On the term morphogenetical fields in astrology

On the term morphogenetical fields in astrology – how to understand the word morphogenetic fields in astrogeography

Originally I began using this term as a result of experience in astrological geomantical field study. Existing patterns in the grid fields resonate with human and animals perception, decisions, experience – but also with processes that involve the gravitation and resonance of  movements of the sun and moon. Mother earth in earthquakes, volcanic activity, weather and all kinds phenomena seems to react to or interact with the stimulations that are either tranmsported or even emanate from these patterns.

Astrological-geomantical map showing results of astrological measurement of morphogenetic field patterns

And I think we directly perceive these aspects as part of the quality of places. Looking at astrology we know that single events effect the energy flow within regions, nations. society as a whole. Love and hate manifest. Astrologers often think of single events as isolated events – at least that is necessary to sort out what happened on the material level. The information of stellar events effect or bodies. I `m considering wether the morphogenetic field structure as an existing underlying pattern allows the transfer of information outside of the factor time. That means instantaneous – and possibly without the long distance passing of light. That is possible through the genotypal pattern which in astrology we measure with the help of the twelve-fold systemical field structure. The genotypal field structure itself resonates events. This perspective explains why events related to fixed stars resonate in my local supermarket without anyone consciously noticing.

Considering the geometry of allignments as well as the geometry of the sacred are the games we play with the awe inspired through the recapitulation of the presence of field strucutrues, The idea of violent hotspots simply beacause they fall in Aries is basically wrong. The planets move through the whole zodiac and need to stimulate all aspects everywhere. This is why I`m spending so much time with the study of the signs:in the grid field structure: measuring the fields is the attempt to understand which blocks of development blow up in the hotspot of the day.

Take the example of the fall of Montezuma`s capital in Libra – a pattern of square, harmonious, idealistic relationship, culture and beauty orientation. The formalism of this sign may have not fully allowed reflection of the need to defend against technological superiority. But at the same time the patterns of the Sagittarius reflex did not allow other ideals than success and profit. That is how this not hot spot (Libra as the anti sign of Aries) exploded when this antagonism was reflected in the mirror of the aggression from the Spanish patterns which culturally is so closely related to Sagittarius. At the same time this was how and why “The Fall of Tenochtitlan was forced from Augsburg (Pluto) and cheered in Nuremberg”. (Jupiter)


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  1. enjoylive861

    Danke für den beitrag.jeder hat an seinem ort und zu seiner zeit seine eigene energie….sein eigenes morphogenetisches feld…:)

  2. Georg Stockhorst

    Ja – zumindest kann man davon ausgehen das man ein eigenes Zentrum bildet – das sich auf den Energiefluss und Informationsaustauch im gesamten System bzw. in größeren Feldern auswirkt.

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