983 and 17 February 1986. Its importance lay in the design concept that intended to create a more sane, healthy, protected and inspiring atmosphere through attempting to overcome the deficiencies and mistakes of industrialized house construction in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Hundertwasser`s demand for planting trees on top of the houses was ground-breaking for the introduction of new regulating laws for urban architecture in Austria and Germany. By 2020 it has become clear that plants on roof tops will take over a more and more important role in the architecture of the 21st century.

Hundertwasser House Vienna in astrology
The Hundertwasser house in Vienna is located in Sagittarius with Gemini
ph: Martin Abegglen, ccbysa2.0

Astrogeographical position for morphogenetic field level 3 (surrounding area) of the Hundertwasser house in Vienna which describes how the building and surrounding streets are embedded in the townscape of Vienna: the area has one coordinate in dynamical fire sign Sagittarius the sign of style, design, fashion, composition, thinking, watching, observing, philosophy, arches, bows and arrows, time measurement and awareness of cyclic processes, shamanism, healing, preaching, hunting, aiming and success orientation. It is important here that Sagittarius reflected the position of the intense Sun-Mercury-Saturn conjunction in Hundertwassers birth chart.

The 2nd resonance coordinate of the area is located in practical air sign Gemini the sign of experiments, curiosity, learning, teaching, signposts, symbols, pathways, road crossing and technological improvements.

Hundertwasser House in astrology
Astrological chart for the planetary position during the start of the construction of the Hundertwasser House in Vienna calculated as a midday chart for 16 March 1983 at 12:00 noon.
  • the conjunction of Jupiter as the sign ruler of Sagittarius the sign of style, design, composition and understanding with Uranus the planet of inspiration, mutation, revolution, holistic and alternative culture explains the introduction of a new, groundbreaking concept of design.
  • the Moon-Mars conjunction in Aries the sign of motivation for self-defense and mobilization for new eras and new projects may be investigated as a hint at the urgency of starting something new. I suggest to consider that the intensity of this planetary constellation points at the inheritance of extreme suffering caused by the rationality and functionalism of the urban architecture of the 20th century.
  • in regard to the astrogeographical resonance coordinates of the City of Vienna at 13°Capricorn the square aspect of this Moon-Mars conjunction reflects an extreme anger about the tendency of strict traditionalism, formalism, conservatism of the traditional inheritance as reflected by the 13°Capricorn coordinate. But at the same time also an intense symbolical support of the vivid, self-centering and powerful 16°Leo resonance qualities of Vienna through the highly positive, supporting and stimulative trine aspect.

“Waldspirale” Building in Darmstadt

Waldspirale (meaning forest spiral) is a residential building complex in Darmstadt, Germany, that was designed by Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The U- or horseshoe-shaped building has a unique facade which does not follow a regular grid organization and windows whose shape and placement appears to disobey and/or contradict the habitual patterns of a regular, symmetrical, square order. It was built between 1998 and 2000.

Hundertwasser House Waldspirale
Hundertwasser House Waldspirale in Darmstadt is located in Libra with Taurus
ph: Mussklprozz, ccbysa3.0

Astrogeographical position for morphogenetic field level 3 (surrounding area) which describes how the whole of the appr. 100 m long building and surrounding buildings are embedded in the landscape: the construction site has one coordinate in solid, fixed, female earth sign Taurus the sign of the earth and earth mother, grounding, growing roots, nest-building, architecture, settling down, occupation and possession of territory, markets and local energetical centers. The round shape of the building and the onion tower domes should be examined in regard to the resonance of earth sign in Taurus. One of the most important examples for this preference of Taurus from the history of architecture is the “mother of all domes” building the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul.

The 2nd coordinate is in service orientated air sign Libra the sign of harmony, balance, beauty, decoration, naive painting, love, relationship and openness. Libra stands for the reflexes aimed at the decoration and beautification of the building.

The round forms and onion domes cannot be related to Libra which has a clear tendency for rectangular and comparatively strict symmetrical alignment. Compare my long list of examples for these reflexes in Libra. This means that the Libra resonance of the site appears to be overwritten by the tendency for the preference of less filigree less airy and more compact, stout and earthy round forms in Taurus.

“Ronald MacDonald House” in Essen

The Hundertwasser designed house in the Gruga Park in Essen, Germany was built in 2005 as one of the last Hundertwasser design concepts that was realized. It is run by the German branch of the MacDonald Children Charities, The facades of warm colors and the playful towers seem to suggest the association of a fairy tale playground castle.

Hundertwasser "Ronald MacDonald House in Essen
The Hundertwasser “Ronald MacDonald House” in Essen is located in Libra with Cancer ph:, ccbysa2.5

Astrogeographical position for morphogenetic field level 3 (surrounding area) which describes how the whole of the appr. 45 m diameter building and surrounding buildings are embedded in the landscape: one coordinate is in emotional water sign Cancer the sign of emotional identity and individuality, motherhood, fertility, pregnancy, the uterus, eggs, sea-shells, childhood, families, islands, feeling at home and indicator for the round shape of the building that allow the creation of a protected island inside the inner circle of the structure.

The 2nd coordinate is in service orientated air sign Libra the sign of harmony, balance, beauty, decoration, naive painting, love, relationship and openness.

Hotel and Thermal Bath in Bad Blumau

Hotel and Thermal Bath Bad Blumau
The Hundertwasser Houses and Park at the “Rogner Resort and Thermal Baths in Bad Blumau are located in the combination of Scorpio with Aries (morphogenetic field level 3)
ph: Intentionalart, ccbysa3.0

The “Rogner Thermal Baths” at Bad Blumau is one of the most famous of thermal baths and holiday resorts in the Thermal and Volcanic Lands of Styria in south-eastern Austria. The 100°Celsius healing waters are pumped up from volcanic sources 3000 m below the ground.

The overall design concept was created by Friedensreich Hundertwasser starting from 15 January 1992. It is based on organic architecture with grass roofs and trees on top, colorful facades, fairy tale towers relating to medieval castles with the typically Austrian-Bavarian-Russian type of onion dome and minaret tops, widespread basins, 330 columns in different colors and 2400 windows of which not two are identical. The hotel has its own geothermal power plant.

The resort opened on 10 May 1997.

Astrogeographical position of Bad Blumau

Astrogeograohical position of the town of Bad Blumau for morphogenetic field level 1 (region, global resonance) which explains the global level of resonance of things that happen here: Bad Blumau has one coordinate at 9°Aquarius and one at 13°Leo.

Bad Blumau Rogner Baths
Astrological chart for the planetary positions on the day of the opening of the Rogner Thermal Baths Resort Bad Blumau calculated as a midday chart for 12:00 noon on 10 May 1997
  • On the day of the opening of the resort and thermal baths Uranus was exactly conjunct the astrogeographical resonance coordinate of the site at 9° in his own sign of rulership Aquarius the sign of the water bearer, the act of spreading the waters of inspiration and indicator for the waters pumped up from deep below the ground to open air pools.
  • this intense role of Uranus the planet of globalization, multicultural re-connective healing, holistic and alternative culture, inspiration, self-finding and self-liberation on a supraregional global level of resonance may be investigated in regard to: A re-connective healing and inspiration through bathing in age-old ground waters from deep below the ground. B — re-connection with holistic human potentials through contacts with holistic wellness and alternative medicine. C — the development of the tourism industries in the region attracting contacts and visitors from a global community. D — technical and cultural innovations providing motivation and inspiration for individual development.
  • the North Node as indicator for aims and outcomes of events was at 27° in Virgo the sign of self-healing, doctors, medical treatment, herbal medicine, self-cleaning, yoga culture, adaptation to symptoms of disease and necessities therefrom,
  • another strong aspect related to stimulating self-healing processes was the trine aspect of the North Node with the 29°Capricorn position of Neptune the indicator of dissolving of muscular tension, contamination, blocks of the flow of energies stored in the physical as well as in the emotional and mental bodies through deep relaxation, personal suffering, allowance of suppressed or ignored pains and long-term traumatic issues through bathing in waters and allowance of spirituality.
  • the Sun and Venus in Taurus the sign of money, income, market places indicate the huge potential for revenues from operating the resort.
  • the position of the Moon in emotional water sign Cancer the sign of the uterus, motherhood, coming or being at home, fertility, pregnancy, islands, beaches, shorelines, water springs, lakes and rivers is to be investigated as a general and strong indication of the importance of being near and in the water.

Astrogeographical position of the Thermal Baths and Resort

The interior of the Bad Blumau Resort offers the experience of the Hundertwasser concept of anti-conformity through curvy corridors with wavy floors and ever changing forms of doors and windows. ph: private

Astrogeographical position for morphogenetic field level 3 (surrounding area) which describes how the whole of the 360 m long and equally wide park area are embedded in the landscape: the site has one coordinate in solid, fixed water sign Scorpio the sign of the fire of water, alchemy of the mixing of elements, tanks, basins, water pipes, magma chambers, volcanic activity, the underworld, underground culture, sculpting, imaging and art production as such. The affinity of Scorpio with the underworld, closed containers, strongholds and underground culture relates the image of the underground houses to fortresses and bunkers. An element that relates to Scorpios appeal for a dominant ideal, concept or dogma may be studied here in regard to the appeal for the constancy of the exceptional features of the design concept.

The 2nd coordinate is in fire sign Aries sign of action, speed, motivation for new projects and beginnings, warfare, fighting, mobilization, muscular training and sports and competition for survival. Aries is to be investigated here as resonating sign of the dedication to physiotherapy and cures of the muscles. The stimulus through Aries can be particularly helpful after accidents or in case of rheumatic diseases. As the resonating sign of the first and initializing organ (Ascendant and House 1) fire sign Aries stands for the “Reset Function” of the physical system of living beings. As a representative of the fire element Aries can be expected to have a strong affinity to the volcanic activity below the ground.