Euopean Champions League Final 2013 at Wembley – data for prognosis

Euopean Champions League Final 2013 at Wembley – data for prognosis

photo:Rob Osborne license:ccbysa2.0
photo:Rob Osborne license:ccbysa2.0

Euopean Champions League Final 2013 at Wembley – data for prognosis

Wembley Stadium is Europes`s 2nd largest football stadium next to Camp Nou (Barcelona)

The first Wembley Stadium was opended to the public on 28 April 1923. As the most important stadium in England and since modern football was invented in England the site of Wembley Stadium can be considered one of the most important historical sites for football on an international level. Works on the new Wembley Stadium were oficially finished on 23 March 2007.

Wembley Stadium is located in the constellation of the fire sign Aries with the water sign Scorpio. This is valid for the astrogeographical radius or field level 3, which describes how a site is embedded in the surrounding area.

The Champions League Final in 2013 will be played between Borussia Dortmund against Bayern Munich. For interpretation of the relationship of a football team or club with a stadium we need to compare the astrogeographical coordinates of the place with the astrological chart for the foundation of the club. Because I have no reliable data for the exact time of the foundation of both clubs Dortmund and Bayern I calculated their charts for sunrise:

Dortmund - Bayern
The two coordinates of Wembley Stadium (Scorpio and Aries) support the fourth and the twelfth house in Borussia Dortmund´s sunrise chart. The fourth house aspect stands for feeling at home and is to be seen as highly positive for a team especially when playing an away match. It could mean that the local fans tend to support Borussia Dortmund and that public opinion could in their favour. The twelfth house aspect is highly problematic and may indicate that a team cannot unfold its full potential at a place. It stands for being afraid to loose and could mean that a team is finding it hard to be fully grounded. There may be a tendency of being misjudged by the referee as well as public opinion. In regard of the rivalry between Dortmund and Bayern it also refelects the situation of Dortmund as an underdog, suffering not only from Bayerns politics to buy Dortmunds players but also from the dominance of Bayern in the german media and the referee commission of the Bundesliga.
It is of course possible to imagine that the twelfth house aspect could be used in an intelligent way for example by deliberately holding back and hiding ones full potentials in order to wait for the opposing team to make mistakes. Generally the 12 th house aspect indicates that it will be difficult for the team to win on their own except through the help of the “football god”.

In the sunrise chart for the foundation of Bayern Munich the two coordinates of Wembley Stadium support the second and the ninth houses. The second house aspect is probably the best possible aspect that a team could have in a football stadium because it stands for the rule over the territory, strong defense and for ball possession. There may also be more support from the referees and other factors for a team with the second house aspect at a stadium. As the second house also stands for income and possession of property it may effectively bring highest possible financial gains. The aspect of the ninth house may support precision of shots on the goal and may stimulate the players to shoot whenever they can. The ninth house aspect may be particularly promising for attacks from the right wing.

The aspect of the twelfth house for Borussia Dortmund clearly puts the advantage on the side of Bayern Munich. The interpretation table from`s Premium Analysis reveals Bayern`s predominance in all fields of interpretation except for family life:

Champions League Final

For comparison I add`s interpretation table for the 2012 Champions League Final between FC Chelsea London and Bayern Munich at Allianz Arena in Munich. Even though it was an away match for Chelsea, Chelsea held the second house aspect providing territorial dominance over the pitch. Even though it may not have been visible throughout the match it became effective in the penalties.
CL Final 2012 Chelsea - Bayern

Champions League Finale
Astrological Chart for the European Champions League Final
25 May 2013, 19:45, Wembley Stadium, London