Drachenfels in Scorpio the sign of Dragons

Drachenfels in Scorpio the sign of Dragons

Drachenfels in Scorpio the sign of Dragons. Dragon Mountain and Siegfried´s transformation to invulnerability in double Scorpio

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Drachenfels in Scorpio the sign of Dragons

Dragon Mount (Drachenfels) site of Siegfried´s initiation and transformation has both coordinates in Scorpio.  With view of the Rhine Valley photo: Túrelio, ccbysa2.5
Dragon Mount (Drachenfels) located in the Rhine Valley is considered to represent the mythological site where Siegfried slayed the dragon nemed Fafner. Through bathing in the dragon`s blood Siegfried went through a transformation that made his skin invulnerable. The site has both coordinates in Scorpio. photo: Túrelio, ccbysa2.5

Dragon Mount – Drachenfels  is a small mountain in the mystic valley of the river Rhine. In the Nibelung Saga a dragon named Fafner used to live in the cave system underneath Drachenfels. This is the mythical place where Siegfried of Xanten after killing the dragon drank and bathed in its blood. He instantly underwent a transformation that made him invulnerable and capable of understanding the speech of birds.

Drachenfels in Astrology
Siegfried drinking Fafner`s blood

According to my calculation system both astrogeographical resonance coordinates of the Drachenfels mountain are located in highly defensive water sign Scorpio, the sign of dragons, snakes and of reptiles in general. Scorpio stands for transformation processes and for shedding and renewing ones skin. This astrogeographical resonance is valid here for morphogenetic radius/field level 3 which indicates how the place is embedded in the surrounding area.

In astrogeography Scorpio is the sign of caves, magma chambers, closed-up containers, bunkers, caves, underground hide outs, sewer systems, the underworld, fortresses, forgeries, armours, shells, steel and particularly hard rock material. And it generally indicates alertness and the need for self defense.

As a sign of the autumn Scorpio stands for the mental body and is a major aspect of the capacity for physical storage of sensual, emotional and mental perception in the brain.

Therefore Scorpio refers to transformation processes im which we learn to overcome patterns of perception and experience of role behaviour and the associated self-images in ordee to change the preset parameters of the perceived world we live in and along with our habitual interpretation of it.

Other central issues of Scorpio that may be explored in regard to the potential images embodied by Siegfried and by the Dragon:

  • the ideal of an android or human machine as a representative of stability and strength
  • the priority of the depicted attributes of the image and “sculpture” over the aspects as an individual
  • the assumption of the perfection of the embodied ideal including even the regulative of a minimal loophole weakness as a contrasting element.
  • the image of the perfection of a defense, armor, combat unit or tank
  • the drinking of the blood of a killed animal or enemy as a ritual of imprinting the emotion and memory of victory and/or expereinced superiority in hierarchy into the individual sub- and unconscious.
  • the drinking of blood as a act of vampirism aimed at swallowing the life, power and spirit of another living being
  • Siegfrieds journey into the underworld represented by the cave system hide out deep below the mountain.
  • the confrontation of a being or symbol of evil at its hiding place and realm under a magic spell indicating an illusion forced onto the visitor
  • the confrontation with a being of the realm and character of demons
  • the part of the story in which Siegfried is betrayed and murdered for purposes of hate, envy and competition not in open battle but through an attack from behind
  • an important facet regarding Scorpio` s aspect as the sign of chemistry and alchemy is the alchimical process as such caused through the blood bath
Life Underground - A Scorpio culture
Life Underground” is the name of a sculpture in 14th Street/Eighth Avenue station of the New York Subway located in the combination of Scorpio with Libra. The Scorpio elements are the underground world, the sewer system. the reptile/dragon archetype, its symbolism of evil, danger and fear of underworlds, the metalwork and artwork as such, the topics of sculpting and of visualization of an image