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The Alice Through the Looking Glass sculpture in Aquarius

The Alice Through the Looking Glass sculpture in Aquarius.  Astrology, Sculptures & Art: the sculpture`s astrogeographical position in Aquarius and Aquarius´ role as the sign of reconnection with wonderland.

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The Alice Through the Looking Glass sculpture in Aquarius

Alice through the Looking Glass sculpture located in Aquarius with Aries photo: Colin Smith, ccbysa2.0
Alice through the Looking Glass sculpture in Guildford is located in Aquarius with Aries photo: Colin Smith, ccbysa2.0

The “Alice through the Looking Glass” sculpture by Jeanne Argent, was erected in 1990 on the Guildford Castle Grounds in Surrey, England. It shows Alice passing through the gate of the looking glass depicting a motif from Lewis Carrol`s novel. Alice appears in a state of being frozen between two worlds while reaching out to the world behind the looking glass.

Astrology, sculptures and  art
Alice through the Looking Glass sculpture in Guilford Gardens is located in Aquarius with Aries ph: Jack1956 cc01.0

Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level 4 which describes the atmosphere of the sculpture itself: the sculpture is located in creative, innovative, holistic spiritual air sign Aquarius sign of the sky, heaven, paradise (wonderland),  abstraction, self-finding, flying, fleeing, leaving the past behind, falling, re-connection with the fuller dimensions and potentials of existence, wonders, inventions, going new ways, changes, revolution and the path to otherworldly or extra-terrestrial spheres, parallel worlds, dream or ideal worlds or other polarities to an existing world. Aquarius relates to reflexes aimed at breaking free either through escaping or through revolution and change of the past.

Aquarius can be understood as the best possible astrological description of the change of worlds that Alice goes through in the novels “Alices Adventures in Wonderland” and Through the Looking-Glass. Astrologically the changes intended by Aquarius seek to overcome the structures established by the preceding sign Capricorn the sign of the ruling classes, governments, rules and regulations and the state cult. Therefore the situation depicted by the sculptures in astrological terms relates to the 30°Capricorn aka 0°Aquarius.

The Aquarius coordinate of the sculpture also resonates with the position of the Sun in Lewis Carrol´s birth chart.

Birth chart for Lewis Carrol born 27 January 1832 at 03:45 in Daresbury, England. In Lewis Carrols birth chart the position between the 2 worlds is exactly on the half sum between the position of the Sun indicator of the center of his personality at 5°Aquarius in a position of starting a new world and of Neptune the planet of spirituality at 25°Capricorn in a position of isolation.

The 2nd coordinate of the site of the statue lies in dynamic, male fire sign Aries the sign of action, speed, ignition, new starts, warfare and fighting for survival. Aries stands for the intensity of the stimulus for the changes intended by the reflexes of Aquarius.

The combination of the two dynamical factors Aries the sign of new starts with Aquarius the sign of change is the strongest possible indication for mutation, revolutions and bringing about changes needed.