Gemini and Aries – A Statue of Hanuman

Astrology and Temples: Gemini and Aries – A Statue of Hanuman

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photo: Psrdotcom license: ccbysa3.0
Hanuman sculpture in Aries and Gemini  photo: Psrdotcom license: ccbysa3.0

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The „Hanuman Swami” statue located on the side of a highwa in Paritala, Andhra Pradesh (India) was constructed in 2003. With a height of 41 m it is the world`s tallest Hanuman statue. It was built in the constellation of dynamic male fire sign Aries sign of strenth, fighting, action, speed, warriors with playful air sign Gemini sign of signposts, intelligence, learning, duality. These coordinates are valid for astrogeographical radius level 3 which describes how the site of the statue is embedded in the landscape and town of Paritala.

Hanuman was a godlike hero and is worshipped as a demi god (godlike aspect of the supreme). He is said to have been born as the son of the wind god Vayu and the Apsara (nymph) Anjana. Apsaras are not seen as demigods (forms of the supreme) but as half man half god. This would mean that Hanuman having been born as a monkey to some extent was a monkey, an nymphlike, a humanlike and a demigodlike being at the same time. This mixture is not rare in mythology and as a state of being is perfectly described by Gemini through it`s role as the sign of twins, dualism, pubercy, neutrality  and the potential for interaction between different spheres of existence. Among the three air signs, Gemini as a mutable sign represents the smallest of the three. This is why Hanuman as a son of the wind god and not the wind god himself (fixed air sign Aquarius) is to be related to Gemini rather than Aquarius.

There could be various approaches to understanding the constellation of Aries with Gemini for the position of this statue.

The statue was set up right at the side of a major road. Because Gemini is the astrological principle of roads this obvious resonance of the statue`s position with the genotype of that astrological principle is obvious and to be seen as harmonious here.

If a fire sign comes together with an air sign most naturally the fire sign tends to expand – because it gets more oxygen to burn. This can be understood as symptomatic of the character of Hanuman, who in the ancient epos “Ramayana” not only has the capacity to fly, but is also able to expand his body up to the sky. In regard to the qualities associated to Hanuman Aries stands for his strength and family background relating him eith the warrior caste. Hanuman would not fight with a bow or sword but by his physical strength (Aries) and his intelligence (Gemini). One of his greatest strengths is his virtue of always going forward without any fears (Aries) and his plain, one dimensional (Aries) love and full-hearted dedication to god in the form of Sri Rama which knows no doubts.

The constellation of Aries with Gemini can surely be seen as highly symptomatic and genotypical of the mythological figure of Hanuman.

Competition orientated, playful air sign Gemini the sign of pubercy, learning, intelligence, curiosity and going new ways stands for tendencially unlimited technological expansion and competition. This is why there could also be the idea of this constellation representing the race for building the highest “religious” statues on the planet. This modern battle among Chinese, Japanese, Buddhist, Hindu and Christian statues with traditions as old as the tower of Babel has speeded up intensely since the beginning of the “digital age” in 1981.

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