Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone at the “Basic Instinct House”

Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone at the “Basic Instinct House”. Astrology, people and places: The astrogeographical position of the film location in relation to the actor`s birth charts.

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photo: Georges Biard license: ccbysa3.0
Director, producer and stars Sharon StoneJeanne Tripplehorn and Michael Douglas at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival. photo: Georges Biard, ccbysa3.0

Real Estate Astrology: Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone at the “Basic Instinct House”

Astrogeographical position of the the seaside house of Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) south of Monterey, CA in the movie “Basic Instinct” with Michael Douglas for morphogenetic field level 4 (exact adress) which describes the atmosphere and energetical topics of the house itself: the house is located in highly magnetic, energetic, royal fire sign Leo the sign of the sun, life, self-expression, emotionality, sexuality and in the last decade of highly alert, defensive, fixed water sign Scorpio the sign of perception, dominance, trauma, pain, shock, hierarchy.

Although the characters and the storyline of this film are purely fictional it is really interesting to have a look at the astrogeographical qualities of the filming places and their correspondences with the birth charts of the two actors. This could help us get an idea about how the quality of a place is possibly reflected in the atmosphere of a film and in what way the filming place may have been stimulative for an actor`s perfomance.

Sharon Stone in 2013 ph: Georges Biard, ccbysa3.0

According to the Rodden archives the exact birth time for Sharon Stone is not publicly known.

Birth chart for Sharon Stone born 10 March 1958 at 16:52 in Meadville , PA Birth time data: astrotheme

The astrogeographical coordinate in the last degrees of Scorpio stands for the third house in Sharon Stone`s birth chart indicating that in acting she may have made use of this atmosphere of the place to imagine herself to be the householder and the person living here. The coordinate in Leo corresponds to the twelfth house in her birth chart. This aspect stands for a hiding place and a place of secret encounters and could have supported the atmosphere in the film which leads the viewers into speculations about her secret motives, passions and manipulations.

John William Waterhouse - Undine (1872, oil on canvas)
John William Waterhouse – Undine (1872, oil on canvas)

The combination of the fourth with the twelfth astrological principle brings together two aspects of water signs. The fourth house aspect which relates to the emotional water sign Cancer is known to support and stimulate emotional reliability and emotional binding. The twelfth astrological principle which relates to the spiritual water sign Pisces the sign of the ocean and the spiritual plane on the other hand is known for it`s changeable nature and the habit of consuming emotional stimulation through changes of partners. In this regard the relation of the two aspects of the place coffers a great astrological definition for the character portrayed by Sharon Stone. A great simile for the astrological constellation of house 4 with house 12 is the mythological image of a water nymph or an Undine as Paracelsus named it.

Birth Chart for Michael Douglas, 25 September 1944, 10:30, New Brunswick, New Jersey

Scorpio is the ascending sign in Michael Douglas birth chart and may have helped him as an actor to imagine an atmosphere that stimulated his urge to be the ruler of the place and dominate a woman and the relationship here. The coordinate in Leo falls in his ninth house, the house of travelling and of luxury and stands for a situation where he is not in the position to be a householder but rather a visitor and someone who comes here on a journey.

The combination of the first with the ninth astrological principle brings together two aspects related to fire signs and could be referred to as the constellation of a hunter.