Elvis Presley and the star signs of Graceland

Elvis Presley and the star signs of Graceland

Photo: User:Maha  license: ccsa2.5
Elvis Presley and the Star Signs of Graceland              Photo: User:Maha license: ccsa2.5

astrology and places: Elvis Presley and the star signs of Graceland

From the end of the 1950’s until his death on August, 16 1977 Elvis Presley inhabited his estate called Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. The main house along with the whole of the estate is located in the constellation of the two idealistic air signs Aquarius and Libra. This correspondence is valid for the astrogeographical radius/field level 3 which describes how the site is embedded in the surrounding area.

The comparison of the astrogeographical constellation of the place with the birth chart of Elvis (born with the Sun in Capricorn and Ascendent in Sagitarius) offers the possibility to draw conclusions about his unconscious motives for chosing this site as a living place.

The coordinate of Graceland in Aquarius falls in in the last degrees of the 2nd house of his birth chart and should be evaluated for the 2nd and 3rd houses. The 2nd house aspect stands for possessing property, profits and being materially rooted at a a place. It is to be considered as highly auspiscious for the development of a  person`s income to live or work here. At the same time on the same level of interpretation the site stood the 3rd house in Elvis` unconscious system of habits (= birth chart) stimulating communication, education and exploring new possibilities. This means that Graceland does not stand for being or feeling at home with the issues of privacy and family life but that the place rather indicates an office or place for learning and training, just like an appartment people live in, during their time as students.

The position in Libra falls in the 10th house, indicating the desire for career and professional development. This aspect also hints at a situation where the person living here, may tend to want to be available for the public and thereby live a life under public surveillance. Especially for someone with Elvis` popularity this constellation could mean that he might not have been able to cut the chords of the consequences and constraints of his success in order to make himself independent from his public personality and develop a privacy and intimacy sphere.

The overall constellation of Graceland for Elvis may be interpreted to have been highly auspiscious for his public appearance, performance and career but could stand for a lack of possibilities or routine to relax and retreat from his job.

One particular aspect of Aquarius is the urge to leave one´s social background and any social restrictions behind. It has an important share in the overall idea of the American Dream. This is why the presence of Aquarius is particularly interesting here because Elvis`s career has been almost archetypal for the ideal of a man freeing himself from his social backgrounds by going from rags to riches.