The seat of the British Prime Minister Astrology

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The seat of the British Prime Minister at 10, Downing Street is located in Libra with Leo. photo: Sergeant Tom Robinson RLC/MOD

The seat of the British Prime Minister Astrology

The seat of the British Prime Minister in Astrology. The position of 10, Downing Street in the zodiac signs Libra and Leo

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The seat of the British Prime Minister at 10, Downing Street in astrology

Since 1735 sporadically and ever since 1902 permanently, the house with the famous address of the seat of the Prime Minister in Downing Street in London has been the official office and the residence of the British Prime Ministers. The site is located near Horse Guards and the former site of the Palace of Whitehall.

Political Astrology and astrogeography of London and United Kingdom
The seat of the British Prime Minister at 10, Downing Street is located in Libra with Leo. pho: Sergeant Tom Robinson RLC/MOD

Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes the atmosphere and energetical topics of the house and larger central government area with the important ministeries: the place is situated in the combination of highly magnetic, royal fire sign Leo, the sign of the sun, light, heart, centralism, energetical centers, self-esteem, emotional self-expression, royalty, kings with service orientated, aristocratic air sign Libra the sign of relationship. harmony, balance and openness that stands for the ideals of nobility and aristocracy, harmony and justice.
For the reading of the signs, it may be noted that this constellation of aristocracy virtually assigns a certain status of nobility to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom although the house itself does not have the quality of a palace at all and explicitly is a middle class people`s dwelling.

Libra being an air sign, and the opposite of Aries the sign of warfare, indicates, that the home of the head of government does not have the character of a stronghold or bunker in the first place. Libra literally stands for an intention of opening doors and even the reflex to leave the doors open. This would describe places in Libra as meeting places, places of representation and of cultural eloquence and even as an interface for the coming together of opposing interest groups.

The Libra resonance coordinate of the seat of the Prime Minister corresponds with the Libra resonance coordinate of London.

Libra is symptomatic of seats of government

Libra is a  frequent factor for the astrogeographical position of seats of government in a large number of countries for morphogenetic field level 3: 

Single Prime Ministers at Downing Street

The astrogeographical resonance coordinates of the seat of the Prime minister for morphogenetic field level 3 can be used for astrological observations and analyses of the role of the personality of prime Ministers in British politics.

William Pitt the Younger

William Pitt the Younger

William Pitt the Younger was Prime Minister for 20 years – longer than any other. His astrogeographical aspects at 10. Downing Street are therefore to be examined as an indication of the most stable though not not necessarily the most successful or important aspects of all Prime Ministers. According to the (Rodden Rating which is C) his exact birth time is not certain.

An analysis of the astrogeographical resonance coordinates of 10 Downing Street in relation to William Pitts birth chart seems to support the given time of 6:55 a.m.. Here is why:

Birth chart for William Pitt the Younger calculated for 18 May 1759 at 6:55 (Rodden Rating C) at Hayes, England.

The resonance coordinates in Leo and Libra activated the 2nd and 4th houses in William Pitts birth chart in one of the most stable of all possible astrogeographicla aspects. The house of property, territorial rights, social recognition and growing roots (house 2) met with the house of feeling and being at home, family life and ancestor lines.

Winston Churchill

Birth chart for Winston Churchill calculated vor 30 Nov 1874 at 1:30 a.m. at Woodstock/London. source

Prime Ministers of the 3rd Millenium

Boris Johnson

Birth Chart for Boris Johnson born on 19 June 1964 at 14:00 in New York source

Theresa May

Astrological Sunrise/Sun-Position Chart for Theresa May born on October 1 1956 in Eastbourne

Since a reliable birth time for Theresa May has not been published yet I use the astrogeographical Sun Position Chart calculated fur sunrise and with equal house system for evaluation of her personal constellation at 10, Downing Street.

It reveals that Theresa May has stimulation of the 1st and 10th houses counted from her sun position in Libra pointing at support for putting her personality in the center of public focus at the seat of the Prime Minister. An aspect which suggests a serious approach to duty, responsibility, work to be done as well as to her personal career at the place.

David Cameron

Birth Chart for David Cameron born on October, 9 1966, at 6:00 in London. source

It is no exaggeration to say that David Cameron´s astrogeographic constellation at 10, Downing Street is outstandingly positive for himself and may be for his performance in office too. In his birth chart the Sun and the Ascendant happen to be in Libra while the Moon is conjunct Jupiter in Leo. This coincidence with the astrogeographic constellation of the site is to be evaluated as being extremely auspicious for David Cameron.
The first house in his birth chart being activated may indicate that he can be an adequate candidate for the demands of one of the two aspects of the place. The first house aspect puts his personality and personal decisions in the center of his activities here.

The activation of Cameron`s 11th house topics in Leo stand for personal self-finding and fast and sudden boost in his career and could mean that he has strong support from friends and lobbyists here. It should indicate either a policy of radical changes or radical changes in his policy. For him personally despite being positive in many regards this aspect does not stand for stability and would not be an indication for a long time in office despite the highly supporting positions of the Moon conjunct Jupiter and also Mars in Leo.

Tony Blair

Birth Chart for Tony Blair born on 6 May 1953 at 06:10 in Edinburgh, Scotland. source

Tony Blair`s astrogeographical constellation at 10, Downing Street is not as spectacular as David Cameron`s.

The two astrogeographical resonance coordinates of the site stimulate the 4th and the 6th houses in his birth chart.

The 4th house aspect stands for feeling at home. It is one of the strongest possible aspects for stability and indicates the strife for emotional independence of judgement. The 6th house aspect stands for a situation comparable to one of an employed worker and may help a person to focus on her or his working life. This aspect is to be judged as highly auspicious for someone in a 15 two 20 hours a day job.