Political Development and Prediction through Uranus

Political Development and Prediction through Uranus

Some thoughts on the interpretation of the Uranus cycle, the current political situation in the USA and on rythmical activations in the Uranus ingress into Aries chart of 2010.

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I think there is a particular point that needs to be discussed about political change: it is not only by events that the progress needed could come about. The people – meaning in this case – the american population need to develop the experience from which to draw the conclusion that the 2-party system is the cause of the negativity output of american society and the hypercapitalism that is now reaching the next climax of degenerate form: As humans are used to learning core issues through suffering only. for prognosis we need to imagine which disaster would bring about the change. Now that humanity is not only able but ready to destroy life on our planet everybody knows that global cooperation is needed.

Uranus Ingress into Aries
Astrological chart for the Uranus Ingress into Aries on 28 May 2010 calculated for 3:50 in Central Europe

The new 84 years cycle of Uranus transits started on 27 May 2010, 21:50 UT (see the chart above for Washington) The starting period in which Uranus transits the 3 signs of the material body and sphere Aries/Taurus/Gemini lays the practical foundation for that global cooperation – most probably by making it more and more inevitable every day. It starts with Uranus in Aries the sign of unicellular consciousness which is the reason why nationalism needs to be experienced. The second step Uranus in Taurus the sign of possession of territory will be the period of clearing the practical borders and independence like e.g. the sovereignty of the Kurdish people. The 3rd step Uranus in Gemini brings the confrontation of opposites and practical solutions. All that at least in regard to the potential for the innovations needed by mankind. That period ends with Uranus transit into the signs of the emotional body and sphere Cancer/Leo/Virgo on 3. August.2032, 16:34 UT.

That period will stimulate the development or say breeding of the emotional maturity needed for living together and finding the way back to identifying ourselves as humanoids. By now in 2017 these potentials are under pressure or being neglected through Uranus in Aries as Aries needs to experience the memory and potentials of the so to say pre-animal stage of our human development. I think – in astrology just like in politics – what makes the primitive predicitonism industry so disturbing is that people make their business through overwriting the overall picture – the abstraction and consciousness about our fuller potentials – or say the potential reflected by Uranus himself. Here is the chart for the current 84-year Uranus cycle calculated for 27 May 2010, 21:50 UT in Washington.

If we go through that chart with the method of rhythmical activation of 7 years per house you`ll find the Uranus-Jupiter conjunction on 0°Aries (in opposition to the astrogeographic position of Berlin and conjunct Amsterdam) will be triggered in December 2027. That is supposedly the first climax of our era in regard to political development and global solutions as far as the potential through stimulation by Uranus is concerned – and of course from the point of view of Washington.

Rhythmical activations in the Chart of the Uranus Ingress 2010
Timeline of Rhythmical Activations for Washington in the chart of the Uranus ingress calculated for 27 May 2010, 21:50 for Washington, DC

As you can see the next 2 major steps for the USA will come when the depression constellation of Lilith-Neptune-Chiron conjunction with Chiron on a degree of the clearing extreme contamination will be triggered between December 2021 and October 2022. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on 0°Aries the degree of a new start will not be activated before October 2027.