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Mandi Shivaratri Fair photo; vinodbahal, ccbysa2.0

Maha Shivaratri the long journey of Shiva

Maha Shivaratri the long journey of Shiva in astrology. Astrological data and observations on the deeper meaning of important Hindu festival.

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Maha Shivaratri the long journey of Shiva

Shivaratri lights at Pashupathinath Temple near Kathmandu, Nepal 
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In Hindu religion every year`s Pisces or late Aquarius (tropical signs) New Moon is widely celebrated as Maha Shivaratri. The word “ratri” (journey) refers to Shiva`s journey through the long dark night and his dance of fertility, destruction and transformation. During the dark period around the New Moon in Kumbha Rasi (sidereal Aquarius) Shivaratri is celebrated for one night or in some case for several consecutive nights starting 2 days before the exact New Moon with the Shivaratri Pooja a ritual celebration carried out at a sacred temple shrine or other holy site. The dates for the coming Shivaratri celebrations will be 13 Feb 2018, 4 March 2019, 21 February 2020, March 11 2021, February 28 2022, February 18 2023, March 8 2024.

Mandi Shivaratri Fair photo; vinodbahal, ccbysa2.0

Shivaratri 2017

In 2017 the official Shivaratri celebration will be held during the night of 24 February. The exact New Moon will occur on 26 February 2017 at 14:58 UT and 8°12`Pisces. The chart below is calculated for the town of Mandi, place of a particularly important Shivaratri celebration in the North Indian State of Himachal Pradesh,

Pisces New Moon on 26. Feb 2017 calculated for Mandi, H.P., India at 20:28.
Pisces New Moon on 26. Feb 2017 calculated for Mandi, H.P., India at 20:28.

The Sun and Moon will be conjunct Neptune the ruling planet of Pisces located at 11°34`Pisces. As Mercury joins the other 4 planets in Pisces the sign of spirituality, the dream world, unconscious, invisible and higher self the nights of that period can be expected as initiations and moments of reconnection with the origin of the eternal plane of our divine origin.

The major astrological resonating signs of Shiva in astrogeographical field studies

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Astrology and astrogeograph of Ganges and Shivay
Ganges at Gaumukh. The Gaumukh area is located in Cancer with Scorpio for field level 3.
photo: Pranab basak, ccbysa4.0

Mount Kailash

According to my calculations Mount Kailash – the place where Shiva resides is located in Capricorn (mountains, stability, endurance) with Cancer (moon, source of rivers). Read my article: Mount Kailash in Cancer with Capricorn

The 12 Jyotirlinga Shrines

The famous Jyotirlinga Temples are important paces of pilgrimage during Shivaratri. Their astrogeographical positions can serve as empirical data – although they cannot be assumed to cover all important astrological aspects related to Shiva.

Astrology and astrogeography of Jyotir Linga shrines and Shiva
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