Paul Gauguin`s astrogeographic constellation in Tahiti

Paul Gauguin`s astrogeographic constellation in Tahiti

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Birth Chart for Paul Gauguin, 7 June 1848, 10:00, Paris
Birth Chart for Paul Gauguin, 7 June 1848, 10:00, Paris

Paul Gauguin first traveled to Tahiti in 1891 staying at Mataia on the south coast until returning to France in 1893. During his second stay from September 1895 until 1901 he lived at Punaauia on the west coast.

For astrogeographical interpretation of travelling  morphogenetic field level 1 is the first and most important indicator to be used to interprete the topics of a region in relationship with an individual birth chart. Field level 1 describes the region and which aspects of our lives the geological, cultural, climatic, social and energetic features it stimulates in our unconscious system.

The quest for Venus in house 10

The astrogeographic position of Matai is 6° Aquarius and 6° Gemini while Punaauia is located at 4° Aquarius and 4° Gemini.  This means that the astrogeographic position of both places in Gemini has a really clear relation to the position of Venus at 4° Gemini  and in house 10 in Gauguin`s birth chart. House 10 describes Gauguins motivation for travelling here as concentrating on professional skills, performance, duties and obligations in public space. This aspect indicates that Gauguin`s purpose was not self-finding and spiritual liberation but rather professional career, searching for new motifs, topics and techniques (Gemini) and learning. The quest for Venus can be identified in several ways here: Venus in house 10 is a major aspect for prostitution. The fact that some of the girls that Gauguin lived and had children with were only 14 or 16 years old explains that he bought them from their families.

Eh quoi! Tu es jalouxAre you Jealous, 1992 Eh quoi! Tu es jalouxEh quoi! Tu es jaloux? – Are you Jealous ?, 1992

Venus as the indicator for female beauty, grace, relationship, love, willingness and service orientation is presented in by far the largest number of the paintings he created during his time in Tahiti.

Paul Gauguin Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?
Paul Gauguin Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

Adjustment to Aquarius in house 6

The field level 1 astrogeographic coordinates of Mataia and Punaauia in Aquarius stimulate house 6 the house of reason, thriftiness, work, adjustment to necessities, health issues and subduing to the circumstances in Gauguin´s birth chart.  As Uranus the ruler of Aquarius is in house 9  and conjunct Pluto the indication is that Gauguin went to Tahiti to live out his personal rebellion against financial dependance, social conformity, castration, role conduct, limitations and other issues related to this extremely tight aspect indicating the desire and need for freedom.

Coming home right on the IC – the last station of his life`s journey

In 1891 Paul Gauguin moved to the village of Atuona on Hiva Oa one of the Marquesas Islands where he lived from 1901 until his death in 1903. For morphogenetic field level 1 the astrogeographic coordinates of the place are 12° Gemini and 18° Scorpio.

The Sorcerer of Hiva Oa, 1902,
The Sorcerer of Hiva Oa, 1902 Musee dÀrt Contemporain de Liege

Although the change to the Marquesas brought him about 1500 km away to the north- east of Tahiti he still chose a place in Gemini which lay not far away (only 8°) from the position of Venus (4° Gemini) in house 10 in his birth chart although this time closer to the position of the Sun (16° Gemini). This aspect might have made him more independent and even self-centered as the Sun is also the ruler of his ascendant sign.

The astrogeographic  coordinate at 18° Scorpio falls exactly conjunct the IC the point of being at home and centered in one´s own emotionality. Therefore it indicates a major issue of finding his own home and emotional stability and independence.