Cancer and Scorpio – Shiva in two water signs

Cancer and Scorpio – Shiva in two water signs. Astrology and mytholog: the archetypal typology of the zodiac signs reflected in astrogeography

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photo:Bhutri license:ccbysa3.0
 Kailashnath Mahadev Statue is located in Cancer and Scorpio  photo:Bhutri license:ccbysa3.0

At the time of its completion in 2011  The Kailashnath Mahadev Statue in Nepal  was the tallest Shiva statue in the world. It is 44 m tall and made from copper, zinc, steel and cement. The statue was inaugurated on the day of the summer solstice of 21 June 2011 the annual date of the Sun ingress into water sign Cancer the strongest astrogeographical resonator for Shiva.

Astrogeographical resonance coordinates for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes the atmosphere and energetical topics of the surrounding area where the statue was built: the area around the construction site is situated in the combination of the two water signs Cancer and Scorpio. This combination of these two signs can be understood as describing important aspects of the Hindu deity Lord Shiva.

The incident of the “churning of the milk ocean (the world/milky way/galaxy”: the gods (left) and demons (right) worked together to swirl the milky way. Shiva is seen on top of the world drinking away the poison to make the world habitable. explanation

Indian astrologers often relate Shiva to the sign of Scorpio. There are a  number of explanations why Shiva would resonate with this sign. First of all because it was Shiva who during the “Churning of the milk ocean” (= the milky way/galaxy) drank away all the poison which caused his head and neck to turn blue. Secondly because of his neglection of the caste system, social habits and expectations that Shiva stands for. This aspect makes Shiva a representative of the aspect of an outlaw and rebel. Thirdly because of his rulership over the world of demons. Scorpio through its relation with Aries would define the male aspect of the Shiva Lingam as one of Shiva`s main symbols. The Kailashnath Shiva statue is one of many examples for astrogeographic constellations, where Scorpio appears as the sign of the stonemasonry and blacksmith trades together with large sculptures.  Compare my article Scorpio as the sign of sculpting.

The source of River Ganges is said to flow out from the Sahasrara chakra (cosmic connection) on top of Shiva´s head and through the pile of hair down through the glacies to Gaumukh, Devprayag and Varanasi – all located in the combination of Cancer the sign of rivers, fertility and emotional authenticity with Scorpio the sign of demons.

The presence of emotional water sign Cancer the sign of rivers, springs,  fertility, conception, the uterus, pregnancy, gender, emotional individuality & authenticity in addition to Scorpio is highly symptomatic for sites related to Shiva . From my experience in astrogeographical field study it can be definitely concluded that Cancer has the strongest astrological resonance with important sites related to Shiva. Shiva is often described through the polarity with the Sun god Vishnu who represents light. Therefore the Moon as the ruling planet of Cancer is the first planetary analogy of the spiritual qualities of Shiva. This explains why he is depicted with a crescent Moon on his head. According to my calculations Shiva´s home on Mount Kailash is located in Cancer too.

Ganges at Gaumukh. The Gaumukh area is located in Cancer with Scorpio for field level 3.  photo: Pranab basak, ccbysa4.0

From the pile of hair on the crown chakra of Shiva`s head the source of the river Ganges flows down into the Nplains od North India. This is important here because Cancer is the astrological sign of water springs. The Baghirati source of river Ganges at Gaumukh, the confluence of the main tributaries at Devprayag and the holiest Hindu city Varanasi are located in the combination of Cancer with Scorpio.

Ghats of Varanasi in the morning. The region of Varanasi (Benares) is located in the combination of Cancer with Scorpio (field level 1 – supraregional rsonance)
ph: Wedstock 2011, ccbysa2.0

Murdeshvar Shivas Statue in Cancer with Virgo

A second monumental Shiva statue located in cancer is Murdeshwara Shiva Statue in  Murdeshwar, Karnataka, India.

Murdeshwara Shiva Statue located in Cancer with Virgo
photo: Kousthubh Aithal, ccbysa4.0

Murdeshvar Shiva is a 37 m tall sitting Shiva sculpture located on the beach of the Arabian Sea on the West coast of India.

Astrogeographic position of the Murdeshvar Sviva statue for morphogenetic field level 4 which describes the atmosphere and energetical topics of the sculpture and site itself: one coordinate is located in emotional water sign Cancer sign of the moon, motherhood, pregnancy, fertility, emotional individuality,, authenticity and feeling at home. As the sign of the natural habittat of crabs and  of coast lines Cancer resonates with the location on ta beach here.

The 2nd coordinate lies im earth sign Virgo sign of reason, self-healing, self-cleaning, herbal medecine, monkhood, celibacy, yoga and meditation culture, hinduism and indian culture and an indicator for the sitting position here.

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