The astrogeographical resonance degrees for Bern

The astrogeographical resonance degrees for Bern. Astrology, astrogeography, history and politics: the astrogeographical position of Bern and transits of the outer planets in relation to the capital and government of Switzerland

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The astrogeographical resonance degrees for Bern

Bern or Berne  is the de facto capital of Switzerland, referred to as the “federal city”. Bern is thought to have been founded in 1191 by Berthold V, Duke of Zähringen.

Aerial photo of the old city of Bern which protected the city from invaders. For fl3 (surrounding area) the peninsula is located in the combination of water sign Cancer sign of river banks, islands, fertility and emotional independence with solid, conservative, hierarchical earth sign Capricorn sign of control, tradition and government institutions.

Astrogeographical degrees for Bern for morphogenetic field level 1 which describes the international and global resonance of the capital and political center of Switzerland: one coordinate is located at 29° in dynamic male fire sign Aries the sign of action, speed, warfare, decisions and beginnings and at 13° in creative, innovative, holistic air sign Aquarius sign of the sky, heaven, paradise, self-finding, abstraction, innovation, inventions, individuality, emancipation and self-liberation

The Federal Palace of Switzerland is the seat of the Swiss Federal Assembly. For fl 4 (exact position) the latitude coordinate of the building itself stretches from Sagittarius into the first degrees of Capricorn and the longitude from Capricorn into Aquarius
ph: Flooffy, ccbysa2.0

Natal or Foundation Charts for Switzerland

The constitution of 1848 with Pluto conjunct Bern

The chart for the Swiss constitution of 1848 is named by swiss astrologers as the initial chart for modern Switzerland. The exact time of the event given by J.H. Taeger and N. Campion for 11:12 a.m. has been checked by swiss astrologer Beatrice Ganz who provides proof that the constitution was passed shortly before 1 p.m.. The revolutionary Pluto-Uranus conjunction of the years 1848-50 explains the decision for the new swiss constitution on the background of a worldwide movements of struggle for reform, emancipation and self-liberation.

Switzerland natal chart calculated for the constitution of 1848 passed on September, 12 at 12:55 in Bern

The constitution of 1848 was passed with Jupiter the planet of victory, healing, luxury and expansion at 12° Leo challenging the position of the existing government in Bern through an exact opposition to the 13°Aquarius resonance coordinate. It is remarkable that Jupiter made a return to his position from the Rütlischwur providing direct resonance and continuity with the foundation of the swiss union.

Slow moving Pluto the planet of defense, trauma, ideology, belief systems, pain, dominance, hierarchy and indicator for the transformation of patterns of role conduct at 27°Aries was conjunct the 29°Aries resonance coordinate of Bern during that period. Plutos position explains the new constitution as an act of transformation (adaptation) of the political system but also of fortification of the country`s capital, political autonomy and its readiness for self-defense (Aries).

The exact opposition of Saturn the planet of rules and regulations in opposition to the Sun indicator of emotional self-expression and subjective desires together with the position of Venus the planet of relationship in Libra the sign of justice and peace as her own sign and house ruler at midheaven seems to mark the function of the new constitution as an agreement that terminated with the topics of the “Sonderbundskrieg” – the swiss civil war of November 1847.

The Rütlischwur Oath during a Sun-Jupiter- Mars conjunction opposite Bern

The Rütlischwur oath – painting by Henry Fuseli (1780)

The Rütlischwur is a legendary oath taken at the foundation of the Old Swiss Confederacy by the representatives of the three founding cantons,  UriSchwyz and Unterwalden, traditionally dated to August, 1 1307. It is named for the site of the oath-taking, the Rütli, a meadow above Lake Uri near Seelisberg.

The Rütli is the site of the birth of Switzerland. For fl3 (surrounding area) the longitude coordinate of the meadow stretches on the last degress of Gemini the position of liberalism, personal freedom and an important resonance of parlament. The lake shore is on the first degree of Cancer sign of beaches. The latitide coord. is in Taurus sign of the earth. ph: DrHäxer , ccbysa4.0

Astrogeographical position of the Rütli for morphogenetic field level 1 wjhich describes the supraregional topics of the site: one coordinate is at 13° in solid, fixed earjh sign Taurus sign of the earth, grounding, roots, possession of territory and income. 2nd coordinate is at 12° in air sign Aquarius sign of self-finding, emancipation, self-liberation and revolution.

Switzerland Natal chart I calculated as a midday chart for the day of the Rütlischwur on 1 August 1291 source: N. Campion

The astrogeographical positions of todays capital of switerland in Bern were aspected by a Sun – Jupiter – Mars conjunction between 15° and 7°Leo in opposition to the 13°Aquarius resonance coordinate of Bern. This allignment seems to resonate with the liberation of the site of what has become the capital of Switzerland as a place of central resonance for swiss independence. At the same time the allignment appeared in exact square and opposition to the supraregionale resonance coordinates (FL1) of the Rütli meadows (13°TA-12°AQU). Through the allignment of all three fiery planets firmly challenging the “ruling coordinates” of the place and region of the Rütli meadow the Rütlischwur appears as strongly decided emotional statement and threatening warfare (Mars-Jupiter cj.) against the politcal rulers of the region. This overall image presents a fascinating and really impressive example for how to organize a revolution.

Independence from the Holy Roman Empire

The legal independence of Switzerland from the Holy Roman Empire was a result of the Peace of Westphalia signed on 24 October 1648. The Peace of Westphalia was a series of peace treaties signed between May and October 1648 in the Westphalian cities of Osnabrück and Münster, largely ending the European wars of religion, including the Thirty Years’ War.  Along with a large number of regulations it also settled the formal independence of Switzerland.

The astrogeographical position of Bern, Switzerland,
Astrological chart for the signing of the Peace of Westphalia calculated for 6.p.m. on 24 Oct 1648 (greg.). The time is not exact – the signing process seems to have ended “in the evening hours”.

The resonance of the cojnunction of Mars with Chiron in the center of fire sign Leo and opposite the 13°Aquarius resonance coordinate of Bern appears as a strong hint at the resonance with the Jupiter positions of the Rütlischwur as well as the constitution of 1848. Jupiter himself at 29°Virgo was exactly conjunct the astrogeographical resonance degree of Berlin pointing at the importance of the Treaty of Westphalia in the process of reduction of the Holy Roman Empire and the retarded developmetnt of the first german national state in the 2nd half of the 19th century.

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