The astrogeographical position of Kairo

The astrogeographical position of Kairo and transits of the outer planets in relation to the political center and government of Egypt.

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The astrogeographical position of Kairo

The River Nile in Kairo ph: Martin Steiger, cco1.0

Astrogeographical position of Kairo for morphogenetic field level 1 which describes the international and global resonance of the capital and political center of Egypt: Kairo is located 15°Aquarius and 29°Pisces.

Natal Charts for Egypt

Old Kingdom

Pharao Djoser founder of the 3rd dynasty and the Old Kingdom around 2686 B.C.

The exact year of the beginning of the reign of Pharao Djoser the founder of the Third Dynasty and what is known as the “Old Kingdom” is not certain, But the planetary positions of the outer planets during the spring equinox of 2686 B.C. deliver a fascinating result in the form of a Uranus-Saturn conjunction between 2° and 3°Pisces the degrees of flooding and exactly conjunct the astrogeographical resonance degrees of the City of Thebes.

Egypt Foundation of the Old Kingdom calculated for the Spring Equinox of 2686 BC

This planetary constellation relates to the significance of the yearly Nile flood (Uranus as the ruler of Aquarius on the degree of flooding) for the stability (Saturn) of Egyptian society. The important Empirial temple of Amun-Re at Thebes was constructed not before the 18th dynasty (1550 B.C. -1297 B.C.) – over a thousand years after Djoser. It served as the central temple for the state cult related to the annual fertility rites in relation to the Nile flood.

Egyptian Independence of 1922 with Neptune opposite Kairo

From an astrogeographical point of view Neptune plays a important role in Egyptian politics as the ruler of the astrogeographical resonance coordinate of the capital Cairo in Pisces.

Battle of Tell el Kebir on 13 September 1882

The Biritish occupation of Egypt was started after the British victory over the Egyptian army in the Battle of Tel El Kebir on 13 September 1882 at the end of Neptune´s square transit to the 15°Aquarius resonance coordinate of Cairo from 18°Taurus.

The moment of the formal Egyptian independence of 1922 came with Neptune exactly opposite the 15°Aquarius resonance coordinate of Cairo putting pressure on the existing political structures and the British Consul-General.

Ntal chart for Egypt calculated for the decision in the House of Commons to give up the British Protectorate on 14 March 22:43 in London calculated for Kairo time (+2h) source: N. Campion

At the same time Jupiter`s stimulative and highly positive trine aspect to the 15°Aquarius position of Cairo from 16°Libra was strongly triggered by the transit of the Moon in conjunction with Jupiter in the early morning hours of that day. Despite the descision to give up the British Protectorate the British occupation of Egypt and esp. of the Suez canal area was continued.