The Independence Referendum in Catalonia

The Independence Referendum in Catalonia

The Independence Referendum in Catalonia, Astrology & Politics: the Independence Referendum in Catalonia. astrogeographical analysis of the situation during the planned referendum.

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Flag of Catalonia

While I`m writing this post the spanish police have raided regional government ministries involved in organizing an independence vote declared illegal by Spain’s government.  The vote is being organized for to be held on October 1 2017. The astrological chart for the opening of the polling  stations provides detailed information about the topics dealt with during the referendum.

Demonstration “Som una nació. Nosaltres decidim” for Independence of Catalonia in 2010 photo: xenaia, ccbysa2.0

First of all  the referendum takes places during the period of the first Uranus return onto his position during the rise of European fascism between 1928 and 1934. As I have stated in many other articles Aries is not only the sign of warfare, aggression, strength, action, new starts the strife for superiority but also the sign of the level of consciousness of unicellular organisms. Uranus  the planetary resonator of the nervous system when transiting in Aries brings back the emotions and energetical topics of the basic chakra in the human system. Egoism, reduction, primitiveness, self-centered aggression, competition and warfare are  major effects of this transit. And so is the strife for strength, dominance,  superiority and primitive nationalism.

The rise of neo-fascism during the current Uranus return transit has seen one climax in the rise of neo-fascism worldwide (USA, Ukraine, Russia, Islamic Fascism,). Another climax was the inauguration of Donald Trump as US president on 20 January 2017 with Uranus at 20°Aries exactly conjunct Uranus` position during the inauguration of Adolf Hitler on 30 January 1933. An important climax of the neo-fascist era in Europe was the neofascist propaganda that played the decisive role in the 2016 Brexit referendum. The strife for independence in smaller countries is symptomatic of the concentration on the basic chakras – that serve the competition and fighting modes.

Anti Independence graffiti photo: Philipp Reichmuthm ccbysa4.0

Please don`t get me wrong: I don`t want to criticize the independence of Catalonia from Spain if one or both the two partners wish for it. I`m just reminding us all that the historical timing of  that referendum falls into the era of the repetition of the fascist times and topics. That includes an atmosphere of hate, racism and aggressive nationalism. And there is enough danger in these times that such emotions easily dominate the potentially positive aspects of any such referendum. That should be realized and understood in the first place in order to not fall victim to the most primitive emotionality which is spread by propaganda actors working for global lobbyists in the almighty social networks and the neo-fascist online media.

The 17 August 2017  Barcelona terrorist attack was organized just in time for the “Catalonia referendum” propaganda – 6 weeks before its planned date. And it was carried out after long years in which only the North European countries Britain, France, Germany, Sweden had been targeted, The question has to be asked here in how far has the “17 August Barcelona Terrorist Attack” effected an even stronger support of fascist emotions in Catalonia and the hole of Spain. I have pointed out in the long list of articles on the pseudo-islamist terrorist attacks that the ISIS contract killers are sent out by Saudi/Gulf States sponsors in cooperation and coordination with their neo-fascist US Republican lobbyists to support the strategical political aims of  the USA in Europe:  preventing closer cooperation between the EU and Russia and weakening the EU.

Astrogeographical Data

Astrogeographical position of the City of Barcelona the capital of Catalonia for morphogenetic field level 1 which describes the supraregional, international and worldwide resonance of the topics of  the citys role as center of the Catalonian morphic field and the seat of the province government.: one coordinate lies at 26°in air sign Aquarius and the second coordinate at 26° in air sign Gemini. Barcelona`s astrogeographic position at 26 Aquarius Aquarius was under intense pressure from the transit of the Sun at 25°50` in exact opposition to Barcelona. This coordinate of the City of Barcelona lies in exact opposition to the astrogeographical coordinate of US capital Washington at 27° Leo. The combination of these 2 air signs is known for a situation of sitting on two chairs simultaneously feeling and/or being stuck between two stages or spheres of interest. This circumstances tend to be   compensated through frequent and sudden changes of direction instead of stabilizing and securing continuity. That situation has strong potentials for openness, mixing of languages and cultures, technological innovations and learning. Geographically Catalonia is located right in between Spain and France with Northern Catalonia under the control of Paris since the  Treaty of the Pyrenees in 1659.

Astrogeographical position of Madrid for morphogenetic field level 1 which defines the supraregional, international role of the Capital of Spain: Madrid is located at 15° of dynamic fire sign Sagittarius the sign of thinking, aiming, success oreintation, expansion, luxury, shamanism, preaching and the priests and profiteer castes  traditionally the most important astrological resonator (2nd is Scorpio) for Spanish Culture. The second coordinate of Madrid lies on 20° of emotional water sign Cancer the sign of emotional independence, individuality, self-centeredness and authenticity and an indicator for feeling at home.

The chart for the opening of the  polling stations shows the topics of the referendum – the chart for the closing explains its outcome.

Astrology & Politics: The Catalonia Referendum in 2017. Calculated for the opening of the polling station on October 1 2017 at 9:00

The opposition between Jupiter the planet of victory and success to Uranus – the planet of globalization reveals a dispute between profiteers (Jupiter) and fundamentalists (Uranus). The Moon is in Aquarius in house 4 the house of feeling at home:  emotional individuality and identity represents a major topic of the referendum. It is to be seen in the  emotional identification with the country and the quest (Aquarius) for one`s own identity.

The South Node on 23°45`Aquarius will be conjunct the astrogeographical position of the Catalan capital Barcelona in house 4. The North Node in Leo in house 10 indicates that the topic of the desire for the referendum is the motivation to be seen and be admired for one`s strengths, capacities, glory and . Catalonia though economically the strongest province in Spain has been under the rule from Madrid and Sevilla for twelve-hundred years or more. That could mean that the Catalonian self-finding and even more its public self -expression is a major topic.

Saturn conjunct Lilith and Plutoall in house three the house of communication show a strongly propagandistic approach to the referendum. These constellations indicate  a certain limitation of arguments and the tendency of habitual and ideological use of arguments.

The Mars-Venus conjunction in opposition to Neptune stands for situations of foreign control over one`s own territory and posessions and situations in which we cannot recapture what is our own. That constellation strongly stands for the defeat of the Catalonian “liberation” front in the referendum. But due to the position of Venus and Mars in Virgo it can be assumed that the spanish central government will have to pay for the victory and allow more rights to Catalonia as a result of the strong independence movement here. This means that the strategy of the catalonian patriots will probably bring progress for the influence of the province on the central governments.

Astrological chart for the closing of the polling stations calculated for 1 October 2017, 21:00 at Barcelona

The chart for the closing of the polling stations has Saturn the ruler of midheaven in house 8 the house of foreign control. Jupiter its ruler will be in house 6 in a constellation of adaptation. But Jupiter here also indicates the optimal and clever use of ressources and probability of strategical gains.

Venus the AC ruler will be in house 5 the house of self-esteem indicating growing self-esteem in the belief of Catalonia and possibly other spanish provinces to stand up for their rights against the central government. That should be really positive but the conjunction with Mars adds to it a hysterical, hectical and aggressive perspective too.

The North Node too is located in house 5 plus in Leo the sign of royalty, self-centeredness, emotional self-expression and profile neurosis which in addition to that represents the zodiacal equivalent of house 5. The North Node`s position definesr the aims of the referendum which indicate that its aim does not lie in legal and political independence in the first place but in emotional self-expression, the birth of self-esteem as a “tribe”, the competition in the fields of glamour, value and the position of Catalunya in tribal hierarchy.

The positions of Neptune in house 11 and Uranus in house 12 stand for a state of paralysis as the outcome of the referendum.

Barcelona`s astrogeographical position in the birth chart of modern Spain

Compare: Astrogeographic position of Madrid and past and future transits,

The birth chart for modern Spain is marked by a  number of really tight constellations which reveal that the foundation of the new state was handicapped by the enormous influence of the fascist inheritance on the spanish state, jurisdiction, administration, police, army, secret services and the population. Although founded with an ascendant in Aquarius that wasn`t a real revolution but rather a first highly controled step of the country out from the grip of the Franco regime. But Saturn right on the decendant on the point of

Astrological Chart for the foundation of the Constitutional Monarchy in Spain on 22 November 1975 at 12:45, Madrid

Modern Spain was founded with a conjunction of Sun, Mercury and North Node between 29° and 22°Scorpio occupying midheaven in a square to the 26°Aquarius astrogeographical coordinate of Barcelona.  The constellation stands for pressure on the libertarian and indecisive constellation of Barcelona in the two air signs Gemini and Aquarius from the central government in Madrid.

Problematic transits for the spanish monarchy: the next problematic transit will be the Uranus ingress in Taurus the sign of territorial questions from May 2018: it will trigger the Saturn-Uranus square from the foundation chart. The current strife for independence in Catalunya will porobably see its next tense situation by then.