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The Lion Horoscope found at Nemrut Dagi cast by Carl Humann, 1883

The Lion Horoscope of Mount Nemrud

The Lion Horoscope of Mount Nemrud. On the astrogeographical position of the site where one of the oldest horoscope depictions worldwide was found

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photo: saipal license ccsa2.0
The Lion Horoscope at th Nemrut Daği is located in Pisces with Leo
photo: saipal, ccbysa2.0

The Lion Horoscope found at Mount Nemrud (Nemrut Daği) is one of the oldest horoscope images in the world. It is part of a tomb and shrine monument built by King Antiochus I Theos (69-36 BC) of Commagene on Mount Nimrod in the Taurus Mountains in Eastern Turkey. The sanctuary consists of a rubble mound with three terraces grouped around it. The statues of the gods here are a synthesis of Persian and Greek mythology.

East Terraces on Mount Nemrut with the thrones of the gods and the remains of their statues  photo: Zhengan, ccbysa4.0

King Antiochus I Theos of Commagene built a tomb-sanctuary flanked by huge statues 8–9-meter-high (26–30 ft) of himself, two lions, two eagles and various GreekArmenian, and Medes gods, such as ZeusAramazd or Oromasdes (associated with Zoroastrian god Ahura Mazda), HerculesVahagnTyche-Bakht, and ApolloMihrMithras. These statues were once seated on the thrones that can be seen on the picture with names of each god inscribed on them. The heads of the statues have at some stage been removed from their bodies, and they are now scattered throughout the site. The english wiki article states the year 62 B.C, as the year of construction.

Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes the atmosphere and energetical topics of the site itself: one coordinate is located in highly energetic, magnetic, centralist, royal fire sign Leo sign of the Sun, light, lions and indicator for kingdom. the 2nd coordinate lies in mystic, spiritual water sign Pisces sign of mystification, legends, fairy tales,  dreaming, temples and the otherworld.

The astrogeographic coordinate in spiritual water sign Pisces stands for the topic of mysticism and mystification and can be regarded as symptomatic of temple sites (compare: Pisces and Pisces – Glastonbury Abbey, The tree of Buddha`s EnlightenmentThe three steps to Mount Olympus). The coordinate in royal fire sign Leo could be  directly associated with the the principle of kingship here. It indicates that the temple was built to represent the king himself and his glamour and to secure his claim to the throne. The so called “lion horoscope” discovered on the western terrace is a representation of the constellation of Leo with 3 planets (Jupiter, Mercury, Mars) in it. The reason why this constellation in Leo was depicted could be that the constellation of Leo at that time already had been associated with kingship.

Reconstruction  image of the  found remains of the Dexiosis plate. It shows Antiochos I. shaking hands with with Zeus and Herakles  by: Carl Humann und Otto Puchstein, 1890

The emancipation of the king in relation to the gods is typical for the astrogeographic position in Leo. It is more than a simple document of the legitimacy of the kings rule which appears to be accepted or even by the order of the gods. It also serves to allow the king to create a new pantheon together with his own religion. That conclusion can be drawn from the parallel with the astrogeographic position of The Capital of the Sun God Aten in Leo.

Head of the sun god Apollon with a typical crown chakra hat
photo: Klearchos Kapoutsis,, ccbysa2.0

The god statues at Mount Nemrud and also those of Antiochus I. where a typical crown chakra hat which stands for their reconnection with the higher spheres, thei own higher self and the cosmic origins of the gods. This feature can also be seen at the site of the Emerald Buddha at the National Shrine of Thailand near the Royal Palace in Bangkok. and at the Dambulla Cave temples where the hat is even reflected in the stupa form itself.

The Emerald Buddha photo: Gremel Madolora, ccbysa3.0

The Lion Horoscope

There are two plausible dates proposed for the astronomical and astrological constellation depicted on the stone slab of the Lion Horoscope. One is for 7 Jul 0062 B.C. and was proposed by astronomers Neugebauer and van Hoesen in 1959.  This date would fit the inauguration of the sanctuary. The other one was suggested by Maurice Crijns director of the International Nemrud Foundation in 1999 and is calculated for 14 Jul 109 BC. It was suggested for the possible date of coronation of  Mithridates I., father of  Antiochos I.  Read more details about the rectification of the date on the page of the International Nemrud Foundation and in the extensive german wiki article.

The Lion Horoscope of Nemrut Daği on Mount Nemru is really outstanding in many regards. The site where the lion relief was found is not only located in Leo but in fact directly related to the astrological and astronomical meaning of Leo as it depicts the constellation of three planets – most probably Mars-Mercury and Jupiter in Leo.

The Lion Horoscope found at Nemrut Dagi cast by Carl Humann, 1883
The stone – carved  relief depicting the Lion Horoscope found at Nemrut Dagi  in Leo with Pisces. Image cast by Carl Humann, 1883

I calculated the astrological charts for  the hour after sunset when the constellation in Leo was visible above the western horizon (see the chart below). It can be assumed that the depicted constellation had been chosen through election by the royal astrologers for the coronation rite of Antiochus I. or the sanctification of his kingship through the temple rites at Nemrut Dagi.

Version 1: possible date of the Lion Horoscope of Nemrut Dagi calculated for 7 Juli 0062 B.C.. The chart has the Mars-Mercury conjunction in Leo snd Jupiter in Cancer.
Version 2: Nemrut Dagi Horoscope – the constellation described by the the legendary Lion Horoscope calculated for 14 July 109 BC shortly after sunset when the conjunction of Mars, Mercury and Jupiter all in Leo was visible above the western horizon.

For astrogeographical evaluation it is notable that the astrogeographical coordinate of the temple site in Leo has an intense resonance with the depicted constellation of 3 planets in Leo:  the Mars – Mercury conjunction at 17° Leo together with Jupiter near 7° in royal sign Leo. This constellation must have been considered as highly auspicious for the king himself. Mars the planet of warfare and indicator for strength was together with Mercury the planet of intelligence, cleverness and learning and both highly positively stimulated through Jupiter the planet of understanding, solutions and expansion.

Description of the Lion Horoscope from the website of the international Nemrud Foundation: “The Lion Horoscope, at the West-Terrace of the Nemrud, is the oldest known horoscope in the world. It depicts a constellation which will not be seen for the forthcoming 25,000 years. The animation shows the heavens as if you yourself were present at the West-Terrace on top of the Nemrud on the 14th of July 109 B.C. Please, enjoy it! The Lion Horoscope is a stone slab measuring 1.75 x 2.40 metres and a thickness of 0.47 metres. It shows a lion marching to the right. It is the Lion Horoscope. The body of the lion is covered with nineteen stars. Each star has eight pointed rays. Apart from small differences the positions of the nineteen stars represent the constellation of Lion as described in the ancient star table of Eratosthenes. The lion wears a sickle under his neck, symbolising the New Moon. Above this disk the star Regulus radiates. Regulus has been associated with the king throughout the history of mankind. It was named Regulus by Copernicus after the earlier “Rex”, equivalent to the “Basileos” of Ptolemeus. In ancient Akkad the star was known as “Amil-gal-ur” King-of-the-celestial-sphere. In Babylonia as “Sharu” the King. In ancient Persia as “Miyan” the Centre, leader of the four royal stars. Above the lions back three stars are depicted with sixteen points instead of eight. These are not stars but planets. From left to right they are Mars, Mercury and Jupiter. Above them you can read their Greek names.”