Astrogeographical Data for large Automobile Companies

Astrogeographical Data for large Automobile Companies – Astrology, Economy & Life-Style: an introduction to the astrology of automobile companies and the foundation chart for Tesla Motors Inc.

The table below shows the astrogeographical positions of the headquarters of the largest Automobile Producers worldwide plus Tesla and Porsche. The Tesla headquarter`s position in Sagittarius appears as a highly auspiscious resonance for the  location of an Automobile Producer`s headquarter. The VW Group, Renault-Nissan, Honda and Fiat share that aspect. The qualities Sagittarius could support are: open-mindedness and export orientation. style, design, fashion and composition, advertisment and presentation, enjoy driving, travelling and discovering, expansion.

But of course other signs support other aspects that are needed to successfully run a company: Capricorn for example stands for the priority of strictness and control over the company while Virgo reflects careful econommical planning and spending, Leo indicates magnetism and a bright and shining atmosphere. Scorpio the sign of metal- and steel working has a plausible focus on heavy (Diesel) motors like for ships and trucks.

Astrogeographical positions of the largest Largest Automobile Producers worldide plus Tesla
Astrogeographical positions of the headquarters of the largest Automobile Producers worlwide plus Tesla

Remarkable: An interesting analogy is the Ford Motors headquarter in Capricorn with Scorpio which falls in the same constellation as the Microsoft headquarters. This extremely defensive and control-orientated combination describes the atmosphere of a stronghold. The Honda headquarters in Libra the sign of openness with open-minded Sagittarius could be evaluated as quite the opposite of the constellation of Ford Motors.


Tesla Motors Head Quarters in Palo Alto located in photo: Tumbenhaur, ccbysa3.0
Tesla Motors Head Quarters in Palo Alto located in Aries with Sagittarius  photo: Tumbenhaur, ccbysa3.0

Tesla Motors, Inc. is an American automotive and energy storage company that designs, manufactures, and sells electric cars, electric vehicle powertrain components, and battery products. Tesla Motors was founded in 2003 by Elon Musk (born 28 June 1971), Martin Eberhard (born 15 May 1960), Marc Tarpenning (1 June 1964), JB Straubel (20 Dec 1974) und Ian Wright.

Astrogeographic position of the Headquarters of Tesla Motoors for morphogenetical field level 3 which describes the atmosphere and topic of Tesla Motors headquarter: the site is located in 2 fire signs – dynamic male Aries sign of speed, action, ignition, new starts and an important indicator for motors.  The second coordinate lies in highly expansive Sagittarius sign of style, design, fashion, aims, ornamentation,  success, luxury and travelling. Another analogy of Sagittarius deriving from its role as the sign of arcs, circles and wheels is Sagittarius` resonance with the rolling of the wheels.

The combination of Aries with Sagittarius reflects the astrological topics of any Mars-Jupiter conjunction the ideal constellation for the start-up of any undertaking, healing and progress.

Tesla Motors Foundation Chart calculated for 1 July 2003 in San Carlos, California calculated for sunrise as exact time data is not available.
Tesla Motors Birth and Foundation Chart calculated as a sunrise chart for 1 July 2003 in San Carlos, California. Exact time data is not available.

I calculated the sunrise birth chart for Tesla Motors with Placidus house system to show that the position of the Moon as the ruler of the AC falls right on the cusp of house 2 the house of roots, grounding and profits in what is the most promising and auspiscious, classical, solid, lasting, long-term profitable and sustainable constellation for any foundation chart. And also interesting is that the fact that this 2nd house the house of storing is occupied by fire sign Leo the sign of the sun, electrical power stations, light and energy itself. The presence of Jupiter in Leo here is so to be evaluated as the constellation of the quest for finding the technology for the urgently needed super batteries.

The Mercury – Saturn conjunction is another absolutely fascinating aspect in the foundation chart of Tesla Motors. It shows the intention of giving up sth., a separation, destinction or even the plan of finding a technical solution (Mercury) intended to leave the mistakes made in the past behind (Saturn).  That is a clear hint at the topic of getting over the dependence from combustion engines along with the rule of the petrol producing industries over the development of automobile technology.

That Saturn – Mercury conjunction around 4° Cancer is intensely supported by the exact trine of a Mars- Uranus conjunction the constellation of mutations, inventions and technological as well as political revolutions between 3 ° and 5° Pisces. This overall constellation reveals the resonance with the effects of climate change through the melting ice constellation in the first degrees of Pisces the part of the zodiac where the effects of the pouring of waters during the Aquarius season wipe away worn out structures from the past.

The position of Venus at 26° Gemini represents the hype and mania effected on the nervous system through the inhalation of gasoline. Venus is in a position where she is sort of left behind in a blind spot constellation in house 12. This constellation is an indication in which way the resonance of the gasoline era still effects the upcoming electronic motor era:  From its blind spot position Venus is directly linked with the Sun, Mercury, Saturn constellation in Cancer through exact mirrorpoint conjunction revealing how the petrol producing lobbies control the allowed progress of the development of new batteries and motors.