The Taal volcano eruptions and current situation

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Taal volcano on 13 January 2020 ph: Adisidis, ccbysa3.0

The Taal volcano eruptions and current situation

The Taal volcano eruptions and current situation. Mundane astrology and prediction: the current astrogeographical transits for Taal volcano

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The Taal volcano eruptions and current situation

Taal Volcano is a large caldera filled by Taal Lake located 50 km south of Manila the capital city of the Philippines.

Taal Volcano in astrology
Aerial photo of Taal Volcano in 2012. ,ph: Mike Gonzalez, ccbysa3.0

Astrogeographical position

Astrogeographical resonance coordinates for the Taal volcano for morphogenetic field level 1 (region) which describe the global, international resonance of the volcano: the volcano is located at 13° Aries and 12°Aquarius.

Saturn conjunct and Uranus Square in 2021-23

I was asked about the current astrogeographical situation at Taal Volcano today:

“Good morning from the Philippines! I was wondering if you were following the current developments of volcanic activity of Taal again! It’s currently experiencing some unrest, and I found that you have posted your thoughts on its previous eruptions in 1965 and 2020.”

This is my answer:

Astrology of Taal volcano
Astrological chart for the moment of maximal tension at Taal volcano calculated for the Full Moon of 18 March 2022
  • “Hello …. – oh wow – looking at the astrogeographical resonance coordinates for Taal volcano I realized that Saturn is currently conjunct the 12°Aquarius resonance coordinate while Uranus is exactly square.
  • The stabilizing aspect of Saturn currently at 13°Aquarius as indicator of the stability of the status quo, the cap on top of the volcanic pipe and hard rock formation near the volcanic pipe appears to be under intense pressure from Uranus as indicator for discharge of imbalances of weight of hard formations, explosive material and similar factors. That indicates a longer process of discharge of pressure onto the local formations and magma chambers until February 2023 when Uranus will turn direct at 14°Taurus and the climax phase of these transits will be over.
  • The stabilizing effect from the resonance of Saturn conjunct the crater area and surroundings will be effective until February 2022 – while Uranus will be turning direct by mid-January from 10°Taurus to move into the exact square position by March /April 2022 for a second and last time.
  • The momentum of the Uranus square transit will last until June 2022 marking the next climax phase of maximal tension for the current transit situation.
  • Of this period the Full Moon day of 18 March 2022 is to be investigated as a climax of the tension as Uranus will be exactly square the 12°Aquarius resonance coordinate from 12°Taurus while an acute and stressful Mars-Venus conjunction at 11°-12°Aquarius will be over the volcano. It has to be investigated and speculated in how far the square impact of Uranus can effect the strong gravitational pull from Mars and Venus conjunct the crater.
  • The stabilizing position of Saturn conjunct the crater area and surroundings will be effective until February 2022 – with Uranus turning direct by mid-January. This momentum and until June 2022 when Uranus will move on and leave the exact square position is the climax phase of maximal tension for this current transit situation.

The Taal volcano eruptions of 1965 and 2020

The 2020 eruption on the day of the Pluto-Saturn-Sun-Mercury conjunction

The 12 January 2020 Eruption of Taal Volcano, Philippines occurred on the exact date of the Pluto-Saturn-Sun-Mercury conjunction between 21 and 23°Capricorn in exact square to the 23°Aries resonance coordinate of the volcano.

The Taal volcanoe eruption of 2020 in astrology
Astrological event chart for the eruption of Taal volcano of 12 January 2020
  • The strong planetary pull from this super conjunction – and a day after the full moon explains extreme pressure on the area of the volcanic pipe of Taal.
  • The conjunction can be understood to describe an image of particularly solid material (Pluto, Saturn) with extreme hot material (Leo) and with openings, pipes and/or gaseous material (Mercury).
  • Saturn as the natural indicator for the cap at the top of the volcanic pipe near mid-heaven during the first eruption is a frequent position in volcanic eruptions.
  • The Moon as an important indicator for acutely intense gravity in fire sign Leo a natural indicator for heat and magma in house 4 which means below the ground and directly underneath the volcanic pipe stands for a growing accumulation of magma.
  • It is important also that the Moon position at 10°Leo was near to exactly opposite the 12°Aquarius resonance coordinate of the volcano bringing about the image of an intense maximal gravitational pressure onto the site.
  • The Sun as the ruler of the full impact of the Moon in Leo appears to have worked as the decisive factor that pulled out the cork towards midheaven opening the path for eruption.
Tall volcano in astrology
Taal volcano eruption on 13 January 2020
ph: Adisidis, ccbysa4.0

The 1965 eruption as a “Steam-Magma-Meltdown”

The Taal volcanoe eruption of 1965 in astrology
Astrological event chart for the eruption of Taal volcano of 28 September 1965 at 2:00.
  • The eruption of September, 28 1965 at 2:00 had Saturn in Pisces in house 4 – the possible image of the dissolution or melting of the cap – and opposite the explosive UR-PL conjunction, the “mother of all explosions aspect” so to say..
  • I find Jupiters position shortly after his Cancer ingress – the sign of lake water and springs – fascinating. Because of his AC and sign rulership of Sagittarius Jupiter appearing as the central indicator for magma here really fascinates me. A possible factor in the mixing of the two elements fire and water.
  • The Moon-Venus-Neptune conjunction with Moon as sign ruler over Jupiter in Cancer was exactly square the 12°Aquarius astrogeographical resonance coordinate of the lake and caldera area.
  • The pressure from the Steam-Magma-Meltdown “alchemical” fusion (Scorpio) in Plutos own sign Scorpio finally appeared as the explosive factor.