Rythmical activations in the “Great American Solar Eclipse”chart

Rythmical activations in the “Great American Solar Eclipse” chart
Rythmical activations in the 21 August 2017 “Great American Solar Eclipse”
chart – the 2017 North Korea crisis in relation to the coming “Great American Solar Eclipse”
Astrological chart for the Solar Eclipse on 21 August 2017 at 14:29 calculated for the Capital Washington which is located on the resonance degree of 27° Leo triggered by the Eclipse at 28° Leo
Mars will be conjunct the astrogeographical position of the resonating degree of North Korean capital Pyongyang during the coming “Great American Solar eclipse” at 21°Leo. Mars is the planet of warfare and the definte indicator for rockets.
The astrogeographic positions of Pyongyang are 21°Leo and 9°Aries – a highly aggressive, centralistic, fast acting, emotional. dominant combination known for involvement in suicidal tendencies.
The astrogeographic positions of the South Korean government in Seoul are 28°Virgo (cj. Berlin) plus 23°Aries.
In my article about the The Astrogeographical Positions of the two Korean Capitals Pyongyang and Seoul, future transits of the outer planets and the impact of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in exact square to Seoul on 13 January 2020 and the parallels to the fall of the Berlin Wall I`m trying to imagine the scenario of a Korean “Wiedervereinigung” in relation to the 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction. But it seems a long way to go.
The 2017 North Korea crisis in the coming “Great American Solar Eclipse”
The North Node Rahu will transit the astrogeographic position of Pyongyang (21°Leo) by the end of October 2017 making the North Korean government a target and central issue of world politics.
Rythmical activations in the “21 August 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse” chart
Rythm: 1 house/1 month
Timeline of activation:
26 Aug Change from Sag into Sco – highly alert situation, increasing pressure
21 Sept Scorpio house ruler – highly alert situation, pressure
8 Oct Change from Sco into Lib – negotiations
21 Oct Jupiter at 20°Lib (UN, China) – chance for negotiations & solutions
10 Nov Change from Lib to Vir (Seoul) – Seoul activated, reason, self-protection
21 Nov Vir house ruler – reason, self-protection, staking claims
1 Dec Mercury at 8°Vir (negotiation) – negotiations
8 Dec Sun, Moon eclipse pos – Full impact of the eclipse activated together with the full negativity of unsolved issues and problems of updating in the US political system
16 Dec Mars at 21°Leo (Pyongyang) – acute danger – Mars activation as co- ruler of Pyongyang
Rythmical activations in the 21 August 2017 Solar Eclipse chart related to the 2017 North Korea crisis