How to understand and choose the radius level for interpretation

How to understand and choose the radius level for interpretation Looking for a new home, a place to rent, a place for living ? Check adresses from the housing ads with your personal chart. Find out if a place is auspicious for your working life, if it rather stands for relationship or if it supports education! Use radius level 4 for this feature.

Looking for a job. Check the employer´s adress in to get an idea of what`s expecting you and how you could present yourself when applying! Use radius level 4 for a small firm and radius level 3 for bigger companies!.

Holdays. Which holiday resort should I chose for myself, my family and friends?
Check out the adress of a hotel or resort in before booking!
Use radius level 4 for a small hotel and radius level 3 for a holiday resort!

When you`re planning to move to another city check out the qualties that it has for you personally on! Use radius level 2 for this feature!

If you want to buy a house check the adress with analysis!
Use radius level 4 for the house and radius level 3 for bigger piece of land!

Time to start your own business. Check your business adress in order to get an idea about the potentials and the problems awaiting you at different places with! Use radius level 4 for your own office and radius level 3 in agriculture or if there there´d be more than one building involved!

If you want to explore new markets and find new custumers and clients. Calculate the potentials of different regions or towns for strategic planning in! Check the adress of a possible client in order to see your potential at another company`s headquarters! Use radius level 1 for regions, 2 for towns, 3 for a larger and 4 for a small company or single person!

Going out tonight. You want to meet people and find new friends? Check the adress of any public or private place to see what potentials they have for you for meeting people! Use radius level 4 for a bar or restaurant and radius level 3 for a street festival!

Discover the World! If you want to find your personally most inspiring places all over the world use and navigate your way! Use radius level 1 for this feature if it`s a country! city! Use level 2 if it’s a town and level 3 for a small place!

Want to move to another country ? Check out with your charts which country is auspicious for living or short period stays! Use radius level 1 for this feature!

Want to find an auspicious place for a date? Check out your personal chart for any restaurant, club, bar, dancehall, museum, cinema or any other possible location you can think of! Use radius level 4 for this feature.

Want to find an auspicious neighbourhood to live in ? Check out a particular street or block with your personal chart! Use radius level 3 for this feature!

Want to figure out why some things seem easier in one place than the do in another? Make use of your personalised astrogeography chart for interpretation and get some hints for a better understanding of the different atmospheres of places. Use radius level 4 if it’s a small building, level 3 if it’s big building or a street and level 2 if it`s a town!

If your local football team is playing an away match calculate the chart for the day of the foundation of your club and the adress of the stadium in before betting! Use radius level 3 for this type of calculation!

Buy a ticket for a lottery? Check the adress of the lottery vendor with! In this case use radius level 4!

Las Vegas ? Wich would be the best place for you personally here? Check the adress of your hotel and casino in! Use radius level 3 to spot an auspicious casino place and radius level 4 if you`re able to spot the position of the roulette table with your Iphone ore facebook app of!

The Tian Tan Temple of Heaven in Beijing

The Tian Tan Temple of Heaven in Beijing. Astrology, & Sacred Sites: on the astrogeographical positions of the  the astrogeographical positions of the feng-shui temple for the yearly fertlity rites – … Read More

Capricorn and Leo, Klaus Wowereit as the Mayor of Berlin

This constellation should give him a strong standing and it can be assumed that the site could encourage him to make independent decisions and get recognition for his person.
Capricorn stands for the sixth house in his birth chart forming a contrast to the apect of the first house in Leo because it indicates that Klaus Wowereit might feel as an employee or servant of the place and thus of his job as a Mayor. This aspect could help him to make reasonable decisions and save money while the city is facing an extremely difficult financial situation because of its being highly dependent on the federal government.
Capricorn and Leo, Klaus Wowereit as the Mayor of Berlin While the correspondence of the sixth house is an indication that Wowereit may see himself primarily as an employee and a servant of his office he might at the same time, and this is quite contradictory about this overall constellation, feel like residing here as the king of Berlin because of the position of Leo in the first house of his birth chart.

Angela Merkel and the Constellation of the German Chancellery

Angela Merkel and the Astrogeographic Constellation of the German Chancellery Following Gerhard Schröder she was the second chancellor to move into the newly built Federal Chancellery in Berlin. The Chancellery is located in the constellation of the earth sign Capricorn with the air sign Gemini. This correspondence is valid for astrogeography level 3, which shows how the place is embedded in the environment.
Capricorn represents the second house in the birth chart of Angela Merkel indicating that the place stands for financial security and social recognition. This could mean that she has a very solid and safe position here and that there is a great chance that her personal interests and needs could be satisfied here.
As the site lies in the first degrees of the zodiac sign Gemini it falls in the sixth house of her birth chart. This may indicate that the place stands for a situation comparable to one of an employed worker and could mean that her decisions may be influenced by other people.
Since the second house stands for the urge for financial security and the sixth house for safety concerns and existential fears this whole constellation can be evaluated as symptomatic of a situation in which material interests and the protection of one`s social position are the most important personal motives here.