Astrology and astrogeography of the 2017 terrorist attack in Barcelona

Barcelona Terrorist Attack on 17 August 2017

Barcelona Terrorist Attack on 17 August 2017 – The pre-eclipse Sun opposite Barcelona. Astrological and astrogeographical data and analyses

As in the case of the terrorist attacks in London and Manchester before the British general elections on 8 June, the attacks in Barcelona are to be seen in relation to the German general elections on 24 September 2017 and the planned referendum about the independence of Catalunya on 1 October 2017. The clients of the contract killers at work under the guise of pseudo-islamic fascism are therefore to be sought among the profiteers from right-wing votes at the coming elections and referendum

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Astrogeographic position of the central town area of the City of Barcelona for morphogenetic field level 1 which describes the supraregional, international and worldwide resonance of the topics of  the city: one coordinate lies at 26°in air sign Aquarius and the second coordinate at 26° in air sign Gemini. Barcelona`s astrogeographic position at 26 Aquarius Aquarius was under intense pressure from the transit of the Sun at 25°50` in exact opposition to Barcelona. This coordinate of the City of Barcelona lies in exact opposition to the astrogeographical coordinate of US capital Washington at 27° Leo and to the position of the coming “Great American Solar Eclipse” at 29°Leo. This is why the incident has to be seen in relation to the coming “Great American Solar Eclipse”.

Las Ramblas in Barcelona © Ralf Roletschek, GNU/FDL

On 17 August 2017  a van was driven into pedestrians at the famous Las Ramblas in Barcelona killing 13  people and injuring at least 100. Two men were arrested in connection with the attack; another was reported killed in a shootout with police. In Ripoll, a man in his 20s was alleged to have rented the van, but told police his ID was stolen. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack through its Amaq News Agency.

A night before on 16 August  one person was killed in an explosion at the  Catalan town of Alcanar. It flattened a building and killed a woman. Head of the Mossos d’Esquadra Josep Lluís Trapero said it was related to the ramming. Early in the morning of 18 August 2017 nine hours after the attack, police killed five people in Cambrils, Tarragona, who were believed to be planning a coordinated suicide bombing terrorist attack. Some wore fake explosive belts. At least six civilians and one police officer were injured in this incident.

The astrological chart

Astrological event chart for the terrorist attack in Barcelona on 17 August 2017 calculated for 16::50

Saturn in Sagittarius the sign of hunting on the ascendant and Jupiter its ruler in house 10 the house of chiefs on the royalty/aristocracy degree of 20°Libra  stands for contract killers.

As with many ISIS attacks these constellations have to be interpreted  as a clear sign that the attack was carried out as strategically planned  commando action of the cooperation of ISIS and its Saudi-Gulf States-US Republican Party`s right wing connection.

Venus as the indicator for the target and motives of the recent terrorist attacks

As in the overwhelming number of recent ISIS attacks the role of Venus as an indicator for the target and motives  appears in the chart in the form of a conjunction of Venus with another planet. In this case it is a conjunction of Venus with the Moon in house 7 in Cancer in a constellation of the desire for emotional and sexual pleasures and the ideal of romantic relationship.  Both planets are in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn the indicating constellation for the institutionalized islamic, american, British and other fascism which we are facing in the guise of ISIS terrorism.

The following long list of recent terrorist attack most of them carried out by the ISIS contract killers all had Venus conjunct another planet during the attack. Venus is the indicator for profits (house 2) and relationship options (house 7).

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